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1. Is there any written historical records contemporary to Umayyad period?  
2. Would you like me to provide strong historical base,how islam adulterated  
by ajam?
Add Your Comments  Question by: REHAN_KHAN On 07 January 2010
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Comments by: Rehan_Khan On 12 January 2010Report Abuse
Respected Sir,  
It's not answer to my question.  
Again I request to you answer my questions.

Comments by: Zubair On 14 January 2010
Did Zoroastrians adulterate Islam?  
Dear Brother Rehan,  
You asked, “Is there any written historical record contemporary to Umayyad period?”  
Unfortunately, most of the record of this period was destroyed by Zoroastrians during and near the end of Abbasid period. However, a few books managed to escape their onslaught. These rare books are scattered in libraries all over the world. Some extremely valuable books have been discovered in Spain, Turkey, and Lebanon. You can learn more about it by reading Dr. Shabbir Ahmed’s book “ISLAM: THE TRUE HISTORY AND FALSE BELIEFS” at the following website.  
You can also order a copy of the book by contacting Dr. Shabbir at  
I do not think Islam got adulterated. You can find the One True Islam preserved for eternity in God Almighty’s Book, the Noble Quran. Be it an individual or a nation, whoever follows the teachings of Quran is guaranteed peace, security, and prosperity. Ajamis or Zoroastrians invented a counterfeit or fake Islam. Late Allama Iqbal used to call it Ajami Islam. Dr. Shabbir Ahemd labeled it Number Two Islam (N2I). To this day almost all “Muslim” sects follow this sham/phony/pseudo Islam with great zeal. They love and enjoy its worthless rituals but shun the teachings of the Quran. The results of this treachery and mockery of God’s Message are obvious. Where do the “Muslims” stand on the World’s Stage today?  
Let me tell you something. Two American Labs have begun growing human organs such as liver, heart, ears, and even limbs. Research is under way to extend human life span to 150, 300, 500, and even 1000 years. Scientists are exploring ways to harness the negative energy, which is abundant in the universe, and use it to power future spaceships that could fly faster than the speed of light.  
What are the “Muslims” doing?  

Comments by: aurangzaib On 17 January 2010Report Abuse
Dear Brother Rehan,  
Peace be upon u and your quest for knowledge be satisfied with abundant wisdom at your command and disposal by the grace of Almighty.  
Brother Zubair has briefly summed up the hitherto available information on your first question. I am sure it answers the question. And he is quite right too in his assessment. I would only add the more up to date research and logic on this topic which opens up new vistas of thought and endeavour.  
Zoroastrians did come into power and authority at the start of Abbaside dynasty, as the first Caliph Abul Abbas was enabled to topple the Umayyads with the help of Abu Muslim Khurasani's troops in 132 AH. And then on till the time of Mamoon, they held the reins of power in their hands exclusively. However, as Mamoon much adored the wild Turk warriors from Central Asia - Khurasaan - whom he came into contact with while he ruled as Governor there, he returned to the Capital, Baghdad, with favourite Turk troops in his wake as he acceded to the throne of Baghdad. That point in history was the start of Zoroastrians' downfall and the growing influence of the Turks. The Iranians did come up in the seat of supreme authority once again with the rise of Banu Buweehas from Dailum, Faras, called the Delmis, around 325 AH. This resurgence was for a short period of 50 years. They left an ever-lasting impact on Muslims, being hardline Shiites. And then on, it was Turks, Saljuqs and Mamaliks who ruled the disintegrating Muslim empire.  
The question is, who held the reins of power before 132AH? And did the No.2 Islam overtook the real Islam starting 132 AH, with Abbasides, or did it happen much earlier?  
The answers: Banu Umayyad were in full authority before 132 AH and remained so for a period of 92 years - almost a century. Theirs was a despotic regime, not a benevolent one. And, No.2 Islam had started spreading with the start of Banu Umayyad dynasty. You know, Islam with despotic regimes? Impossible! Again the question: who was active behind that, as the Persians had not assumed the seats of authority yet? The answer: Bany Umayyad Khulafas themselves. Who assisted them to do that? The many hundred thousand Jews present in the Muslim society at that time, who were experts in intrigue and sabotage and were mission-bound to do all the dirty work. They were the worst enemies of the new faith. No doubt, Iranian infiltration had started on a small scale after their empire was erased from the face of the earth during Omar bin Khattab's reign. They had joined hands with Jews. But the Arab "kings" were inherently autocratic tyrants and to be a dictator you must hold matters in your firm grip and you must count on numerous secret agencies and intelligence organizations who must keep you apprised of the pulse of the different segments of the public. The conclusion is that no conspiracy against the real Islam - against Quraan - could have been successful - by either Jews or Iranians - unless the Banu Umayyad dictators allowed it to take effect right under their noses. The question here may arise, why would they do that? Yes, the history provides ample proof of why they did that. They actually had fallen a prey to wealth, luxury and splendour - a royal living - and they had established Harams, built palaces, usurped prime estates and fertile lands. They had moved Muslim capital far away from its roots. Their entire staff and armies consisted of new converts belonging to Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Iran and they were devoid of the original Islamic spirit, philosophy and heritage. Read a verse from Iqbal that best highlights the situation :
خود طلسم قیصر و کسری شکست خود سر تخت ملوکیت نشست  
Amazingly, whatever written historical record, as you asked, of the early Muslim era that still exists - about 2 or 3% of the actual magnitude - it is in the custody of our friends, the Jews. And they had proclaimed this fact around a hundred years ago. And very surprisingly, no Arab despot of the modern day Arab kingdoms ever demanded the return or recovery of that precious and holy stuff from the custody of the Jews.  
And with this, I hope, you would agree that the Jews were in lead corrupting the true face of Islam and our own "Banu Umayyad Kings" aided and abetted them in their filthy counter-revolution against Islam. They sponsored the intriguers and provided them with government's resources and authority! They appointed them as advisers, ministers, justices, historians, Mohaddisins and Mufassarins! It's shocking, indeed!!!  
However, Brother Zubair is very right when he says that true Islam has not been adulterated. It is still pure and clear but within the binds of the great Quraan. It is our foremost duty to bring about and abide by its teachings after doing away with its false, concocted and degraded tafaseers by the Jews like Ibn Ishaq, Kalabi, Waqidi, Zohri, Suddi, Raazi and much later by the Parsi Imaam Tibri etc. To that end, discovery and dissemination of the genuine interpretations of Quran is the most important and primary aspect of the great task ahead.  
God bless you.  

