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3 Questions QUESTIONS
assalamu alaikum all brothers! you guys are sharing the great information, nice job. Date : 25/02/2010

hajj k unwan me dr. sahib ne sura e baqara ki ayat number 196 ko nazar andaz kia he, is ki wajuhat pe rpshni dali jaey, or agar kitab k ainda edition me is ayat ko madde nazar rakha jaey to parhne walon k liye mazid asani ho jaey gi. wassalam! Date : 10/01/2010

terrorist are not able to call them human biengs! Date : 08/01/2010

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thanks for your answers M. Adnan, Mr. orangzaib miss maniza. i was too much busy last 10 days that i couldn't brows the internet. Allah bless you all  
Date : 06/03/2010>>View Detail

its ok adna bro. i've checked the rafrence you gave. thanks for replying my question. one thing more i wanna ask? is there any netter source than 'LUGHAT UL QURAN' & 'TABWIB ULQURAN' (Dr. G.A PARWEZ) available?
Date : 06/03/2010>>View Detail

how could i be the executive member of aastana blog?
Date : 27/02/2010>>View Detail

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