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1-286 البَقَرَة -2
1-200 آل عِمرَان -3
1-176 النِّسَاء -4
1-120 المَائدة -5
1-165 الاٴنعَام -6
1-206 الاٴعرَاف -7
1-75 الاٴنفَال -8
1-129 التّوبَة -9
1-109 یُونس -10
1-123 هُود -11
1-111 یُوسُف -12
1-43 الرّعد -13
1-52 إبراهیم -14
1-99 الحِجر -15
1-128 النّحل -16
1-111 بنیٓ اسرآئیل / الإسرَاء -17
1-110 الکهف -18
1-98 مَریَم -19
1-135 طٰه -20
1-112 الاٴنبیَاء -21
1-78 الحَجّ -22
1-118 المؤمنون -23
1-64 النُّور -24
1-77 الفُرقان -25
1-227 الشُّعَرَاء -26
1-93 النَّمل -27
1-88 القَصَص -28
1-69 العَنکبوت -29
1-60 الرُّوم -30
1-34 لقمَان -31
1-30 السَّجدَة -32
1-73 الاٴحزَاب -33
1-54 سَبَإ -34
1-45 فَاطِر -35
1-83 یسٓ -36
1-182 الصَّافات -37
1-88 صٓ -38
1-75 الزُّمَر -39
1-85 المؤمن / غَافر -40
1-54 حٰمٓ السجدة / فُصّلَت -41
1-54 القَمَر -54
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If Malaika are human then what is the idea behind 2:30-2:39? These malaika don't have the same knowledge it appears as does Adam and this event seems to unfold in the heavens before they are "sent down" to earth. This is not in Dr QZs book.
Add Your Comments  Question by: ANWAR On 27 May 2011
Comments by: Damon On 28 May 2011Report Abuse
Salaam Dear Anwar Bhai,  
Please forgive the delay in response.  
First off, we must ask ourselves WHERE in any of the verses 2/30-39 does it indicate that this is a conversation taking place "in the heavens" and WHERE does it indicate that they are "sent down" from the heavens to earth? Once we realize that it says no such thing, it will be easier to migrate from the mindset of a "heavenly conversation or dispute" to one taking place on earth from the very beginning.  
Another thing to keep in mind is that the word "Rabb" can apply to any being that has been allotted the high honor, respect and dignity worthy of the term. And this is granted to said being by those who honor and trust him and have some sort of loyalty to him. In other words, the word "Rabb" CAN apply to other than Allah depending on context. It can be applied to Allah as Rabb-e-'Alameen as in 1:1 or it can apply to human beings that OTHER HUMAN BEINGS have granted this title to as they have done in 9/31.  
So my question (which I feel I cannot answer just yet) is WHO is the Rabb in 2/30? Is it Allah or is it a person whom has been allotted the title of "Rabb" and has the Malaika as his loyal subjects? Going through the verses in question should help us in ascertaining the answer to this question.  
2/30 - wa idh qaala RABBUKA lil malaika. And when YOUR RABB said to the malaika. The word rabbuka here is in the singular; meaning it is addressing a single person. In my opinion, I believe it is addressing the one to whom The Quran is sent to.  
Also, there are different meanings that can be associated with the word "Rabb". If it is applied to a human being by chance, then definitions (which I have taken from Lane's Lexicon, Abdul Mannan Omar's Dictionary of The Quran and Hans Wehr Arabic Dictionary) which would be appropriate for such a case are Lord, Governor, One to whom obedience is paid, Master, Chief, Ruler and Proprietor. I think the word "Lord" is a very poor substitute for the word "Rabb".  
Another definition of the word "Rabb" taken from Lane's Arabic Lexicon is as follows:  
"A PERSON who has a right, or just title or claim, to the possession of anything". Please see the link below:  
Something else that needs to be pointed out is that according to all three dictionaries cited above the word "Rabb" has a FEMININE form which is "Rabbat". The definition is "Mistress" or "Lady" of the house. If the term Rabb was restricted to Allah it would not have a masculine and feminine form because masculine and feminine forms are applied to those things or beings which can come in either form. Yet Allah is unique and is neither masculine nor feminine. However, HUMAN BEINGS come in masculine and feminine genders.  