Comments by: Minaal On 21 January 2010Report Abuse
"Sahih" farsi zuban ka lafz hay, is muani "Awaz", "Sada" or "Pukaar" kay hay,  
"Sahih Bukhari" yani "Bukhari ki Awaz", "Sahih Muslim", yani "Muslim ki Awaz".  
Muhammad (S) nay 632 Esswi, 8 June, ko dunya say parda farmaya, or Imam Bukhari 809 Esswi, ko paida huay,  
or 870 Esswi may unka intiqaal hua. Yani Muhammad (S) kay puray 200 saal baad Bukhari Sahab dunya may tashreef laye. By birth ye Majusi yani (Atish Parast) Parsi thay, inki birth Iran kay sheher Bukhara may huee.  
Yey Ahadees kay founder hay, baqi jitnay bhi Muhaddiseen inkay baad tashreef laye wo sab kay sab Majusi thay.  
Islam ko Persianism may convered karnay kay zimmaydaar yehi hazraat hay. Mazeed maloomat may aap ko faraham karta rahooga. Thanx.

Comments by: PeerGee On 22 January 2010Report Abuse
Very interesting information. Thanks

Comments by: Minaal On 27 January 2010Report Abuse
Aap sab par Allah ki Salamti Rahmat or Barkat ho,  
Dear Friends,  
"Namaz" farsi zuban (persian language) ka word hay, is kay meaning hay (Aatish parasti karna) yani "Aag ki pooja karna". Note: (Tasdeeq keleye Persianism ki book "Avista" or "Zend" parhay, agar nahi parhtay to kisi bhi Persian's Masjid may ja kar maloomat karlay, Namaz or Namazay Panjgana ka concept hamay Irani Majosio (Persians) ki dayn hay).  
Ye baat hamesha keleye zehen nasheen karlijeye kay hamara "Deen-e-Islam" (ata'at / following) karney ka Deen hay na kay pooja paat ka.  
Al-Qur'aan may Ebadat yani Ata'at kay leye Salath ka lafz istamal hua hay, or ye lafz Qur'aan may 99 times aya hay, lakin aap ghor karay to ye pura lafz (Aqeemus Salath, Aqamus Salath, Muqeemas Salath) hay, iska matlab hay (Salath ka Qiyaam karo). Ye baat zehen may rakhay kay "Namaz parhi jati hay, or Salath ka qiyaam hota hay), agar Salath parhnay ki cheez hoti to uskay leye (Aqra'us Salath) likha hota. Arabic may parhnay keleye (Iqra) ka lafz use hota hay. Jesay DEEN kay leye Quraan may farmaya gaya hay kay (Aqeemud Deen, Aqamud Deen, Muqeemad Deen) yani Deen ka Qiyaam karo, lakin ye kiyon nahi likha kay Deen ko parha karo? Sochay. Magar aap soch rahay hongay aisa kiyo, sirf aap hee logo ko is baat ka khiyaal kiyon aya? to mayray dosto uski waja (hamaray Abao Ajdaad / Ulma-e-Deen ki ANDHEE TAQLEED HAY (BLIND FAITH). Kiyon kay hamay ye samjhaya gaya hay kay "agar tumnay Deen kay matter par apna mind apply kiya to tum Islaam say Kharij hojao gay. (Lakin Allah kay Rasool Muhammad (SAW) Quraan may farmatay hay kay "Allah ka Deen to Sirf samajh (sense) walo kay leye hay). Anyway.  
Quraan may jaha bhi Salath kay qiyam karnay ka kaha gaya hay is ka matlab hay "ISLAHEE NIZAAM KA QIYAAM KARO). So please keep in touch with us. May mazeed Salath say muta'alliq aap ko maaloomat provide karonga. God Blees you.  

