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Dear All, Prophet Mohammed, his actual name was different as claimed by many scholars? Please share your research based thoughts.
Add Your Comments  Question by: MUBASHIR SYED On 12 February 2011
Comments by: UmeAimon On 13 February 2011Report Abuse
Brother , just sharing my thoughts with all. Why is there need to do "The research " for the name of the Prophet/s? Why does it matter if they have some other names? Ever since I was a child I used to refer to our Prophet as "Humaray piaray Nabi SW" as it was always difficult for me to say the whole name and the so called darood. It still does not matter to me what his actual name was, as I remember all his atributes through Quran and thats actually all I need to know.  

Comments by: M.N.Khalid On 14 February 2011Report Abuse
UmeAimon Sister in Islam, you wrote that:  
It still does not matter to me what his actual name was, as I remember all his atributes through Quran and thats actually all I need to know.  
MNK: Though I do not deny your perception but then How will YOU:-  
1)- Recognise " رَّسُولَ اللَّهِ وَخَاتَمَ النَّبِيِّينَ "  
2)- Find what is revealed on" مُحَمَّدٍ "  
3)- Established that , " مَّاتَ أَوْ قُتِلَ "  
4)- Search, " وَالَّذِينَ مَعَهُ "  

Comments by: hameedkhattak On 14 February 2011Report Abuse
Salam all. What about ISMUHU AHMED mentioned in the Qur'an, and why PEACE BE UPON HIM, is he not already in PEACE? Is it not giving a message that the PROPHET is not in a PEACEFUL situation but rather in an UNPEACEFUL situation and we are wishing PEACE UPON HIM.

Comments by: UmeAimon On 14 February 2011Report Abuse
Brother M N in Islam,  
Please elaborate why do you need a name for:  
1) Recognising  
2) Finding  
3) Establishing and  
4) Searching  
brother Hameed where exactly you found these words in Quran can you give details of verses please.  
thank you and regards

Comments by: AlAhmer On 14 February 2011Report Abuse
Dear Bother Mubashir, you are well researched person and we may not provide much help or any new insight. May be we will be just restating same facts.  
As we prefer and call Prophet as “Muhammad” often. The source of this is from Quran in which it is used 4 times (3/144, 33/40, 47/2, 48/29). It is not a name as we may like it to be (it is debatable). It used as second person (title) for someone in this case Prophet. Its root word is “Ha-Miim-Dal”. Meaning can be (praiseworthy or commendable etc). The other name/title that is used as “Ahmad” it is also the same root and same meaning. It is used in verse (61:6) that verse is used as prove for its name as “Ahmad” again it is debatable that it is a proper name but a just a title. I am not going to get into this aspect as it will be just waste of time and lot of grammar jumbo numbo that other brothers love to get into with expertise. There are many other titles used for the prophet in Quran not just these.  
Fact remains that we are not 100% sure about the name of the prophet as these above mention names are reinforced through Hadith & Sira as well.  
May be this topic is also of sensitive nature for some if question are raised around it. But I am going to ask the questions those always asked by non Muslims anyways not to offend anyone but just to keep alive education aspect of our forum. First If Quran used the proper name of Prophet then we can close this topic and issue can be consider settle but it is not settle and it even debatable among some Muslims.  
1- Why Quran never used the proper name of the prophet?  
2- Quran is an important record why not use the name to address Prophet along with other titles.  
3- If such historical personality existed in history, why people didn’t know the real name of the person?  
4- Why we know the family names (Prophet Father, mother) from Hadith and Ibn Ishaq Sira material?  
Now this topic causes other additional question those are around finality of Prophet, Quran text and style and even the authenticity of Quran etc. It is not worth going into those but this leads into these areas automatically if we debate about this.  
There are also non muslim sources those are used for reference to Prophet that you can find in Wiki but there is not much research done on those authors and their material etc.  

Comments by: momin On 15 February 2011Report Abuse
Very informative,thanks all.

Comments by: Nargis On 15 February 2011Report Abuse
Who is "Ahmad"? If its Mohammed, why is he refered as Ahmad in 61:1? According to Lane :-  
4. ~,al lIe (a man, $) came to a state, or result, such as was praised, or commended, or approved; properly, his affair, or case, came to such a state or resulta: ($, L, :) or (so in the ]5, but in the L "and") he did, or said, that for which he should be praised, or commended; or that which was praiseworthy, or commendable;  
61:1And remember, Jesus, the son of Mary, said: "O Children of Israel! I am the apostle of Allah (sent) to you, confirming the Law (which came) before me, and giving Glad Tidings of an Messenger to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad." But when he came to them with Clear Signs, they said, "this is evident sorcery!"  
Did Mohammed come only to Bani israil and not the christians? did they say the Quran is shahar/magic? If Jesus knew Ahmad will come after 600 years, shouldnt he know bani israil will be divided and "christianity" will not be a part of bani israil? Why did he not warn about the division among bani israil and then told them Ahmad will come to both "parties", jews(bani israils) and christians (who used to be a part of bani israil)?  
Because when "Ahmed" came after 600 years, bani israil was'nt bani israil", a new sect had occured, named Christianity. They were not part of bani israil anymore. . .  
And if the there is no point to tell the "christians" whos already converted to Jesus teaching, how would Jesus know the bani israil he is warning, wont convert to christianity with time (after all,their generations have 600 years)?  
What is the point of warning people who wont live at the time of "Ahmed"?  
Is not a messenger always coming "among" us ? Was Mohammed among ummiyna or bani israil?  
How did Eesa now about "Ahmed" whos coming after 600 years?  
Here we are talking about AHMAD, a man came to a state, or result, such as was praised,,,,  
So if Ahmed is Ahmed because of his ahievments, how would bani israil know who is Ahmed if they cant witness his achievment? They wre not alive at the time of "Ahmed"  
its all a ????? :-O

Comments by: Mubashir Syed On 15 February 2011Report Abuse
Dear AlAhmer and Nargis, you got it right i think we are least bothered about WHAT the real name was. But yea if its true then WHY it was not used in Quran. And what does Mohammed actually mean if its not a proper noun. Maybe if bees are let outta box they might bring some honey along with then and might bite few in the course.  
Mubashir Syed.