Let us continue with 2/30:  
wa idh qaala Rabbuka lil malaika innee jaa'ilun FEEL 'ARDH khaleefa'....And when your CHIEF/RULER/GOVERNOR said to the Malaika "Certainly, I "am placing/setting up/making" in THE LAND a "Successor" or "One who will inherit/follow/come after".  
The two words that I would like to bring your attention to are the words "Jaa'ilun" and "Fil 'Ardh".  
Please bare with me. I am trying my absolute best not to bore you or put you to sleep. Also, it is not my intention to try to "sneak in" a grammar lesson in my reply. But the word "jaa'ilun" is an ACTIVE participle. It is important to point this out because an active participle gives the sense of an action TAKING PLACE now as opposed to taking place in the future in which case it should be preceded the word "Sawfa" to indicate future intention. The reason I point this out is because most (if not all) of the traditional translations render this sentence as "I am GOING TO PLACE"....or..."I am ABOUT TO PLACE"....  
This is what's responsible for giving us the idea that the "Planet Earth" was not inhabited at the time this "conversation" took place and it was in this conversation that "God" revealed His intentions to the Malaika that He is GOING TO/INTEND TO place a "khaleefa" in the land. Another problem with this rendition is that the word Khaleefa DOES NOT mean human being or new creation as the English Translations have it. For Human Being the terms Bashurun or Insaan would have been more appropriate and for New Creation the term should be Khalqun Jadeedun. Khaleefa means a successor or one who inherits from another.  
Also, the word 'Ardh does not merely mean "Planet Earth" as the traditonalists would have us believe. It means "LAND" in general....Terra Firma. It can also be used in the context of "territory" depending on how it is used.  
Having painted the above picture, I believe we can attempt to make better sense of 2/30-39.  
2/30 - YOUR Rabb said to the Malaika that HE IS placing a Khaleefa in the land. Perhaps the malaika were concerned that this "khaleefa" would be a "polar opposite" of the present Rabb and asked if he is placing as a "successor" someone who will cause bloodshed and chaos through out the land, which is the opposite of what the present Rabb does. He responds, "Don't worry, I know something that you guys do not know". At this point, he hasn't made his selection yet. The process is just beginning.  
As a side not, the root word Kha-La-Faa also means to "differ" or "be different" from someone. Perhaps this made their concerns even more magnified.  
2/31 - HE (The Rabb) taught ADAM (the human family) the ASMAA'A (the CLASSIFICATIONS) of all things. Then He presented the THINGS to the Malaika and asked them to "inform him" of the things presented.  
2/32 - The malaika said that they DO NOT KNOW the classifications of the things that The Rabb has presented to them. They said that they only know that which HE HAS TAUGHT THEM!! In other words, He never TAUGHT THEM the classifications of ALL THINGS and only taught them "certain things" that they needed to know to carry out their duties as "Malaika".  
2/33 - Then The Rabb instructed ADAM (people from among the human family) to reveal their classifications. Through revealing the ASMAA'A and demonstrating their willingness and ability to learn, The Rabb and the Malaika got a chance to witness different dispositions, temperaments, mental capacities of individuals and differentiate those with pure motives from those with not so pure motives. It is then that he asked them..."didn't I tell you guys not to worry and that I know what I'm doing?"  
2/34 - The Malaika have certain duties that are unique to them as the malaika. They are charged with serving the needs and best interests of humanity. So their Rabb ordered them to make "sujud"...that is to show humility, servitude and obedience to the human being and his needs.  
The job of the Malaika are to serve as "Enforcers" of the righteous rules and laws "of the land" (feel 'ardh). So they humbly agreed to make sujud to Adam EXCEPT Iblees....that ONE ROGUE MALAKUN who has his own ideas and agenda and is driven by ego, rage and envy. He would much rather be the commander instead of a subordinate. He displayed arrogance, pride and REJECTED the order given to all of the Malaika to make sujud to Adam.  
2/35 - The Human Family (male and female) were told as ONE UNITED human family to enjoy life in Al Jinnah (The Garden). Life is beautiful and will remain so as long as they DO NOT approach the "shajarat". Shajarat is loosely translated as a "tree". What makes this tree significant is that a tree has many, many branches which DIVIDE and go into MUTUALLY DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS!! Adam (the human family) was united as ONE BEFORE they approached the tree (that is before they DIVIDED like branches of a tree into different directions). The different directions are DIFFERENCES IN IDEOLOGY, and hence the DIVISION and SEPARATION of mankind. This is the OPPOSITE of what we are supposed to be as per 49/10.  