Comments by: Minaal On 27 January 2010Report Abuse
Aap sab par Allah ki Salamti Rahmat or Barkat ho,  
Mayray Azeez Dosto, aaj Salath say muta'alliq mazeed baat kartay hay,  
May nay apnay previous comments may Salath kay muta'alliq likha kay (Salath ka lafz 99 times quraan may aya hay, jokay ghalat tha kiyonkay Salath ka lafz 67 times quraan may aya hay.)  
Al-Quraan may Ebadat kay leye SALLU, SALLI, SALATH ka lafz use hua hay, is ka maadda (route) 'Suaad', 'Laam', 'Wao' hay iska matlab hay (Ata'at karna, Pairwi karna, taqleed karna, follow karna, KHAIR MAKHDAM (appreciate) karna hay.  
Lakin is lafz kay saath hamaray Mutarjameen, Muhaddiseen or Mufassareen nay bari na insafi ki hay,  
kahin isay POOJA banadiya, kahin PARASTISH banadiya, kahin Namaaz banadiya, kahin RAHMAT banadiya or kahin DAROOD banadiya.  
Ab aap soch rahay hongay kay Darood kay kiya muani hay?  
Janaab, Darood farsi language ka word hay, or Daroodan ka masdar (past) hay, iska matlab hay "Zara'at ya Ghalla Kaatdena" or istalahi mean may iska matlab hay (KISI KI JAR (BASE) KAAT DAYNA).  
Tasdeeq kay leye dekhye Lughat Nama (Dictionary) Az-Ali Akbar, Deh Khuda, Vol No. 7, Page 9386 & 9388.  
Aam tor par jo tarjuma hota hay us say aap waqif hay, isleye sahih tarjuma irsaal karraha hoo.  
(Allah Ta'a'la or Farishtay Nabi (S) ka KHAIR MAKHDAM kartay hay, isleye a imaan walo tum Nabi (S) ki Ata'at / Pairwi karo, or Salamti ko Tasleem karo.)

Comments by: aurangzaib On 28 January 2010Report Abuse
Very useful information, brother Minaal.  
God bless you.

Comments by: Minaal On 29 January 2010Report Abuse
Dear, thanx for your appreciation.

Comments by: Minaal On 29 January 2010Report Abuse
Aap sab par Allah ki Salamti or Rahmat ho.  
Aaj ham Som say muta’alliq baat karaingay.  
Dosto, Roza farsi language ka word hay, jiska matlab hay “Roz jesa” ya “Roz ki tarha” (as usual), tasdeeq keleye farsi language ki Dictionary zaroor dekhye.  
Som, Arabi language ka word hay, yonto is ki bohat si meaning hay, lakin, Quraan-e-Hakeem may Som ka matlab hay, (apnay or doosro kay tahaffuz keleye tayyari “training” karna), doosray alfazo may (Jangi tayyari karna), (Training of War), jis may bhook or piyaas is ka aik juz (part) thee.  
Is baat ki daleel ye hay kay aajkal kay taraqqi yafta countries may 15 saal ki age say 45 saal ki age tak kay logo par Jangi Training lazmi hay, jesay China or Germany etc.  
Or is baat ki doosri daleel ye hay kay jab tak hamay Deen ko sahih samjha or samjhaya jaraha tha (bilkhasoos Som or Salaath kay muani) us waqt tak ham Muslimeen nay 600 saal tak dunya par Hakoomat ki, chahay wo zehni silahiyato ka muamla ho ya jismani silahiyato ka. (Ab aap khudhi faisla kijeye kay Bhook or Piyaas kay ROZO say ye sab kuch mumkin tha?)  
Hazrat Umar (R) dor may Bughdaad say laykar Spain tak Islaam ka jhanda lehra raha tha.  
Hazrat Muhammad (S) kay dor-e-hakoomat may or Hazrat Umar Farooq (R) kay dor-e-hakoomat may ziyada arsay ka faraq nahi hay. (Or is mukhtasar dor may dunya ka naqsha badal jana mamooli baat na thee). Ye wo dor tha jab log Zakaat denay kelye gharibo ko dhoonda kartay thay kay "kaash koi mustehiq mil jaye". Kiya alam hoga uswaqt. Anyway.  
Or jab Quraan Paak kay sahih muani or mafhoom ko badla gaya ‘Ghalat tarjumay, tafseer or Majoosi, Yahoodi or Eesaee RIVAYAAT (Kudsaakhta Ahadees) kay zariye to uswaqt say laykar aajtak Musalmaan har jaga Zaleel-o-Khuwar horaha hay. Or uspar sitam ye kay phir bhi apnay aapko Khiyali Jannat ka haqdaar samajhta hay, (Mullao kay ghalat aqeeday or andhi taqleed ki waja say). Dua hay Allah Ta’ala ham sab ko apnay pasandeeda Deen or Aqeeday (Deen-e-Ibrahimi) ki taraf hamari rahnumaee farma’e. Ameen.  

