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1-7 الفَاتِحَة -1
1-286 البَقَرَة -2
1-200 آل عِمرَان -3
1-176 النِّسَاء -4
1-120 المَائدة -5
1-165 الاٴنعَام -6
1-206 الاٴعرَاف -7
1-75 الاٴنفَال -8
1-129 التّوبَة -9
1-109 یُونس -10
1-123 هُود -11
1-111 یُوسُف -12
1-43 الرّعد -13
1-52 إبراهیم -14
1-99 الحِجر -15
1-128 النّحل -16
1-111 بنیٓ اسرآئیل / الإسرَاء -17
1-110 الکهف -18
1-98 مَریَم -19
1-135 طٰه -20
1-112 الاٴنبیَاء -21
1-78 الحَجّ -22
1-118 المؤمنون -23
1-64 النُّور -24
1-77 الفُرقان -25
1-227 الشُّعَرَاء -26
1-93 النَّمل -27
1-88 القَصَص -28
1-69 العَنکبوت -29
1-60 الرُّوم -30
1-34 لقمَان -31
1-30 السَّجدَة -32
1-73 الاٴحزَاب -33
1-54 سَبَإ -34
1-45 فَاطِر -35
1-83 یسٓ -36
1-182 الصَّافات -37
1-88 صٓ -38
1-75 الزُّمَر -39
1-85 المؤمن / غَافر -40
1-54 حٰمٓ السجدة / فُصّلَت -41
1-54 القَمَر -54
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First of all mind blowing stuff on this website!!!  
But its too confusing... spesially when i watch following video,  
and read too Qamar sahabs explainations!!  
Add Your Comments  Question by: CONFUSED On 16 August 2010
Comments by: aurangzaib On 16 August 2010Report Abuse
Dear Confused Bhai,  
My best wishes for you to come out of your confused state soon. And welcome to  
The crux of the matter is that Islam was taken hostage by “Old Bani Umayyad Cheiftains” immediately after 40 AH when they regained their lost power and authority and became inconspicuous rulers of a vast empire left behind by My Lord pbuh and his Companion Caliphs as a holy inheritance for the common Muslim masses.  
They were inherently ruthless dictators. They had embraced Islam only when Umm-ul-Qura was overcome by the forces of Divine Kingdom of Yathrab and they saw their doomsday at hand. Since that day onwards they lay in ambush for their chance to stage a come back. Many of them, who had turned Muslims earlier, were in high offices and were generals commanding huge armies. Some of them were senior "companions" too. So their chances of an upsurge came immediately after the assassination of Hazrat Ali and with the assumption of power by Amir Muawiyah, the son of old Quraishi Umavi Chieftain, Abu Sufiyan.  
The first and foremost job they undertook after usurping power was to start the process of altering the essence of Divine Guidance, the Quran. Obviously, with their autocratic designs they could not have gone along with the dictates of the Divine Commandments. Who helped them in the process and in what way, is very clear by now thanks to deep research into our history by contemporary scholars. Briefly, what we have inherited as Islam and have been following steadfastly to this day is the old Arab Pagan religion and customs which have nothing to do with the content and essence of Quran.  
Thanks Almighty, deep research and exploration are under way in the present times into the content of Quran with the help of authentic Arabic lexicons and keeping in view the high literary value of Quranic texts. is proud to play its part in this holy process. The results are breathtakingly amazing. An extremely rational, intellectual and scientific philosophy of life is emerging keeping pace with the changes of time and heralding the so much coveted message of PEACE and SECURITY for the entire humanity.  
Please keep in touch with and be a part of the journey of evolution and discovery.  
God bless you.  

Comments by: confused On 17 August 2010Report Abuse
Thanx alot Aurangzaib bhai,  
I hope OUR confusion about Islam will be soon removed by the grace of Allah azzawajall !  
It was nice of you that u took out of ur preciouse time to answer my question, but i m still wondering about answer of my question that what Nouman said in this video is wrong?  
He talks about Rooh, is this concept of Rooh right or wrong? how can U or DR.QAMAR explain rooh and its needs?  