2/36 - The Shaytaan got the best of the human being and mankind (adam) approached the Tree of Division and divided the once united family (and ideology) and caused a "degrading" or "abasing" of the human being. Let us look at this verse in Arabic.  
Faaza lahummaa Ash-Shaaytaan 'anhaa - So The Satan (the dark side of the self) Caused the Human Being (male and female) to slip and backslide.  
FAAKHARJAHUMMA - and caused their EXPULSION from the Jennah (the state of peacefulness, felicity and bliss that they WERE living in). It is here that the command "Uhbitu" is issued to the human being and man is told that SOME of them will be "enemies" to some (thanks to the division that they have now instituted among themselves). In the land is where mankind will live and work...but as ENEMIES as one another which makes for a very bad situation because now here comes the competition and wars over land, resources, social structures, ideology, classism, wages, landlord vs. tenent, rich vs. poor, etc.  
2/37 - because of the division and the "transition" of Rabubbiyah as per 2/30 I believe the term "Rabb" in this verse refers to Rabb-e-'Alameen. Also I believe the terms "At-Tawwaabu" and "Ar-Raheem" are more appropriately applied to Allah Rabb-e-'Alameen.  
I humbly believe 2/38 and 2/39 are letting us know that we have been degraded (due to our own actions) as human beings but proper guidance WILL come to the human being from Rabb-e-'Alameen UNTIL enough human beings accept and act upon that guidance and bring about the intended Khilaafa' as per the original intentions of 2/30.  
However, the fears and concerns of the Malaika were well founded as you can see the state of the human being today and which is why they HAVE TO perform such duties as noted in 3/124-125, 8/9, 8/12 and 4/97 UNTIL humanity can manage to get back on track and live again the way they did as in the beginning of 2/35.  
Dear Brother Anwar, please understand that this is my understanding and rendition of the events outlined in 2/30-39. Please do not take it as the official Aastana position on this issue. And please know that I have given my take on it according to the best of my present knowledge and abilities.  
I ask all here to please correct the mistakes that I have made during my reply to Brother Anwar.  

Comments by: Shirley C On 28 May 2011Report Abuse
Peace Damon,  
I think your explanation was very helpful in trying to make these verses clear for us who are still very curious and/or confused concerning the Malaika. Thank you for sharing your understanding. : )  
Warmest Regards,  

Comments by: Anwar On 28 May 2011Report Abuse
Thank you brother for this detailed response,  
Your interpretation has subtance yes but to say that the Lord in these verses may be somewhat of a stretch. I say this due to the Rubbs response in verse 33 concerning knowing the unseen of the heavens and earth and also the malaikas response in verse 32 ental alemul hakeem. Only God knows the unseen of the heavens and earth.  
Also if this was near the beginning of time and we were still "pure" and undivided than why the need for Malaika?  
Nonetheless Brother your interpretation is still interesting.

Comments by: Damon On 29 May 2011Report Abuse
Salaam Anwar Bhai,  
2/30-39 is also a mystery to me especially since learning the true significance of the term Malaika. My post was more of a crude and juvenile attempt at making sense of these verses. I believe that we have not reached the bottom of these verses yet and that there are more learning and discoveries to be uncovered.  
I fully agree with you about verse 32 in that the attributes of الحكيما لعليم more appropriately belong to Allah.  
I would like to (as an exercise of learning and intellectual stimulation) present the possibility of verse 33 applying to a human being.  
ألم أقل لكم إني أعلم غيب السموت والأرض وأعلم ما تبدون وما كنتم تكتمون  
"Did I not say to you all that verily I know UNSEEN of THE SKIES and THE LAND/EARTH and I know what YOU MAKE MANIFEST and what YOU HIDE?"  
I do believe that a very wise person can fullfill the talents expressed in 2/33. First of all, it keeps us in the traditional and religious way of thinking by translating سموت as "heavens" when this word means skies. Two different words which paint two different pictures. And we have already dealt with the word الأرض (the land).  
