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Add Your Comments  Question by: UMAR HUSSAIN On 30 January 2011
Comments by: Zubair On 01 February 2011
Brother Umar,  
Please do not waste time reading columns written by some lunatic. Before moving to the Daily Express, he had been writing columns for the Daily Jang. I have serious doubts about his doctoral degree, as his intellectual level is extremely low. He often portrays Prophet to be someone superior to the Creator. And he claims Prophet’s salvia, sweat, blood, urine, and feces had healing powers. The companions used to lick Prophet’s salvia and sweat. Once while doing his ablution at the well of Zam Zam, the Prophet spit in the well. All the companions of the Prophet ran to Zam Zam to drink the water. In brief this guy believes in every Hadith no matter how irrational it is. Obviously, he belongs to a certain sect. One prominent leader of that sect recently declared that both God and Muhammad were One. And anyone who denied the oneness of God and Muhammad was Kafir.  
Brother Aurangzaib,  
First, congratulations for completing your courses. Second, please excuse me for lack of my participation in the forum. I will explain the reasons in my email, as it does not sound right to talk about personal matters on the forum. Third, I realize that we face an uphill battle against Mullahism. At the present we are just a few drops of water compared to the vast sea of Mullahs and their blind followers. Even in USA I see Mullahs and their followers everywhere, not just in the Mosques. How can we overcome this challenge and convey the Message of the Quran to the masses? Some Brothers/Sisters had come up with ideas. Unfortunately, those posts got buried before I could respond. Same happened to another post from a Brother who thought God and Men had failed. Can Brother Adnan find those posts and post a link to them. I am eager to respond, as I believe neither God nor any of His creation has failed. The same is the case with earthlings. I prefer to use earthlings because this term includes both men and women.  

Comments by: Dr. Samreen Mohsin On 01 February 2011Report Abuse
Dear Umar Bhai: I only can laugh or have sympathy for you....  
you will again run from the scenario by raising ALLAH O AKBAR,,, ALLLAH O AKBAR...)>>>  

Comments by: UMAR HUSSAIN On 04 February 2011Report Abuse
ha ha ha ha ha ..............hi hi hi hih

Comments by: UMAR HUSSAIN On 04 February 2011Report Abuse
khee khee khee khee khee......................

Comments by: UMAR HUSSAIN On 04 February 2011Report Abuse
me to sirf is natije pr pohncha ho k esi web sites pr joke likhna or parhna accha kam hoga... ha ha ha ha. Dr. qamar ********* ka tarjuma parh kr to hansi ruk nahi rahi yaaaaaaaaaaaaarr....ha ha ha

Comments by: Junaid On 04 February 2011Report Abuse
Dear Mullah Umar;  
I suppose it's the time to cry, not to laugh. You should cry on the current state and fate of all the people like you. You all with your horrible looking beards and wretched appearances are being looked at as a joke. Following personalities in the name of a religion based on myths, dogmas and rituals. You guys have achieved nothing so far, yet you think you are the smartest people on earth.  
Just tell me one thing; What have you guys achieved so far? What have you all done for betterment of mankind?  
You are doing nothing but using facilities provided by West, yet trying to prove them wrong.  
I think it's time for you to stop your "Idol worship" and start believing in the concepts of Peace, harmony and Welfare. (By Idol Worship I mean worship of Imams and Mullahs).  
BTW: Meri hansi bhi nahi rukti jab main Mullah Modudi ka tarjuma parhta hoon.  
You guys have reduced our magnificent Quran to a book dealing only in eating and drinking, washing and cleaning, sleeping with various categories of women within or without the marital bonds, executions, amputations, lashes and stoning to death etc.  

Comments by: Maniza On 05 February 2011
Salam to everyone near and dear who takes out time to write, comment or just learn by reading on this blog.  
I have just recently returned from Pakistan. There I had the pleasure of meeting Dear Adnan (web master) Aurangzaib, Pervaiz and jinn company ( u know what I mean :) .. and of course Dr Qamar and Family.  
As I have read the above communications with Umar and members, I cannot but come back to a sunny day in Lahore when I was invited to be a part of a group of most distinguished men, there they heartly critizited and evaluated every word or ayah which had been translated by Dr Qamar!!  
No where or at any time did I find any anamosity from either Dr.Qamar or the Linguistic/Grammer Commitee of Aastana,,, there sat people from all walks of life, some who had been pupils of Ullama Pervaiz, some who were masters of the linguisic and grammer and some who had arabic as their second language.  
Every participant listened with fervor and love for the Quran, amazing to behold that none felt atrocised, snubbed or hurt, here were true momins helping and THE LEARNING was done with respect for each other, no one was belittled or trodden on.  
Why? because they love God Almighty and His Book. They are ready to take bullets in the chest, most of them snubbed from family and friends, ready and humbling themselves for every back biter, ever humble to take on spitefull words either direct or on paper, the swearing and tearing at their hearts will not stop them from spreading the message.  
Dr.Qamar has you have seen on the blog and from other blogs has been under the same treatment but never has that man returned the vile with vile, the lies have not been returned by showing hatred and neither has this man been detered or affronted from carrying on the Message.  
This was just a little tale from a traveller on Aastana blog, for some it may be helpfull but for some, rejection. It is up to you to become Momin.