Comments by: aurangzaib On 17 August 2010Report Abuse
Dear Confused Bhai,  
It may take some time before confusion is removed and all you need during that time is to concentrate on reading. is a treasure of easy to comprehend books and articles that would escort you to the higher echelons of truth and reality.  
I already pointed out that majority of the Muslim Ummah is following "Rhetoric" or lip service. I said that it is only RESULTS that decide about right and wrong. By following the rhetoric of Nouman and others like him, have we been able to "achieve" any substantial positive results? The answer will be: NO. "Kuffaars" are kicking us in the ass more often now than earlier. All our vessel rulers are their slaves. So what is the use of those "Sermons" by Nouman and the likes?  
The word ROOH, my dear, wherever it has appeared in Quran, simply means 'WAHI' - and WAHI is the Divine Guidance. Take any pertinent Verse and analyse it with this meaning. The logic and the context would prove it right. If you still find a confusion in translation, refer the verse to us. We will try to solve the puzzle for you.  
The traditional meanings of ROOH that are usually taken, have no essence. Spirit or spirituality is not proved to be the subject of Quran. We are accustomed to chant this word under influence of Sufism. Divine Guidance does not recognize or own Sufism or their so-acclaimed spirituality.  
God bless you.

Comments by: confused On 17 August 2010Report Abuse
Dear Aurangzib bhai!  
Inshallah Confusion will be removed!  
As u mentioned that due to "Rhetoric" or lip service, and ppl like Nouman practicing old fashion Islam kuffars are  
kicking muslims in ass.  
If the nowadays islam is kidnapped islam of banu Ummayid, and the teaching/translation and tafaseer you and dr Qamar and other respeted scholars of Quran came with in last century is the right one, so it means that ppl practicing islam 100 years after Prophet pub and til now were wrong and are fuel of jahanum?And no body in the last 1300 years was wise enough to realise that muslims are not on sirat -e- mustaqim, til we got Respected G.A. Pervez. and dr. Qamar and other respected scholars.  
Wasnt Islam started with lip service" Iqra....."? ( i m telling u that i confused, sorry ;)  
Anyhow i feel that we are trying to solve every thing in quran and islam with moderndays logic and science isnt it?  
And how can i accept that these teachings of quran which dont support hadith and other uloom are right, what is the proof? when hadith are not authentic then on which bases this tafseer and translation of quran is right.  
And if it is too much contradiction in hadith and those are not authentic then may be astagfirullah quran either.quran was written 100 years before hadith were compiled.  
And why is ur propogation of quran is so limited, hidden, and why should we respect the tradtional kidnapped islam if we accept teachings are right.Then old fashion muslims should know that they are wrong,we shouldnt be afraid in spreading din but like Our Brave Prophet pbu did,he got stoned, abused.....and so on....?  
And why Allah Azzawjall waited 1300 years to bring ppl who really understand quran?  
sorry brother i m confused ... really ,  

Comments by: aurangzaib On 17 August 2010 Edit DeleteReport Abuse
Dear Brother,  
There is still no need for confusion.  
As you know now that the Deen was corrupted by our own dictators, so you also know that those dictators have been ruling us for the last 1400 years. So what is there so screwed up. Everything becomes clear with some thought.  
The bloody dictators kept Muslims following the N2I with the help of sword and with the help of No.2 Mullas and religious scholars.  
People like G.A. Perwaiz and Dr. Qamar Zaman have always been present and been raising the voices of truth. But they were not left alone to propagate the true Islam. They were killed outrightly or silenced, either directly or through passing religious edicts against them and by their social boycott.  
Sir Syed was made a target of libel and slander. He was called Christaan and "Nature-i", etc. A huge mob started towards Gulberg from Outside Mochi Gate Lahore, to kill G.A. Perwaiz. Fatawas of Kufr were pasted against him throughout the country. A close associate of Dr. Qamar Zaman, the late S. Qasim Noori was assassinated at the gate of his residence. It is the freedom of information throughout the world now that we are able to work in writings and on internet; otherwise.........?  
