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I agree that "NAZAR KA LAGNA" & "JIN KA CHARHNA" have nothing to do with QURAN, but most of us beleive and i myself have experienced that reciting some verses and wearing TAWEEZ make you get rid off such painfull physical state. why? kindly reply
Add Your Comments  Question by: ADNAN YOUSUF ZAI On 20 March 2010
Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On 20 March 2010
Dear Adnan ,  
The state of mind decides so many things. For every person there is something to satisfy his unanswered querries. In my childhood I was forced to wear Taaweez and every now and then my mother used to call me and  
recite some words, often not arabic like JAL TOO JALAL TOO, and burn some chillies etc, to protect me from Nazar and unseen harmful forces.  
At that time we all were satisfied to adhere to such rituals as they seem to protect from unseen forces but when we left these things, although it was very difficult to leave, and got attatched to Quran we are now even more satisfied.  

Comments by: Mubashir Syed On 25 September 2010Report Abuse
Dear All,  
I think magic is a word/term used to name something which does not fall under normal sense and understanding of human. Magic is or combination of trick, hypnotism, illusion, psychology, unknown scientific law, lie to hide something etc.. It is also used as metaphor to praise high skill.  
Paranormal activity ( bhoot, aatma, jinn etc). To start with lets assume that there exists paranormal activity......  
Case 1 : Soul of a dead person haunting humans:  
With conventional understanding human believe god has appointed an angel(Jibbu )/ Devta ( Yamraaj) to handle soul of a person from taking it out of body and bring it to its destination where it has to be after death . In this case the appointed entity is not capable of performing his job as some souls do skip away from his bag. Is it not a blame on God that he is not capable of appointing a perfect person ( source ) to do the job??  
Now these escaped souls are visible to people or haunt people. To get away with a paranormal activity a Muslim visits a saint from his religion who chants or uses some verses of Quran, a Hindu visits a saint from his religion who chants or use mantra tantra, a Christian visits a saint from his religion and he uses verses from bible. Now guess what the so called paranormal entity runs with head on heal with treatments by saints of all religion.  
If this is true then all religions are equal and same, as paranormal entity fears verses from quran, bible and vedas then why do people claim that their religion is the one and only true religion but when put to above test they all fetch same effect and result.  
On same lines a person when encounters a paranormal entity he chants verses in different languages and keeps holy books ( Quran, bible, vedas etc ) or memento like cross, Om, idols of Gods, locket with allah written in arabic as pendant as a barrier and weapon. Again guess what all works.........surprise surprise!!!!  
Fact in my opinion, there is no paranormal activity they are images in subconscious mind which come into play for different frequency of electromagnetic waves for different brains.  
An individual in west may see a women in white dress holding a candle and a Dracula with black dress and two sharp teeth to suck blood. An Asian see a women in bright saree and few other attributes based on local definition and jinns in white dress with a beard ( Thanks to mullas ). These are the images which are developed/cultivated in mind from childhood.  
A Group witnessing same images are illusions ( to understand these please google search illusion with images tab selected)  
All instances of paranormal activity can be explained if we have that understanding and firm trust in reality and discard supernatural phenomena from mind. There might be people coming with instances which you and I cant understand and explain them but just coz an instance cant be justified doesnt mean it is supernatural.  
I got a question for conventional MUSLIMS who believe in supernatural phenomena. If they surrender to this phenomena based on instances which cannot be explained yet why dont they surrender to phenomena of REBIRTH as we have equal number of instances as we have for magic. Answer to my their conventional faith does NOT allow them to accept it at any cost.  
Please watch Bhul bhulayya a hindi movie which deals and explains the reality behind paranormal instances.......  
Case 2 : Nazar ka Lagna  
This concept is more often associated with infants and kids as they are sensitive to any change in environment. For example an infant or child goes in public function a change in his environment for few hours catches an infection. To this fact, understanding of people...........many praised this cutie pie so NAZAR LAG GAYI........Jantu jalaltu aayi bala ko taal tu.  
A person capable of handling a small business magnifies his work beyond his capability not able to cope up.............nazar lag gayi ??? Why not Bill Gates........  
A healthy man fell sick be it any reason........nazar lag gayi ??? why not Arnold...........  
Case 3 : Jinn brother helping out..........  
A person with a meteoric rise in his financial status which cannot be explained as it was by any fraud. There is a saying Love and wealth cannot be hidden for long so for an explanation a story is fabricated and foolish people with result in front of them tend to believe supernatural explanation.  
The only way of getting out of these magical, paranormal, supernatural concepts is to understand the fixed practical law of nature and simple logic reasoning based on practical law.  
Please do post back if i can improve my understanding on the topic.  
Mubashir Syed.  