Comments by: naeem sheikh On 07 February 2011Report Abuse
Respected Aastana teem! May Allah bless you all, Have you noticed the mental level of Mr. Umamar hussain as i copy paste here "ha ha ha ha ha ..............hi hi hi hih............khee khee khee khee khee......ha ha ha ha. Dr. Qamar ka tarjuma parh kr to hansi ruk nahi rahi yaaaaaaaaaaaaarr....ha ha ha" I really shocked , there are may more such an ail personal in our society. kindly enlighten us with Qura'n ,how to deal with such a mental ails to up lift them. In fact they are entangled in a black net fixed in a blind corner of religious path, by intrigues TO RESCUE THEM IS A JIHAD IN FACT..

Comments by: Junaid On 08 February 2011Report Abuse
Brother Naeem, I can assure you that these people like Umar Hussain cannot think beyond what they have been told by their Gods, (their Imams). Their minds start with sharia and ends at fatwas. They cannot be uplifted no matter what you do coz they are dumb and deaf people.  
8:22 Surely, the worst of creations in the sight of Allah are the deaf and the dumb who do not use their reason.  
36:10 Whether you warn them or warn them not, it is the same for them.  
Followers of sects (Madhab) instead of (Al-Deen) who contributed nothing in the fields of science,technology and did nothing for human welfare. People who are being laughed upon throughout the world, those who are living a life of tyranny oppression and suppression, facing all kinds of aggression from within and outside. They still think they are the favorites of the creator. Why don't they try to analyze what went wrong?  
I have already suggested this to a friend and now I would like to give the same suggestion to Mr. Umar;  
Dear Umar Hussain, my suggestion for you is to go and take BAIT on hands of a mullah and start drinking Camel Urine mixed with Milk. That is a good treatment for you according to your prophet Bukhari.  
I hope your mind get fixed with this treatment somehow.

Comments by: naeem sheikh On 08 February 2011Report Abuse
As Dr. Samreen Muhsin replied to Umar hussain " I only can laugh or have sympathy for you....  
WHAT IS YOUR GOAL I DON'T KNOW?????? Brother Junaid ! you are right,but this is the last option,other members might have any clue to handle such a dombs.

Comments by: Mubashir Syed On 08 February 2011Report Abuse
Dear All,  
With no security in life, with no peace, with hypocrisy and diplomatic environment, with no meaning of life, with illogical reasoning for blind faith, while striving to save family from hostile environment, in fear of being exploited or consuming energy in exploiting others, with guilty conscience of not accepting and striving for fact over fiction, in never ending wait for some extra terrestrial help to come (like people from all religions do)…………and with never ending list of ambiguity which makes life a HELL.  
Please let Umar Hussain laugh he needs laughter therapy to come out of depression and anxiety in which a person falls WITH NO SOLUTION TO GET OUT by traditional mythological ideology.  
There should be at least some hypothetical reason to laugh for brother Umar as there might be very few reasons in his life which could make him laugh in real sense.  
Note : Brother Umar please laugh or strive for truth so that our coming generations could atleast laugh in real sense. They might not even get chance for a vague smile IF YOU DON’T PONDER OVER TRUTH OVER FICTIOUS LIFE.  
May Allah smile upon us………alwayz  
Mubashir Syed.  

Comments by: Adnan Muhammad Khan On 10 February 2011
Dear All: uncountable people could be fould like Brother Umar....such peole have been suffering from severe illness, which is making them laugh,, intercepting them to succeed,,,,stopping them to think positively,,,,they are almost impossible to be handled... they only can be matter you show them thousands of reasons to prove them wrong, they would still stick with their ill-logical rituals...dogmas...worship etc etc. and i can bet that this man Mr. Umar is here at this blog with not his genuine name, even...and i am also sure that he is only supporting his meaningless belief by laughing....he has nothing argue,,, to discuss....every member may visit his previous comments/question and easily get to the conclusion....  
May Allah bestow him a wisdom to get to the right path...