And there is no comparison between Quran and Hadith. Quran has an authentic continuity starting the life of my Lord pbuh, and is a Divine Guidance. Hadith is just hearsay "Gup Shup", fabricated in the second and third century AH by ordinary bad charactered people, mostly of Jewish origin and Parsis.  
The Islam we present is Quran, viz., Divine Guidance based. The one in practice for 1400 years is Mulla and Dictator's Gup Shup based.  
Is there any reduction in confusion brother?...... I can repeat a lot of history for your sake. Waiting to see you change your pseudonym soon. And God bless you.

Is Fasting (Roza) a Blessing or Punishment? Question by: Zubair From UNITED STATES (WASHINGTON) On 26/01/2010
English Translation of Haqiqat e Soam is available now.
Follow this link for
Reading/ Downloading as PDF Question by: Adnan From PAKISTAN On 08/04/2010
Dr Qamar Zaman ap ne kitab haqeqate som k page no 41 par aur haqeqate salat k page 158 chapter 17 verse 78 ka tarjuma mukhtalif likha hai, ap ne DALOK AUR LAIL ke mani dono jaga mukhtalif biyan kien hain. Please is chiez ko zara biyan kijeye. Thnx Question by: ali.haideer From PAKISTAN (LARKANA) On 03/06/2010
Dr Sahab Aslamoalikum: Sir when we don't admit roza as som than what will be the purpose of eidul fitar that is celebrated at the end of ramadan????please explain Question by: Nadeem_Akhtar From PAKISTAN On 04/06/2010
dr qamar i hav red a book at site against your book Haqiqat has confused me.plz read it and tell me is his objections rational?moreover inform me have you written book against this book? Question by: bilal_khan5181 From PAKISTAN On 07/07/2010
Salam sir! mujhay ye pochna tha k ramzan ka jo pora month hai jis main hum rozay rakhtay hain aur jagnay wali raton main khob ebadat kartay hain 5 ratain hoti hain ye sub kya theek hai is baray main mujhay details chaiye i am confused..... Question by: foziazubair On 11/07/2010
Dr. Sb. plz... plz ... plz reply soon to YOUNUS SHAHEED... regerding SOAM... it is much needed. please. it does dare your competence and authenticity..... Question by: Dr. Samreen Mohsin From PAKISTAN (KARACHI) On 07/08/2010
assalamualykum aap puri quraan ka translation kare kya . agar kya to plz mere id per send kegeye. Question by: MOHAD OSMAN On 22/08/2010
starve and ull become a muttaqi (2183) call God, he will answer (2:186)Where was God and the Muttaqeens (as promised in 2:183--188 ?) when the two brothers in Sialkot were brutally killed ? Either Koran is a liar , or rozah is not saum. Question by: bob From UNITED KINGDOM On 30/08/2010
Dear all,if any one can provide me the information regarding" AITEKAF " or alike ritual in any other religion . 2:-any quranic reference the mullas quotes to prove AITEKAF IN RAMAZAN as today's practice in muslim ummah.Thanks. Question by: moazzam From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 31/08/2010
Dr Shabbirs objections on Soum : Question by: bob From UNITED KINGDOM On 01/09/2010
Salaam dear all, .....Allahs commands should be practical througout the whole planet,every area of the planet.and it should not be subjected to time or space. Question by: bob From UNITED KINGDOM On 18/09/2010
Salaam,There is a discussion going on elsewhere (about nisaa/Qoum), however, I thought it would be a beneficial to keep you all updated! Question by: bob From UNITED KINGDOM On 21/09/2010
Dr Qamar Zaman sahib keya aap say kisi aalam maslan Tahirul qadri, Javed ghamdi jasay scholars nay bhi koi questions kie hn ya nahi haqeeqat e soam se related? Question by: adil From PAKISTAN On 08/08/2011
Revised Edition of Haqiqat-e-Soam by Dr. Qamar Zaman is uploaded now, for reading/downloading please Click Here Question by: Adnan From PAKISTAN On 10/08/2012