Comments by: Minaal On 30 January 2010Report Abuse
Aap sab par Allah ki Salaamti ho,  
Dear Friends, Som say muta’alliq mazeed baat kartay hay, jesa kay aap jaan chukay hay kay Som ka kiya matlab hay, Note: (If you want more and authentic knowledge/information about SOM so please read/study the Book of Hazrat Dr. Qamar Zaman Sahib “Haqiqatay Som”.). Ye War Training (Som) saal may aik martaba ham sab muslimeen par faraz thee particularly “RAMAZAN” kay month may.  
Is baat ki daleel Quraan-e-Hakeem say hamay ye milti hay kay (ye Hazrat Muhammad (S) say pehlay kay Anbiya-e-Karaam (Prophets) par or unki ummato par bhi faraz thee.  
Lakin jab Mir Jafar jesay “Nafs parast” mal-o-dolat, or iqtidaar ki khuwahish rakhnay walay logo nay janam liya to Islam ki sprite khatam hoga’ee.  
(Apnay hee giratay hay nashayman pay bijliya. Ghar kay charagh say hi ghar ko aag lagti hay.)  
Lakin hamaree khush qismati (good luck) hay kay hamaray paas Allah ka Ilhaami Kalam (Al-Quraan) apni sahih halat may mojood hay “Sirf Arabi may”, jo tamaam shak or shubhaat say balatar hay, or ismay hidayat hay tamaam samajh walay Insaano keleye. Isleye esi Paak Kalaam par ghor-e-khoz or ijtihaad kijeye or tamaam batil aqaeed say munh mor ligeye.  
Insha Allah next time ham (Al-Haj) par baat karay gay.  
Thank you.  

Comments by: Minaal On 09 February 2010Report Abuse
Aap sab par Allah ki Salamti ho,  
Merat Dosto, aaj ham Haj say muta'alliq baat karay gay, Haj ka madda "root" word hay Hay Jeem Jeem, iskay meaning hay "Ehtajaj Karna", "Protesting".  
Lakin aaj unfortunately Khana-e-Kaba yani Masjid-e-Haraam sirif aik mazhabi yaatra ki jaga ban gaya hay, sirf Hindo'o ki tarah saat chakkar kato or naak ki seedh may ghar chalay jao.  
Muhammad SAW kay doray hakoomat may ye jaga or doosri masajid aik Court or aik Welfare Trust ki hasiyat say kaam karti thee, yaha par International level par tamaam muslim riyasato ki meeting hua karti thee, log pur-aman tareeqay say or ehtaram kay saath yaha par apnay problems say muta'alliq PROTEST kiya kartay thay or unki har tarah ki zarooriyat puri ki jaati thee or program banaya jata tha kay ab hamay logo ki islah keleye kiya karna hay.  
Lakin jab say Khana-e-Kaba or doosri masajid "Parastish Khanay" banay us waqt say apni or doosro ki Islah Ka Nizaam khatam hogaya. Note: Hazrat Usman-e-Ghani RAA ki shahadat kay ba'ad Nizam-e-Salath bhi khatam hogaya, or ye har Nabi kay dor may ra'ij tha.  
Thank you.  
Pehlay masajid Khana-e-Kaba ki tarah chokor shape may hua karti thee, or ba'ad may Minaar or Gumbad ka shape day kar inhay parastish khanay banadiya gaya.