Comments by: moazzam On 25 September 2010
Dear Mubashir Syed, well done,the rationalistic reply to the matter under question.As for as Quranic term SAHR is concerns (the mullahs always quote) this should be understood by the context of the subject described in the verses.After pondering you will conclude that "THE FAKE IMPRESSIVE ARGUMENTS / LOGIC " against the righteous called SAHR in Quran.The book written by Dr.Qamarzaman RASOOLALLAH PER JADOO KI HAQEEQATshould also be consulted.

Comments by: Mohammad Akbar On 30 January 2014Report Abuse
Assalamu alaikum dear participants  
I can understand if a magician brings out a Dow or a chicken out of a cap, that this magician is an illusionist and has mastered this art of illusion.  
I would like to bring to your attention about a personally witnessed event, I have seen a housewife who was influenced by a JINN and got rid of that JINN by visiting a peer or vali Allah's tomb (mazaar), and after that to protect her from being attacked by the same JINN vali Allah gave protection to her through mawakkil (i am not sure whether its angel or JINN) this is the story (according to folks)  
now coming to what i have witnessed is, Since she has a mawakkil with her she started to treat & solve problems of people by consulting that vali Allah through this mawakkil. I visited her with my aunt when i was around 16 years old, since she was a distant relative of us we used to go to her house before she starts her sessions. my aunt and that housewife used to chit chat and discuss family matters while having snacks and tea etc. when my aunt informs her about purpose of our visit, she performs ablution and sits on janimaz and recites ya gouse ya gouse for several times and goes in to trans, then she address my aunt as she is a stranger to her and asks what is the matter and what we are seeking, after listening the problem she suggests to do so and so things or to read so and so from Quran or some duas etc,  
for me what is astonishing is she used to hit with her palm on the janimaz and brings out things like lemon and ash of agar bathi (incense sticks) wrapped in paper, for my further astonishing that paper would be in the local language of that village where vali Allahs mazar is located. our local language is different from that village. i come from Andhra pradesh and that mazar is in the borders of Karnataka in India. I have seen this act of her many times.  
From my childhood i am trying to be rational and always question the dogmas of religion. Since i started to read articles in aastana many misconceptions of Islam has been cleared.  
Please can somebody explain how a housewife can mesmerize or do some illusion tricks and produce a physical thing by hitting on janimaz ( in front of our very eyes she spreads janimaz on plane ground and sits on it, when she goes in trans she produces things like i said above). from the day i have seen this i knew from my inner self that there must be some trick of it i dont know of, i have to find it and i am in quest of it till now and could not find the rational answer for this.  
if we are malaika and JINN and shayateen (I believe in it now), which paranormal or super natural body is carrying out these actions, or if me and my aunt were mesmerized then how we carried to our home that lemon and ashes what she gave to us. i can recall that lemon was with me for some days with some purpose then after that i dont remember what i did with it (i might have thrown it).  
Hoping to get a rational and logical reply from the learned participants of this forum.  
Mohammad Akbar

Comments by: Maniza On 31 January 2014
Dear Mohammad Akbar,  
;) thank you for your question, but this is a quranic research forum.  
An appointment to the psychologist usually helps, many things that the mind believes to be true are often a result of some other factor.

Comments by: Mughal1 On 31 January 2014Report Abuse
humans are very clever and many use their cleverness against each other instead of helping mankind better themselves.  

