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Translation Status
1-7 الفَاتِحَة -1
1-286 البَقَرَة -2
1-200 آل عِمرَان -3
1-176 النِّسَاء -4
1-120 المَائدة -5
1-165 الاٴنعَام -6
1-206 الاٴعرَاف -7
1-75 الاٴنفَال -8
1-129 التّوبَة -9
1-109 یُونس -10
1-123 هُود -11
1-111 یُوسُف -12
1-43 الرّعد -13
1-52 إبراهیم -14
1-99 الحِجر -15
1-128 النّحل -16
1-111 بنیٓ اسرآئیل / الإسرَاء -17
1-110 الکهف -18
1-98 مَریَم -19
1-135 طٰه -20
1-112 الاٴنبیَاء -21
1-78 الحَجّ -22
1-118 المؤمنون -23
1-64 النُّور -24
1-77 الفُرقان -25
1-227 الشُّعَرَاء -26
1-93 النَّمل -27
1-88 القَصَص -28
1-69 العَنکبوت -29
1-60 الرُّوم -30
1-34 لقمَان -31
1-30 السَّجدَة -32
1-73 الاٴحزَاب -33
1-54 سَبَإ -34
1-45 فَاطِر -35
1-83 یسٓ -36
1-182 الصَّافات -37
1-88 صٓ -38
1-75 الزُّمَر -39
1-85 المؤمن / غَافر -40
1-54 حٰمٓ السجدة / فُصّلَت -41
1-54 القَمَر -54
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Salam to all of participants of this Blog......... Can this forum also turn into a meeting of participants residing in a same city?? so that we could jointly do something for our society and DEEN.???
Add Your Comments  Question by: ADNAN KHAN On 25 March 2010
Comments by: Umair_Hamidani On 26 March 2010Report Abuse
I Think you are right Mr. Adnan

Comments by: ali.haideer On 16 July 2010Report Abuse
Aslamoalikum Adnan Bhai I was about to ask this question and I saw this Question. There is a strong need of this thing.

Comments by: Adnan Muhammad Khan On 17 July 2010
hmmmmmm..... let's wait others to think it over!

Comments by: UmeAimon On 11 October 2010Report Abuse
I hope this idea becomes reality one day :)

Comments by: Maniza On 12 October 2010
Dear All,  
I have requested this two times on this blog, but no one has responded. The best would be if all allow bhai adnan Khan to send me their emails so we could eventualy sort out resident according to continant. f.ks Europe, Asia and America, and then gather together for a meeting once a year or twice a year.  
We could have a section on the continents which would eventualy include ONLY your emails but not country of residance.  
I will be visiting Pakistan in December, and would be most pleased if we could have a gathering with dr.Qamar if possible.

Comments by: aurangzaib On 12 October 2010Report Abuse
Sis Maniza, Salaams,  
I too stand in favor of the above desire of our members. We must arrange to meet whenever and wherever it may be possible.  
Brother Adnan Ahmed Khan, the creator of our Website and the constant care taker of its operations, can be the ultimate source of all help in this respect. He knows who is who and which territory one belongs to.  
Please contact him directly on his email for a direct rapport and then you two can work on this agenda.  
As for myself, it will be my utmost delight to meet you at Dr. Q.Z.'s during December. I can, and usually do, visit Lahore frequently during winter season when it falls on this Land of the Pure (during Oct.-March) every year. According to that routine of mine, my first visit of the present season to Dr. QZ is going to materialize probably this coming weekend if an unexpected engagement does not hinder my way. God forbid the summer of Lahore, Sis!! I dare not travel in that direction during hot season ever since I abandoned that "sacred" birth-place of mine some 18 years ago.  
Best regards.

Comments by: moazzam On 12 October 2010
Dear members: regards,I TOO HAVE THE SAME FEELINGS /DESIRE .

Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On 13 October 2010
Dear members ,  
Its a good idea but members will be exposed to unforeseen dangers .  
Adnan Ahmad khan can take the responsibility of diverting all E-mails to Maniza so that she can make groups . But giving addresses on Blog is probably a bit risky .  
I will be leaving for States in second week of November ,I am really sorry not to meet Maniza and Aurangzeb in Lahore .I will notify any change in my programme if any .

Comments by: Damon On 25 November 2010Report Abuse
Dear All,  
This is a VERY good idea and I agree that this should be done.  
Who do I forward my e-mail address to, Adnan Ahmad Khan or Maniza?  
God Bless You All,  
Your Brother Damon in the United States.

Comments by: Adnan Muhammad Khan On 25 November 2010
Dear All,  
Please contact Adnan Ahmed Khan via e-mail mentioning the>>City>>>Area... so that group may be framed...

Comments by: On 25 November 2010Report Abuse
plz give e-mail id

Comments by: Damon On 26 November 2010Report Abuse
Adnan Muhammad Khan: "Dear All,  
Please contact Adnan Ahmed Khan via e-mail mentioning the>>City>>>Area... so that group may be framed..."  
Damon: How do I contact Adnan Ahmed Khan in order to give him my e-mail address? Or am I supposed to post my e-mail address here in this thread?

Comments by: Adnan On 27 November 2010
Dear Respected Members of AastanaBlog,  
This is for your information that, Now you can share your Country/City and Email Address to each other. In this regard It is requested to all members please fill this form Members Information Form.  
After filling this form you can see your Country /City and email address (if you want) will be display with your Question/Comments.  
We think this effort will be helpful to all of us for better understanding for Quranic Message.  
We are also thankful to all member’s who time to time guide us for betterment of this Blog/Website.  

Comments by: Junaid On 04 January 2011 Edit DeleteReport Abuse
I would like to mention that I have a better idea in this regard.  
I would like to suggest an online forum for the members of Aastana and I do hope to get some feedback from the respected members.  
This online forum can easily be created using Skype. (A 100% free, secure and tested solution)  
I have been using Skype since last few years (In my profession) and I found it very useful in terms of online group communications.  
All you need to do is to download Skype from and create an account (linked with an Email ID)  
The next step is to add other members as contact. These contacts can then be grouped together and added into a communication forum. (A single room can be created to add all the members)  
Free Online chat facility for almost 100 members at the same time. (100% tested personally by me)  
Almost 100 members can communicate using voice chat at the same time for group discussions. (free and tested feature)  
Instant file sharing and link sharing. (99% secure depending on personal network security)  
Free video chat (optional).  
Admins and moderators of Aastana can easily create and manage Skype rooms and can add members after verification of their credentials.  
Respected Admins and members; Please let me know if this suggestion is feasible and practically applicable.

assalamu alaikum all brothers! you guys are sharing the great information, nice job. Question by: zahir On 25/02/2010
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Dear Moazzam sb. Al-Rasool came before 1400 yrs. now the situation is entirely changed, it now need badly. pls can u explain the matter? Question by: sajjad hussain From SAUDI ARABIA (JEDDAH) On 19/02/2013
AOA. I'm agreed with Dr sahib most of the time but I do have one question for Dr Qamar Zaman sahib. Kindly can you tell me about your control and command on Arabic language. Have you learned this language in your childhood. Thank you Question by: Mansoor From UNITED STATES (DC) On 04/12/2014
As i read Bismillah BSM is explained as Quality but not Name.. As i saw on Corpus Quran Bismillah is Bi(in or with) and SMV root word as noun which means glory (noun), highness(noun) why do not consider Bi and SMV in the word - "Bismillah" Question by: reena From UNITED KINGDOM (BLACKBURN) On 30/01/2015
Salman alaikum pls explain verse 74:42:43 what is the prayer mentioned Question by: Amir From INDIA (CHENNAI) On 23/02/2015
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