Comments by: Minaal On 10 February 2010Report Abuse
Aap sab par Allah ki Salamti Rahmat or Barkat ho,  
Meray Dosto, aaj ham Zakaat par baat kartay hay,  
Zakaat kay mean hay Tax, jo aaj kal Khayraat samajh kar diya jata hay sawabay darain keleye.  
Ye kaam Government level par hota tha, Islamic Government kay mutabiq.  
Kuch Muhaddiseen ka khayal hay kay Quraan may Zakat ki quantity nahin bataee gaee, (Naoozubillah, "kiyon ki Allah kay Rasool (SAW) say bhool hogaee" or ham nay Zakat ki quantity bata kar deen ko mukammal kardiya).  
Ye un Irani Majoosi Muhaddeseen ki khush fehmi hay or Deen ki sahee knowledge na honay ki waja say ya Rasool (SAW) say bughuz ki waja say unho nay aesa socha or kiya.  
Baat haqiqat may ye hay kay "Allah or uskay Rasool (SAW) nay Zakat ki quatity Al-Quraan may isleye nahi tehreer ki kiyon tamam muslim riyasatay apnay apnay mulk ki economy (maeeshat) financial problems ko consider kartay huay Zakaat ka ta'ayun karsakay.  
Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) kay doray hakoomat say Hazrat Usman-e-Ghani (RAA) kay dor tak Masajid kiyonkay as a Court or Welfare Trust kay tor par kam kartay thay. Us dor may har Masjid may "Baitul Maal" bana hota tha, us Baitul Maal may log apni amdani (earning) ka 10 % us Baitul Maal may deposit kiya kartay thay , "Logo ki Islah keleye" (Monthly or weekly), or isi 10% Zakaat ko Islamic Government logo ki muasharti bhalaee keleye istamal karti thee, Muslim muashra uswaqt bohat khushhal tha.  
Note: Nizam-e-Salath ka qiyaam yani Islahi Muashray ka qiyam Zakaat ki waja say hota hay, or Zakaat kay baghair Islahi Nizaam ka qiyaam nahi ho sakta, isleye Al-Quraan may jaha jaha Salath kay Qiyaam ka hukum hua hay waha par Zakaat ka bhi hukum diya gaya hay. (Salath or Zakat liazim or malzoom hay).  
Lakin jab say hamaray Irani Majoosi Muhaddiseen nay Salana (year wise) 2 1/2 "Dhaee Percent" Zakat as a khayraat muqarrar ki hay uswaqt say lay kar aaj tak Muslim Muaashra panap nani paya hay. Ameer, Ameer say ameer tar hota jaraha hay or Ghareeb, ghareeb say ghareeb tar hota jaraha. Magar phir bhi hosh nahi ata.  
Lakin iska aik solution hay wo ye kay ham government level par Salath kay qiyam ka intizaar na karay, balkay khud hi mil kar apnay apnay tor par Muhalla wise or area wise, Salaath ka qiyaam karay. Or Allah kay is hukum or Rasool (SAW) ki is Sunnat ko zinda karay jo har Nabi ki Sunnat thee.  

Comments by: Minaal On 20 February 2010Report Abuse
Aap sab par Allah ki Salamti ho,  
Dear Friends,  
15 Muharram, 656 Hijri, may Mani jokay Persian Irani Majosio ka Nabi tha, us nay Namaz ka format tayyar kiya, or Salath ko Namaz may convert kiya, jo aaj kisi na kisi shakal may hamaray paas mojod hay or Deen ka Pillar samjha jata hay.  
Tasdeeq keleye dekhye Da'eera Muareefa Islamia (Islamic Encyclopedia).  