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Comments by: Mohammad Akbar On 02 February 2014Report Abuse
Dear All Assalamu alaikum  
Thanks for replying me with your suggestions. I have seen this happened in front of me but i am not believing in it because i need a reason or source of it to prove that how its happening, but generally people doesn't go in to reasoning they just believe it because their mullas, or priests or babas etc has instilled in their minds through centuries these things happens by the power of super power or magic or malaika or jinn or what ever name you may give it.  
There fore a layman attributes this to Quran and claims that malaika and jinn are mentioned in the Quran so we believe they may be carrying out this act.  
When i posted this question my intention was to know the reason and source behind this trick, so we can prove to people that this is not magic this is a trick and this trick can be done by anyone who learns and practices it.  
This blind faith is leading people to believe that Quran is discussing things which we cant see so there is something which we not know of.  
Quran is not only for thinkers or philosophers or rationalists its for all humanity which includes all kinds of people, therefore if we remove their blindfold they will be able to see the truth in Quran with reasoning and understand it.  
You may say Dr. Zaman books about malaika and jinn is clearing this doubt. But then who is carrying out these magics? some way or other way people are connecting this with super power and attributing to malaika or jinn etc so we have to prove them by revealing how this act is carried out.  
I think i have to trap a magician and learn how to perform these acts and show people this is merely a trick there is no hidden power behind this :)  
Muslim Mulla's doing this magic, Hindu saints or babas doing, Christian Saints or priests too doing and many other from different religions also doing the same, the irony is every believer of their respective religion believes that their religion is right though all are capable of carrying out this magic.  

Comments by: Mughal1 On 03 February 2014Report Abuse
aa brother mohammad akbar sb, no doubt the quran open for all people but it does not mean they all can understand it without any needed preparation for understanding it. It means people must be fully skilled in using their brains, senses and bodies.  
The very first thing people need is self awareness and thereafter be worldly wise. Only then what the quran talks about begins to make sense.  
As for discovering the tricks people use to make fool of each other. Some people do that and are doing that in the world.  
You will agree that the most dangerous tricks are played on masses by rulers through ruling mechanisms. You will see that politicians use political tricks and mechanisms to fool masses. mullahs use religious tricks and mechanisms to fool masses and money lenders use economic tricks and mechanisms to fool masses. Together these people have turned our world into a living hell hole.  
As for saintly powers, magic powers and jinn powers there is no such thing and it is very easy to refute all such claims. How is it that these people were unable to help humanity know thing for which we had to develop scientifically and technology wise? People today are disputing with each other how to read namaaz in poles and in space etc etc. If jinns were such things as these people claim could they not know how the earth looks like long before scientists told us through space technology? Why countries need spy agencies when jinns could do all this magically for people?  
It is true that new tricks by new trickster need time to be discovered because defence only comes into operation after the attack is launched.  
If you have some time on your hands, please see the following link, you may find it helpful and answers to many questions that arise in human mind about various things. It is a work in progress but your ideas could help its improvement.  
regards and all the best.  

Comments by: Damon On 03 February 2014 Edit DeleteReport Abuse
Salaam Everyone,  
In addition to what Mughal1 just explained I will say that if this trick was really magic or something supernatural then EVERY PERSON who CLAIM to have this ability would all be FILTHY RICH!!! Not only would they be filthy rich but they would've long ago run EVERY medical practitioner out of business by now.  
I for one would not try to prove to anyone that Jinn and Malaika are not supernatural beings. If a person really wants to believe such thing and refuse to use their brains then there is nothing I can say or do to change any of that; nor would I want to.  
There are thousands, if not millions, of Traditional Muslims who do not believe in this supernatural nonsense. When I was still a Traditional minded Muslim I DID NOT believe in magic or so-called "Jinn Possession". I say that to say this; belief or disbelief in these things ALL DEPEND ON THE INDIVIDUAL. Knowing that, I realize that there is nothing that I can say or do to change the mind of a person who believes in this stuff. They would have to wake up on their own and that's only "IF" they are destined to wake up at all. Not matter how much we don't like it, the fact remains that there will ALWAYS be fools and people willing to take advantage of fools.  

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