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59 Questions QUESTIONS
Plz explain 38:27, how can one become kafir if he think differently about the universe. Also explain 29:44,"signs in the heaven and earth for those who BELIEVE"? Date : 24/12/2010

Why is Allat,Manat and Uzza mentioned and explained not to be the daughters of Allah, when the Arab Allah was Hubal ? They did believe them to be the daughters of Hubal, no? plz explain it in detail (tea) spoon feeding is required :-/ Date : 23/12/2010

Why muslims are so backward ... Date : 20/12/2010

Do you want to learn arabic ? I cant help you... :-( Date : 13/12/2010

Salaam, please explain what "haq mehr" is ? No im not getting married, but i need to know how much i have to give in Mahr if i ever get married. I dont want to do amanat main khayanat :-O Date : 13/12/2010

I have created a branch of the Aastana blog called "Linguistic & grammatical Exposition of the Quran" on Facebook and hope all of you join. nahi to..argg Date : 04/12/2010

Salaam. Is the Quran saying anything about Aliens ,monsters from other planets etc :P?? Date : 30/11/2010

Someone please explain the "dream" concept of Prophet Yusuf? What do the Quran say about dreams,are they true or just thoughts? Im waiting,help:- O Date : 24/11/2010

I wonder, Man has invented loads of things, cars, trains, plains, rockets, boats without the Quran, then why did the Quran mention the “Iron”? Date : 21/11/2010

Have a look at this : http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/origin.html Date : 21/11/2010

Hello dear all, i think we should have our own profiles? So that we can form identity as individual members that belong to this site? Date : 20/11/2010


Is "wahy" part of "sunnat Allah"? If so, how does it works in relation to the laws of nature? Can it be proven? I have another question too (answer one,get one free)please explain 2:78, what it means& whts with the slaves, free, women, etc? Date : 10/11/2010

We have discussions about life after death and how disruptive it was to imagine that there is no life after death. Date : 08/11/2010

Have you read Date : 07/11/2010

Gay's, homosexuals claim they are born like that....What do our Astanamembers have to say about it ? Date : 22/10/2010

Salaam What is the difference between amānatahu, accusative feminine noun ,mu'minātun, nominative feminine plural indefinite noun , mu'minātin --> genitive feminine plural indefinite noun ? Date : 09/10/2010

Nargis is not happy. I know which translation to rely upon duo inconsistency and inaccuracies by many authors. Their translations are subject to previous views and biased opinions.I dont want to die not knowing the truth of the Quran. What to do? Date : 22/09/2010

music is not haraam, listen to Dr Shabbir singing . Date : 12/09/2010

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Why do you think its forces of nature, because Allama Parwez said it?
Date : 03/01/2019>>View Detail

sectarians who refer to themselves as Muslims but follow hadith or hadith based translations can believe what they want
Date : 23/05/2018>>View Detail

Yes they are people of authority. The word MALAIKA have the root M-L-K which means “power, strength, force, potency, might etc.  
The orthodox explanation about MALAIKA is saying that they are super natural beings,wonders or paranormal entities with wings and they have an ability to change their features. They are invisible, general public are not tooled with an apparatus to get the drift of these uncanny creatures- They can travel hundreds of miles in short time, they can behead the enemy just like that, they cut of the enemies fingers just like that, still it is strange that in war, while Momineens were fighting with the enemy, they are sent in a huge quantity, from one thousand to five thousand.  
The Quran is free from myths and fairy tales.  
In surah Anfaal aya no 9 it is stated that they were sent in a huge amount, about one thousand. In surah al Imran it is stated they were sent in an amount of 3000 (124) and then it is stated it was sent as many as 5000 (125)  
What kind of soldiers or army does the enemy have since Allah had to send that many MALAIKAs (claimed to be super natural with the above mentioned attributes) against them (In addition to the already fighting Momineens)?  
If one is to ponder, according to the attributes MALAIKAs are said to possess in the orthodox interpretation, it should be enough with only ONE MALAIKA against the army of enemies (of human beings.)  
The truth is that MALAIKAs are not super natural beings, they are human beings.

Date : 10/04/2018>>View Detail

#F20D96 its only to check if there are any mistakes or if something is overlooked, what won't happen is that religious concepts will be smuggled into it, so a good step for you will be not to wait for that lol
Date : 13/09/2017>>View Detail

It with heavy heart that we inform you of Dr.Qamar Zaman`s demisehe died peacefully surrounded by his family . But rest assured the work with the Quran will continue because the linguistics team will NEVER let this work go to waste. The Quran has been finished by Dr. Qamar Zaman and is still intact with the team with the finished, polished, and edited version
Date : 03/07/2017>>View Detail

Hamid Gul I'm glad you liked my questions, and thank you for the lectures. I'm glad we have wise people here who can instruct us when we are going astray.  
BKanwar, who misinterpreted you :O ?
Date : 07/02/2017>>View Detail

"The concept of Allah is not easy to grasp. There is no limit in scope of its thinking/imagination. However, study of nature can bring us near to comprehension. More we think of Allah by study of nature, more we evolve ourselves."  
HOW? How can u understand the concept of "Allah" ? What information about Allah do you get by studying the nature? And what's relevant to our subject (the Quran) what information is provided ABOUT Allah, the concept and how did the author prophets, know? What did they study to get information about Allah, who is the "cretor" so he must have existed before he created us.... how can we ever understand something that we can't even study/analyze? The prophets must have provided evidence for their claims, what did they say?
Date : 20/01/2017>>View Detail

We can't really understand the creator by studying the creation, we can understand the creation by studying it? And then probably come to a conclusion that there is a force behind this that started it all. But that's our belief, we won't get any verified information about the creator. This concept is from the translators who distorted rest of the message...
Date : 17/01/2017>>View Detail

do you suggest we should ignore how the word is used? If you read the translation linked on the left side of this page, it will be clear why Allah is thought to be a law creating authority.  
Date : 13/01/2017>>View Detail

Hamid Gul said:- Hakumat " means Government , so government of ilaha , if there is no ilaha as Bkanwar2 suggested , than who are going to establish such a government to rule people ?***  
Bkanwar said :- There is no illah or god as understood in traditional sense according to Quran.  
As u can see brother Bkanwar is saying there is no Ilah or God as in traditional sense and we agree. Ilah or Allah is NOT God in the religious sense.  
Sectarians (who follow hadith, history, trad translations) believe Allah and Ilah is God, when u fast and pray he is happy. When ur a gay he can flip and destroy ur city ... sometimes he sends angels sometimes he reduce 50 namaaz to 5... Because prophet Musa knew better than Allah.  
We don't think Allah used in the Quran fit this ^^ definition or description. Please search on the page for discussions of Allah ilah and check lexicons for the meanings. Aastana's is not just looking at the words isolated from the context, to get the complete picture we must also see how the Quran used the word. Whats Allah doing? What's the function of Rabb, what is he doing? In what sense or context is Ilah used ? and so on  
IF the Quran say that Allah ordered the prophets to confront the pharaohs, elites, clergy, royalties (whoever controlling the resources and enslaving mankind) and help people to establish a different and better administration that lead to collective progress, then it is clearly not corporation. So just because the existing governments are enslaving mankind, it doesn't mean "Quranic government" is same.  
But that's discussed on the blog before, a quick search will help. If you read the old discussions it may help to understand the difference between the rule of elite,kings, clergy (all in favor of those who are in power/those who made the laws) blahblah VS the rule of law based on wahy (the system of justice and equality)
Date : 12/01/2017>>View Detail

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