Comments by: aurangzaib On 22 February 2010Report Abuse
Correction for Brother Minaal,  
Peace and blessings.  
15 Muharram 656 Hijri has no linkage with the life of the Persian Sage, Mani.  
Similarly, the format of Namaz has nothing to do with Manichaeism. It is a ritual of the Zoroastrians.  
Mani (circa 216-276 AD?) was the founder of Manichaeism, ancient religion that presented a major challenge to Christianity and Zoroastrianism for a period of several centuries.  
Mani was born into an aristocratic Persian family in southern Babylonia (now in Iraq). His father, a pious man, brought him up in an austere baptist sect, possibly the Mandaeans. At the ages of 12 and 24, Mani experienced visions in which an angel designated him the prophet of a new and ultimate revelation. On his first missionary journey, Mani reached India, where he was influenced by Buddhism. With the protection of the new Persian emperor, Shapur I (reigned 241-72 AD), Mani preached throughout the empire and sent missionaries to the Roman Empire. The rapid expansion of Manichaeism provoked the hostility of the leaders of orthodox Zoroastrianism, and when Bahram I (reigned 274-77 AD) succeeded to the throne, they persuaded him to have Mani arrested as a heretic, after which he either died in confinement or was executed.  
This is the life of Hakim Mani, whom we all have erroneously been dubbing as the founder of Zoroastrianism. Namaz is however a very ancient practice of the Zoroastrians. See how old the Zoroastrianism is:  
Zoroastrianism, religion that arose from the teachings of the devotional poet Zoroaster, known as Zarathushtra to ancient Iranians, who is regarded as the faith’s founding prophet. Scholars believe that Zoroaster lived sometime between 1750 and 1500 BC or 1400 and 1200 BC. The Zoroastrian scripture, called the Avesta, includes poems attributed to Zoroaster. The religion continues to be practiced today by Zoroastrian communities in India, Iran, the United States, Canada, and other countries. It is these Zoroastrians who were in power under the Sassanids and after their devastating defeat by emerging new world power, the Muslims, it was they who infiltrated into Muslim faith and their ritual of Namaz was incorporated into Islam, as a whole package, by the Muslim Arab despotic rulers (the Khulafaas).  
Yes, 656 Hejira that you quoted, has another significance. It is the year when Haluku Khan finally ended the dwindling Muslim empire and the Abbaside dynasty met its inevitable end.  
Thanks for your contributions to aastana Blog.  

Comments by: Hafiz Abdullah On 28 February 2010Report Abuse
I would like to talk about the below question briefly.  
How Islam was corrupted?  
The Jews were in Iran at the time of Muhammad's birth, expelled 6 lacs in numbers by king of Iran n settled in Arab, then they corrupted Islam with the help of Muslim dictators after caliphs.

Comments by: SS On 18 September 2010Report Abuse
Dear friends  
This is a futile discussion as to who corrupted history or Islam. One will never arrive at any conclusion discussion this. However, there is one other point to ponder.  
The Khilafat-e-Rashida period is said to be the golden period of Islam, but the seed of corruption was sowed during this period. On the orders of the Kaliph, history was stopped from being recorded. In the name of Islam, Hazrat Abu-Bakar, Umar and Usman forbade anything to be written or recorded about the origin of Islam. This restriction continued for almost two hundred years, when the Ahadiths started to be compiled by Iranians.  
This restriction from the Kaliphs, did not allow even correct history of that period to be written. It is regarded as the darkest period of Islamic history. It is also said that the recorded history of that period was destroyed by the conquerors from the north. (Halakoo Khan, etc). These conquerors only came up to Baghdad and destroyed Baghdad. They did not go to Meccah or Hijaz or Madinah to destroy the history of Islam.  

Comments by: aurangzaib On 18 September 2010Report Abuse
Dear brother Shariq,  
The discussion you referred to has ceased to continue abt.. 6 months ago.  
No discussion can be declared futile I think. We always learn through discussions and it opens up new angles of thought and research. That's why discussions must go on for the sake of knowledge. Of course, nobody can claim about the history to be fully authentic or cent per cent accurate.  
For example, from your comments we learn a totally new aspect of our history. It is what you said :-  
""On the orders of the Kaliph, history was stopped from being recorded. In the name of Islam, Hazrat Abu-Bakar, Umar and Usman forbade anything to be written or recorded about the origin of Islam. This restriction continued for almost two hundred years, when the Ahadiths started to be compiled by Iranians. ""  
That's a totally new concept for us. I personally feel that you have mixed up History with Ahadith here. I think no Khulafa have forbidden to write history. I also think that YES, the Khulafa named by you did forbid to wirte down Ahadith. And that's clearly elaborated in the History.  
What do you think about that?  
I agree with you that the "conquerers from North" advanced up to Baghdad and they could not have destroyed the history from all the major cities of Islamic Empire. And that was in 656 AH, corresponding to 1258 AD. We do have the histories by Tabari, Ibn-e-Kathir, Ibn-e-Aseer, etc. in their original form.  
Thank you.

Comments by: moazzam On 21 September 2010
Dear Minaal, thanks for providing interesting information regarding islamic rituals.Plz correct your concept of the TERMINOLOGY USED IN QURAN "shahr e ramazan"go through the HAQEEQAT E SOUM again,as i am reproducing your comments here under  
Dear Friends, Som say muta’alliq mazeed baat kartay hay, jesa kay aap jaan chukay hay kay Som ka kiya matlab hay, Note: (If you want more and authentic knowledge/information about SOM so please read/study the Book of Hazrat Dr. Qamar Zaman Sahib “Haqiqatay Som”.). Ye War Training (Som) saal may aik martaba ham sab muslimeen par faraz thee particularly “RAMAZAN” kay month may.  

