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17 Questions QUESTIONS
Respected Dr Qamar Zaman sahab since long time you have written any new article or book. Date : 30/06/2013

Respected Aurangzeb sahab After reading both of your books i feel that you have personal enmity with hazrat muawiya.I think you are takhiyyabaz shiya.(hidden shiya). Date : 25/09/2011

Respected Dr. Sahab In page-26 you gave reference of surah Al-Inam-38.But it is a last part of this verse.Please explain the meaning in the context of whole verse. Date : 24/09/2011

Respected Dr.Qamar Zaman sahab, Assalmoalaikum, What does Quran say about that belief about qiyamat ,when whole universe will be destroyed by ALLAH(swt)?After judgement believers will enter paradise and rejector go to hell. Date : 24/07/2011

Respected Dr.Qamar Zaman Sahab, Please give your critical views on traditional belief of Mojza Shaqq-ul-qamar in the light of quran. Date : 07/03/2011

Respected Team of Aastana blog. Its a long time that there is no new article and book of Dr.Qamar Zaman sahab and Aurangzaib sahab.I am eagerly waiting for new articles and new books. ALLAH-HAFIZ Date : 15/11/2010

Respected Dr Qamar Zaman Sahab, I heartly request you please explain the meaning of "Itaate-Rasool" with reference to Quran. Please-Please-Please--------------. Date : 12/10/2010

Respected Aurangzaib Sahab You claimed that namaz introduced to muslim community by zorastrians,but did not give authentic historical proof.I heartly request to you give me authentic historical proof. ALLA-HAFIZ Date : 03/05/2010

Respected Dr Qamar Zaman Sahab, In Quran there are so many verses which indicate that we must follow Rasool-allah(PBUH).Please-Please..., explain me clear meaning of those verses in the light of Quran. Date : 02/05/2010

Respected Dr Qamar Zaman Sahab You have written books "Haqiqate Salat,Saum,Hadees etc".I request you to write book "Haqiqate Ita-at-e Rasool". I am very thankfull to you.It will quranic point of view about above mentioned topic. Date : 26/03/2010

Respected Aurangzaib Sahab Please mention source of references about your book.Specially about Namaz that came from zorastrianism. Date : 23/03/2010

Resprected Dr.Qamar Zaman Sahab, In Quran Allah(swt) called Rasool-Allah "Uswa-e-Hasana".What is the real meaning of it?what is practical application of it today? Date : 17/03/2010

Sir I could not read and download books .Please tell me How I can open these books? Date : 10/02/2010

Salam I could open this book.Please give me guidance. Date : 19/01/2010

salam Sir, Would you like me to tell how namaz introduced to Islam? Date : 11/01/2010

Salam 1. Is there any written historical records contemporary to Umayyad period? 2. Would you like me to provide strong historical base,how islam adulterated by ajam? Date : 07/01/2010

How hadees came into existence Date : 06/01/2010

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7 Comments/Replies COMMENTS / REPLIES
Respected Aurangzaib Sahab,  
I want only to know about historical evidence of "How namaz introduced in to muslim community?"
Date : 04/05/2010>>View Detail

Respected Dr. Qamar Zaman Sahab  
In Quran Allah(swt) says "Ati-ullaha wa ati-ur-Rasool". Please explain me clear meaning  
of it.
Date : 24/03/2010>>View Detail

Respected,Dr.Qmar Zaman Sahab,  
I agree with your view that we should avoid discussion on history,hadees and tafseer  
and concentrate on Quran fehmi.But as student of history I want to do deep research  
on historical evolution of Namaz.I have no historical resources.Please guide me how  
I can reach to such resources.
Date : 03/02/2010>>View Detail

Respected Brother Aurangzeb Sahab,  
In reference to your previous comments on my question,  
You have depicted Hazrat Muawia(R) as today's politician,who can use method whether  
legal or illegal to gain power,on the basis of history.But all these blame games about Hazrat Muawia  
came from so called histoy "TARIKH-E-TABRI",after it all other literary work on history  
merely derivative of it.It was written by imam Tabri.It is proved by modern scholars like  
Tamanna Imadi,Mahmood Abbasi and Habib-ur-Rehman Kandhelvi that Tabri was  
Rafzi Shia.So do you believe in the history written by such person?
Date : 19/01/2010>>View Detail

Respected brother Aurangzaib Sahab,  
In paragraph-4 of your comments on my question "How hadees came in to existence?"  
you stated that autocratic kingship started from 40A.H,definitely Hazrat Muawia(R)will be  
the first person who started kingship.Hazrat Muawia(R) is well known sahabi and one of  
writer of divine revealation of quran.It is also historically proved that when Hazrat Muawia(R)  
became khalifa, considerable number of sahaba ikram gave their approval to Hazrat  
Muawia(R).So do you want to blame Hazrat Muawia(R) and other sahaba ikram(R) for  
introducing kingship in Islam?I want to remind you Quran approved iman of sahaba ikram(R).  
Date : 17/01/2010>>View Detail

Respected Sir,  
It's not answer to my question.  
Again I request to you answer my questions.
Date : 12/01/2010>>View Detail

SA.What are historical sources in your research namaz introduced by Iranians?
Date : 06/01/2010>>View Detail

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