Knowing what is in the "skies" is something a person who is into Astronomy and studying the outer cosmos. Galileo had the right to say those words to his "religious" and unscientific contemporaries. And an Agriculturalist and a Seismologist can tell someone who has no knowledge of Seismology, Agriculture and even Geology that he knows more about "The Land" than they do.  
Psychologists, Sociologists and Behavior Scientists can learn enough about the basic human being to know what a person is hiding and what a person is not hiding. As a side note, they say that "Lawyers" are also trained to know this so they will be able to take that opportunity to move in for the kill. :-D  
I am not implying that the "Rabb" in 2/33 was any of the things named above, I am suggesting that a human being CAN LEARN to acquire the needed talents and knowledge to fullfill the attributes of 2/33.  
Lastly my brother, I never suggested that this was near the beginning of time. In fact, I simply do not believe that this was near the beginning of time. The human being was not developed enough, and hence not able, to learn the needed laws for a civilized society.  
However, I must say that I disagree with the idea that their will be no need for Malaika if we live in a peaceful and blissful society. I will compare the Malaika of the society with the Moderators and Administrators of this forum. Just because the people here at this forum are, for the most part, civilized and peaceful students of The Quran does not mean that the forum should be without rules to KEEP IT THAT WAY. We will need these rules to keep it that way and we will need people (moderators AND malaika) who will ENFORCE the rules and make decisions of "getting rid of the trouble makers" :-D  
I do hope we can continue to explore this handful of verses until we've reached a satisfactory interpretation.  

Comments by: Nargis2 On 31 May 2011 Edit DeleteReport Abuse
Thank you brother Damon for your brilliant post as always :D  
Dear Anwar, If Malaika are angels or forces of nature, what would be the point for Adam to give them any knowledge at all? Are the angels going to work for Adam in his office? Or the forces of nature are preparing for a PhD? Why did Adam teach them anything in heaven and not on planet earth?  
Why are they not using their teaching on us? If they were learning to use it in the heavens, then we are told that only god is up there, did they give private lessons to God?  
Why would a human being teach angels something they didn’t know, and never use? We have never seen angels, have we?  
If the word Rabb is used in 2:33, Then Malaika can be super natural, because we only know Rabb through the creation( how it works here)  
What is it that nourishes you? Where do you get corn, milk, silk, fruit, knowledge from? It is the creation, because everything you need to survive is given to you from the nature. So the nature is our sustainer, Rabb…  
My Moroccan friend calls his dad Rabb ul bait, I asked why; he said because he is the one who sustain those who lives in the house…  
and the NATURE never discriminate between a king or a “slave”, apples will work in the same way for both of them, clothes made of cotton or silk will cover both of them, proteins will improve them both, both are given same amount of oxygen, and so on,  
For example, let’s go back in time when there weren’t any laws or regulations, survival of the strongest theory…And the Kong kings distributed resources to the people according to their own judgment, rules and regulations without hesitate to use/misuse their power if needed.  
They had been in control of the resources for a long period, and started to think that this is the right way to control the world and upheld peace, since no1 objected, then that’s how God wanted it to be. Because they thought they were the chosen ones and the only creature that understood what to do, they never considered the slaves or servants worthy enough to be in power, and thought they didn’t have the capacity to think. In their belief, slaves were born to be led and kings were born to lead  
Then suddenly the “man” described in surah Fateah wakes up, and said, sorry mac, I have seen that everything is in balance, except humans and the division of resources. The nature couldn’t have made that way, it’s not possible, even a bird get its share equally to the other birds, then why should humans be subjugated and not get their share equally?  
That would be something new to the King Kong, who is not familiar with this thinking or possibility of others to think or control themselves. He always thought servants are to be led and controlled by the king who happens to be superior  
When the same king is introduced to ADMIAT, humanity, and is taught human rights, wouldn’t he say that’s something I never knew, because I always thought the nature had made it the way it always was? Would he say that those who are born to be led can’t lead; they are jungle and will fight if they are not controlled by the King Kong?  
Angels have nothing to do with planet earth; the “debate” is between the apple, the one who think he has the only right to eat it or determine how much others can eat, and the one who understood it’s given to everyone equally  
King said I handed out the apple fairly according to the apples own wish  
And the Apple said, no you didn’t, I know what you don’t know, - and then the servant told the king that he have the right to benefit from the Apple in the same way as everyone else, otherwise the apple would not be available with its nourishment correspondingly for both…  

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