Ayyaamun ma'ududath=prepared stages(periods) not just certain days. An evil cannot be eliminated within days. If we meet an evil in the society, first we have study who propagates this crime, and against whom. Then we have to plan the solution . Question by: alikalliyath From INDIA (CALICUT) On 28/07/2012
The different stages of preparation to eleminate any crime or evil thing is mentioned as AYYAMAN MA'UDUDATH in 2:183. Am I right? kindly clear my opinion. Question by: alikalliyath From INDIA (CALICUT) On 28/07/2012
I found revised edition of this book even more detailed and easier to comprehend. On p.51 second blue line, I think the word was Ehed not Eyed? Also why mobashirohonna has been tranlated differently here then in previous verse? Peace. Question by: J. Malik From PAKISTAN (LAHORE) On 16/08/2012
Civilisation, how did it all happen? By Dr David Neiman Question by: Mughal1 From UNITED KINGDOM On 20/08/2012
salamun Alaikkum saheb, can u explian what quraan says about soum in the chapter 5/89? what does quraan mean مَنْ لَمْ يَجِدْ فَصِيَامُ ثَلَاثَةِ أَيَّامٍ ? Question by: sajeer kanhirode From INDIA (KERALA) On 19/09/2012
Dear Dr.Qamar Zaman Please explain the word Bismi. If it has the meaning of something like LOVE, then why this MEEM is ends with a Jerrah. Question by: MOHAMMED JOUSEY From INDIA (KERALA) On 25/09/2012
dr sahb sallam tummam ky bary myn quran kia kehta hy ye zra tfseel sy btain revaiti trjma to khch khas nei hy us ki samj nei aati hy agr aap ky elm myn hy to bta dyn shukria Question by: waheed From PAKISTAN (HARIPUR KPK) On 07/06/2013
is there any reply for the site by QZ? Question by: kanasser From INDIA (KERALA) On 06/08/2013
assalamu alaikum muhtaram dr.saheb quran ke sura no 97 ka tafseeli tarjuma samjhaen karen.jazakkummullahu khairan kaseera Question by: MN.BASITH From INDIA (HYDERABAD) On 12/11/2013
Aoa, dear sir I went through your book and found it ineffable. However concept of days allocated for reform of society seems impractical, in my view since ayyam not only means days but also stages, it is actually stages of reform upon which your book Question by: Abdul Hadi Saqib From PAKISTAN (LAHORE) On 13/09/2014
(Question continued) is based upon, conceiving ayyam madoodaat to be days won't retain its place in real world. How it could be that govt allocate days for reform of the society and then leave it for other days Question by: Abdul Hadi Saqib From PAKISTAN (LAHORE) On 13/09/2014
as slaam alikum kala jadu se bachne kisi aamil ki madad ya kisi aur madad ki zarurath me Question by: mohammed From SAUDI ARABIA (JEDDAH) On 13/05/2015
DR sab,I Belong to a religious family the age of 50 i found the truth about hidaths soam , Q. can some one make an excuse on the day of jugment and say I DIDNT KNOW IT. if not who will be held responsible for it, scholars or the person ? Question by: kanju swat From UNITED KINGDOM (LONDON) On 18/06/2015
Sir,i want to know the meaning of " maseeh".Does it onlgbelongs to nabi eesa? Question by: nusrin From INDIA (KERALA) On 27/06/2015
Dr,is there translation of surah ahzab available?mainly the verses 33:31-33:37 Question by: nusrin From INDIA (KERALA) On 27/06/2015
I am from Kerala. Dr. RASHAD KHALIFA claimed that Surah Thouba have only 127 verses and last 2 verses are injected to Quran and he was claiming this by using a code of number 19....wht is ur comment on it sir... Question by: Aboobecker Siddique M P From INDIA (CALICUT , KERALA) On 08/10/2015
Ur views on soum salat etc seem contradicting with gulam ahmad pervez also...if u both reject the autheticity of hadith then Y r ur views different. I m now confused wat to follow. Kindly help me out Question by: Mohammadirshad From INDIA (SRINAGAR) On 22/06/2016
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