Comments by: Damon On 16 February 2011Report Abuse
Salaam Dear Aastana Family Members,  
I believe AlAhmer is correct when he says that grammatical explanations can sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo to some people and lead the discussion into endless (and sometimes senseless) grammatical debates.  
While trying my utmost to keep his very valid viewpoint in mind I only wish to share a little bit of grammatical tidbits that are certainly relevant to this conversation.  
The Arabic names MUHAMMAD and AHMAD.....  
I'll start with Muhammad. AlAhmer pointed out that the word Muhammad is not a proper name. In my humble opinion, I believe that he is correct in this view. The word Muhammad is actually a "Passive Participle" in the second derived form (yes, I know mumbo jumbo :-)  
All this means is that it is a type of noun which is used to show the person or thing that is on the receiving end of the verb being used in the word. Conversely, an active participle does the opposite, meaning it is a word used to show the sender/originator of the verb being used.  
The actual, literal definition of the word Muhammad is "He who receives many or high praises". So it is actually a "descriptive" word rather than a proper name or noun. There are a lot more grammatical details I can add to this explanation, but I wish not to increase the mumbo jumbo effect, so I'll leave it at this. But the point is ANY OF US can be given the descriptive label of Muhammad even though we already have proper names. It is almost the same as describing a person as being "an institution".  
The word Ahmad (in my humble opinion) is also not a proper name but is actually a "comparative". Instead of wasting everyone's time with a grammatical explanation, I'll just give two illustrations so that it becomes clear.  
You have the adjective "Katheer" (which means plenty/many/much). Replace the "ee" sound in the word with an "a" and place an aliph in front of the "K" sound and you now have "Akthar" which means MORE. It has been changed from an adjective to a comparative.  
Another illustration (which should be easy for us to grasp) is the adjective "Kabeer" which means big/great/magnificant. Do the same thing as we did with the word above. Replace the "ee" with "a" and put an aliph in front of the "K" and we now have "Akbar" which means Bigger/Greater.  
Look at this...  
Qaseer (short) - Aqsar (shorter)  
Jadeed (new) - Ajadd (newer)  
Qadeem (old) - Aqdam (older)  
Now look at this....  
Hameed (praiseworthy, commendable) - AHMAD (more praiseworthy, more commendable).  
In 61:6, Jesus was saying that a person will come AFTER him whose NAME would be even MORE COMMENDABLE/PRAISEWORTHY than his own name.  
This is like Dr. QZ Saheb's name being praiseworthy (which it is by the way) and he is teaching, rearing, nurturing and training someone to continue his work and "take it to the next level". In anticipation of his apprentice meeting or exceeding his expectations, he can tell us that he has a student who would be known to us and his name would be even more laudable or commendable than Dr. QZ Saheb's own name. So, if this apprentice's name is Khalid, then Khalid's name would become even more praiseworthy and more commendable than Dr. QZ Saheb's own name due to him taking Dr Saheb's teachings and the aastana mission to newer heights.  
This is my humble understanding and two cents and I ask for correction if I am wrong.  
Salaam and God Bless You all.  

Comments by: AlAhmer On 16 February 2011Report Abuse
Brother Damon you are life saver. Thank you for great explanation and keeping grammar numbo jumbo simple for student like me :-) You just saved me bunch of time and I greatly appreciate your time in explaining this to us.

Comments by: Nargis On 16 February 2011Report Abuse
Who is Jesus refering to? (The way you explained the grammar, i dont mind more mumbo jumbo , i understood everything. ) Please show me every grammatical tidbits about "Mohammed" and Ahmed, i find it very interesting.

Comments by: Damon On 19 February 2011 Edit DeleteReport Abuse
Salaam AlAhmer and Nargis,  
Sister Nargis, what is remaining to be added to this examination of the Arabic word Muhammad is that this word is constructed upon the present tense, second pattern of the verb and the "Mu" attached to the beginning of the word signifies that it is a definitely a participle in a derived form.  
Lastly is the vowelizing of the word. The only thing really separating an active participle from a passive participle is a single vowel. A Kasra is used to signify "Active" participle while a Fatha signifies a "Passive" participle. Hence, the word Muhamm-A-d is a "Passive" participle which means it is the person or thing on the receiving end of the verbal action of the word. The word Muhamm-I-d is an "Active" participle and shows that this word is the person or thing sending or acting out the verbal action of the word.  
So, in simpler Terms Muhamm-I-d (kasra underneath) is a person who "praises a lot" or "gives high praises" whereas Muhamm-A-d (fatha above) is a person who "is praised a lot" or "is highly praised".  
Now, as far as who Jesus was referring to. I cannot say that I know for sure. What I am convinced of was that since he made the statement he must have had a lot of confidence in the person he thought or knew would come after him and continue his work and mission.  
My apologies to AlAhmer for serving up a plate of mumbo jumbo :-)  

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