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13 Questions QUESTIONS
Eid-ul-Fitr, Any reference from Quran regarding celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr , kindly share to examine the matter in the light of Quran , as to when , why and how it should be celebrated Date : 03/07/2016

Sura 56 Aya 57 نَحْنُ خَلَقْنَاكُمْ فَلَوْلَا تُصَدِّقُونَ {57} Date : 21/05/2016

Is there any evidence in the concept of reincarnation from any sources of truth ? Date : 10/05/2016

Only forms of thoughts exist ,matter doesn't , why a soul(higher form) decides to enter into a body which is a form existing at lower level ? Date : 10/05/2016

What is the future of family institution in the Modren Civilization ? Date : 05/03/2016

Why can't Mother Nature itself be viewed as the Creator and It's knowledge be viewed as Wahi ? Date : 05/03/2016

"Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly and bad people will find a way around the laws. " Plato Do we need laws? Date : 04/03/2016

When did modern State came into being and how were people living in anarchy ? Let us ponder ? Date : 04/03/2016

Why should we limit ourselves to Quran while searching for truth, when Al-kitab also includes science/nature ? Science +Wahi = Al-kitab. Date : 02/03/2016

Why not blow life into lifeless aastana site by putting questions concerning life and find answers through scientific discoveries instead of fixing ourselves in theology ? Date : 26/02/2016

Brothers and sisters of aastana team,Quran rejects democracy. What is political system of "mumlaqat-e-elahaya" Date : 26/02/2016

Stealing someone's property is considered bad. Why stealing property of Allah(Land, it's ownership, selling and purchasing) is not bad ? Date : 24/02/2016

Religion has divided humanity into sects , how to bring about inter faith harmony between religions ? Date : 18/09/2015

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Anyway , it is good to be happy even if there is no reason.
Date : 15/02/2017>>View Detail

Bkanwar2 , this thread has gone so long. Please start a fresh one.
Date : 14/02/2017>>View Detail

Who is misinterpreting Bkawar 2 ?
Date : 04/02/2017>>View Detail

At least , I must appreciate your questions Nargis. I wish you make a sincere effort to find their answers from all sources of knowledge including Quran. Never give up and than you will be guided by the source from which we all were created and to which we will all return. That is the only advise I can offer.  
Stay blessed all sincere knowledge seekers.
Date : 21/01/2017>>View Detail

Naris you need to meditate to awaken yourself, we are in truth an electromagnetic plasma being, held within a physical body within this physical reality, this is the first thing to understand. Secondly ,we live in a an ocean of energy.The human brain holds consciousness within this reality, but has the power to set it free. We have pineal gland in our brain which help us through meditation in setting our consciousness free. That is how Buddha achieved enlightenment.
Date : 21/01/2017>>View Detail

Your question Nargis, I appreciate the most,  
"..... What did they study to get information about Allah, who is the "cretor" so he must have existed before he created us.... "  
You work on it and don't give up, you will certainly get the answer.  
Date : 21/01/2017>>View Detail

"... This concept is from the translators who distorted rest of the message..."  
May be , or may not be. Every soul is unique and has consciousness to feel and think. The concept is not only restricted to Muslims but its history is as old as human consciousness.
Date : 20/01/2017>>View Detail

".....come to a conclusion that there is a force behind this that started it all..."  
You can never completely know about nature and reach a stage("behind this") where you start finding about it's creator. Rather , the fact is every stage of study of nature is infect study of Allah. It is infinite adventure of knowing yourself and Allah because it is the study of your own reality as well.  
Difficult to grasp , isn't it ?
Date : 20/01/2017>>View Detail

Allah is totally different concept of creator unlike personified concept of God of Religion. The concept of Allah is not easy to grasp. There is no limit in scope of its thinking/imagination. However, study of nature can bring us near to comprehension. More we think of Allah by study of nature, more we evolve ourselves.
Date : 20/01/2017>>View Detail

Remember there is no God (deity) , but there is certainly Allah (creator).
Date : 14/01/2017>>View Detail

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