Comments by: Dr. Samreen Mohsin On 21 September 2010Report Abuse
Dear Aurangazaib: you wrote ***I think no Khulafa have forbidden to write history. I also think that YES, the Khulafa named by you did forbid to wirte down Ahadith. And that's clearly elaborated in the History*****.  
can you give any reference as you mentioned that it is clearly elaborated in the History??????????

Comments by: aurangzaib On 22 September 2010Report Abuse
Dear Dr. Samreen,  
Please see my last post to Brother Shariq at this link :-  
Thank you.

Comments by: Dr. Samreen Mohsin On 23 September 2010Report Abuse
Thanx Aurangzaib:  
kindly let me know that you have written e.g. (Tabqaat-e-Ibn-e-Saad, Vol.5, page 141 – Tadween-e-Hadith, P.399). etc.etc.  
would you please tell me what book it is?  
who wrote it?  
do today's muslim believe/read it?  
and more  

Comments by: Syeda On 28 January 2011Report Abuse
Following the "Comments by: Zubair On 14 January 2010" I started reading " ISLAM: THE TRUE HISTORY AND FALSE BELIEFS BY: SHABBIR AHMED, M.D., FLORIDA"  
where Dr.Shabbir Ahmed wrote  
"I agree with the research of Hamiduddin Farahi, 'Maulana' Amin Ahsan Islahi and Allama G.A. Parwez on what eventually happened. As Abrahah’s army approached Makkah, the Makkans who had been alerted by some travelers beforehand, saw flocks of birds that normally fly over caravans in search for food. The Makkans mounted the hills around and threw stones on the troops. The elephants, and in turn, other rides panicked and trampled the soldiers. This incident took place in 570 CE, the year when the exalted Messenger was born. The event carried such significance that the Arabs marked “Year of the Elephant” (‘Aam-il-Fil) as a point of reference in history."  
My question is if these were the stone thrown by pre-warned and pre-armed Arabs who beforehand alarmed by travelers , then why did "surah- Fil (105)" comes in the Holy Revelation?  
It specifically states of birds throwing some stone like baked cakes........  
Please eloborate..................

Comments by: aurangzaib On 30 January 2011Report Abuse
Sis Syeda,  
I personally think that to go through the stories of Tabaqaat, or other books of history and ahadith would be a sheer wastage of time for Quranic students. You need those books only if you are a researcher in the history of Abbaside period with all the literary activities of that era to be accounted for; and it is a vast field. Even I, being a student of history, cannot throw light on books like Tabaqaat without going through many reference books. If we take up Quran as our sole object of study, we shall, by the grace of Almighty, remain on the right path, and may save a lot of precious time too.  
Quranic translations are being updated by Aastana team with open debate and consensus. Let me write for you a very revealing translation of Sura Al-Feel that we have reached recently, and which refutes all the mythological stories surrounding, and originating from mistranslation of, this Sura.  
Sura Al-feel (105/1-5):  
أَلَمْ تَرَ كَيْفَ فَعَلَ رَبُّكَ بِأَصْحَابِ الْفِيلِ ﴿١﴾ أَلَمْ يَجْعَلْ كَيْدَهُمْ فِي تَضْلِيلٍ ﴿٢﴾ وَأَرْسَلَ عَلَيْهِمْ طَيْرًا أَبَابِيلَ ﴿٣﴾ تَرْمِيهِم بِحِجَارَةٍ مِّن سِجِّيلٍ ﴿٤﴾ فَجَعَلَهُمْ كَعَصْفٍ مَّأْكُولٍ  
(1) Didn't you witness how your Nourisher dealt with those who were Pompous Idiots;  
(2) Didn't HE condemn their strategy to failure/oblivion;  
(3) And HE deputed unto them people with Hawkish qualities;  
(4) Who targeted them with solid arguments from the Scripture;  
(5) And turned them (their standpoint / their diplomacy and wisdom) into chewed fodder.  
I humbly trust it may be very easy for you now to forget all about the "Myth" of the "People of Elephants". I suppose, the Almighty's eternal Code of Conduct / Guidance for the Humanity does not revolve around fantasies  
God bless you.  

