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I want to know what efforts are being taken by the real scholars of Al-Quran ,to enforce the teachings of Allah's kalam in the 'Madarsa'? How can we make the students of madarsa, to know the reality of 'Muqame Hadith' in Islamic literature? Date : 11/12/2010

Sir, Asa If Namaaz is not the Salaat of the Quran, how it came into existance.Why no scholar oposed it . From where we got the 'tariqa e namaaz'? Pl answer . Date : 29/12/2009

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Dear Brothers,  
I am thankful to all those who have written very logically on 'Namaaz' but still I find something very good in practising the 'namaaz', I dont know why but it gives me peace and a time to think for ourselves and the existance of the Almighty. Such gathering like Namaaz on Friday and Eid, give us feeling of togetherness and unity and this is required to live in any society.  
Janab Qamar Sb, I have read all your books , really these are very different from the writings of our great 'Ulemaas'.  
I could not get it why there is so much difference? What you have written is according to the translation of the Quran made by you. How a simple muslim like me, who doesn't know Arabic just know how to read it to gain 'sawab' ,can judge the translation? There are many translations available in the market. I have gone through many tarjumaas. All are same just miner difference may be found, but what you write is totally different. That means all are wrong or couldn't get the meaning but you got it? How??? Please don't mind it. I respect writers but cannot accept anything blindly. It must be logical and rational and must be in accordance with the Quran (for me Quran means the translation made by our Ulema, as I cannot understand this language.) Be free to make me understand, treat me like a student of high school.  
Allah Hafiz  
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