Comments by: Syeda On 31 January 2011Report Abuse
Brother Aurangzaib,  
I humbly accept that I am naive and unexposed to the journey Quranic world as of yet.........  
I am also hesitant to start ........coz with so many translations available I am in dilemma with which edition to start .......  
My main drawback is with Urdu coz I remained Illiterate in my mother tongue, running behind the worldly obscure things......  
Though I can read Arabic only to the extent that I learned from Ustaadi_Maa, i.e without understanding it........  
Ahadith follower's translation ?.........I cannot becoz I find them too disgusting at time when they try to preach over-zealously on little matters even if it Hygienic........little thing of dusting the floor at night or using a teaspoon for eating food, wont let me eat on dinning table, forcing to drink water from same used left over glass of water UGH.....they out-run to kill you if say no............I don't know they asked me to read "BAHISHTI ZEWAR " I am thankful I don't know Urdu ...........  
Then Wahhabi translation ? ...........I did felt they are quite realistic but at time when related to human -relationships they wither too much...........they defend bigamy , polygamy,  
divorce at blow of three unpleasant shouts,  
not permitting entry of "Qula" option when enforcing nikah_namah at the time of nikah failing which women cannot take their right for qula on their own distress "in total not reforming Nikah_namah"  
which is again Wahhabi mullah chauvinistic who play hide & seek using translation.........  
so I started looking desperately for some modern review of translation...........without being biased again.  
I know My Allah is More MODERN, more Rational, more scientific, Great mathemtician , Great equator, than Muslims ......His outlook is WIDE........... and not limited to narrow thinking. ................  
NO, I never mean to have translation as per my fanatics ! Never!  
I neither want liberal outlook that support western obscurities !  
But with my peanut/ cocoonic knowledge I know we cannot find a single inappropriate word In Holy Quran.  
And as for that translated word "POMPOUS IDIOTS" in your translation to Surah_Fil, Brother.........Allah would not have used, even if He meant it in His Great Displeasure for / to kaifirs or munafiks or mushreeks or Bani Israels to warn them in HIS entire Risallah.  
Even at His Utmost Displeasure with Israelites Allah used the word "Bani Israel= O' Children of Israel............So merciful is my Lord, my God......... can see that I am standing at the place where I have started..........  
Which and whose translation I should go for to understand our Creator's Revelation...........what will be the correct way of my submission to the Almighty to Whom I have to return...........  

Comments by: aurangzaib On 31 January 2011Report Abuse
Sis Syeda,  
Don't mind the word IDIOT. It may be an addition from translator to drive the point home. POMPOUS ones, the Ashaab al-Feel, are always those who can, in actual fact, be categorized as fools or idiots. Please read only Pompous, if the other word injures your finer senses of etiquette.  
But please do concentrate on the essence of meanings. This is a revolutionary grammatical translation which transforms fantasy into rational facts, and upholds Quran as a modern, enlightened and very logical scripture.  
God bless you.

Comments by: Syeda On 31 January 2011Report Abuse
Asalaamalikum Brother Aurangzaib,  
Now you see, you quoted saying in a very simple way that********"It may be an addition from translator to drive the point home. POMPOUS ones, the Ashaab al-Feel, are always those who can, in actual fact, be categorized as fools or idiots.""  
So, we are losing ourselves between translators.....who are not translating the essence of what Allah reveled.........  
The translation should not mean "take -it " or " leave it".........  
that means what ever we feel right we can decide................  
may be the so-called translators are picking what ever fancies their ideology...........taking what it benefits or leaveing what it restricts them.........  
Brother I , for sure know how grammatical translations would differ the entire spirit of a sentence........  
"its a not a matter of hurting my senses/etiquette's" after all who am I, Where do I stand...I m just a dust , that too created by My Merciful Almighty,  
.......... Allah is more finer than being just Etiquette  
I just quoted "the translators" mere use of word which AllahSubhanahotala have never used  
..............why this extra definition ........  
why translate things in such a way which can raise eyebrows or questions on purity of the Unadulterated revelation. .....  
For I understand with this use of words we would be left with nothing more than mere loathsome script........... which will never please my Lord........  
I definitely am, looking for guidance, I cannot ignore things around holding the just central theme .........

Comments by: aurangzaib On 31 January 2011Report Abuse
Sis Syeda,  
"The word "Feel" in classical Arabic actually reflected those people who were cowardly, timid, weak in judgement and erring in clear perception." (Dr. Badar -  
From the above definition, the translation offered in the first instance is not wrong at all. And, the central theme is what is always most important. There can be thousands of arguments about subsidiary wording. It is after all a "translation" into another language, which nobody can claim to be PERFECT up to 100%. The basic essence must be conveyed with grammatical accuracy as far as possible.  
I can now leave it to your better judgment. It is only for you to decide about your understanding. It's a democratic world of course. Remember Sis, Aastana is an open academy. Here everyone can learn from everyone.

Comments by: Syeda On 01 February 2011 Edit DeleteReport Abuse
Inshallah I would be blogging the site given by you for my guidance..........(Dr. Badar -  
May Allah help me in my journey to seek only truth...........  
Remember me in your duas.........  

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