Comments by: UmeAimon On 10 February 2011 Edit DeleteReport Abuse
Brother Adnan, although laugh is good for health, this is no laugh but a cry for help!  
Don't you know their religion even forbids them to laugh openly or whole heartedly. So there is no chance of getting any good out of a good laugh for them also ! All they can do is laugh in writting when infact their zombified soul is crying out for help but which they themselves have confined in their ego cages!!  
Cant help feel sorry ...  

Dr. Qamar sahib regards, the constitutions of most societies (countries) almost based on humanitarian grounds and seems none contrary to Quran.Are these FIQAHS could call "fiqah al islami”with some exceptions,particularly Pakistani. Question by: moazzam From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 03/06/2010
Dear Aurangzaib/Qamar Zaman: Kindly help me writting the "FIQAH" on ZAKAT DECLARATION FORM what should i write on that FORM? as i don't believe in such FIQAH.. Question by: Dr. Samreen Mohsin From PAKISTAN (KARACHI) On 30/06/2010
Dr Qamarzaman/Moazzam and Aurangzaib! SALAT, SOAM, HAJJ,MALAIKA,SHETAN,QIBLA,BAIT AL AQDAS, the concept of YOUM AL QIYAMA / YOUM-A-YUBATHOUN.all the layers of ISLAMIC ONION has been removed one by one with quranic maneuvering, what left ? Question by: naeem sheikh From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 03/01/2011
Islam Rejects Equality Between Muslims and Infidels, Men and Women SHEIK ABD-AL-REHMAN BIN NASIR AL BARRAK Question by: mohd.areeb On 13/01/2011
Aurangzaib Bhai / Brother Moazzam ! Kindly enlighten us about the punishment "amputation of hands" for ASSAARIQ and ASSAARIQAH mentioned in 5/38, is it vague, same as punishment of hundred JALDA to ZANI and ZANIAH in religion islam ( not DEEN)? Question by: naeem sheikh From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 25/01/2011
Janab, Islam me Caste system ki kya Importance hai ? Question by: Tamanna kamil From INDIA (FIROZABAD) On 26/01/2011
My question is to Dr. Qamaruzzaman, if we belive to disobay to Hadeth making reason of a silent period of around 150 years after RasoolULLAH then how did afterward muslims and people ddi recognise the prophet Muhammad as a last prophet. Question by: lucky1402 From UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (DUBAI) On 27/01/2011
Do contemporary religions have solution to the p[resent problems of human society? Question by: Naeem Ashraf On 27/01/2011
Brother Momin, getting my question littile bit and my next post is clearing more about my question, plz see the next question Question by: lucky1402 From UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (DUBAI) On 28/01/2011
sequel to my previous question, then how did we come to know about authenticity of Qura'an and who told us that this is the same Qura'an which was given to Prophet AS IS from the Almighty, Question by: lucky1402 From UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (DUBAI) On 28/01/2011
As of book of Janab Aurangzeb, if the material reached to us other than Qura’an was tempered during the period of pro-Iranian Sovereigns then why we are sure that they couldn’t amend the Qura’an? Bcz we do not have direct comm. With Almighty!! Question by: lucky1402 From UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (DUBAI) On 28/01/2011
How come we know about the Prophet Muhammad’s birth period and how HE was in HIS early childhood life and Teenage before BAY’SAT, since the actual material written of spoken about him was lost during 150 years after pass Question by: lucky1402 From UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (DUBAI) On 28/01/2011
If this is unbound to believe in Prophet Muhammad to be a Muslim then why follow the Qura’an, Already Bibal & 2 Books are there? And if question arises the pre-books are fiddled then who does authenticate that Qura’an it self not tampered!! Question by: lucky1402 From UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (DUBAI) On 28/01/2011
janab, Mai Quraan-e paak Hindi(translate) me parti hun halanki mai Arbi me bhi parna jaanti hun bt Hindi me isliye parti hun kyunki iIsme mujhe samajh me aata hai..k hume ALLAH kya batana chahta kya mai sahi karti hun ? Question by: Tamanna kamil From INDIA (FIROZABAD) On 28/01/2011
Janab Mai Fathe muhammad khan jalandheri sb. ka translate Quraan-e-Paak parti hu ...ab aap bataye k sab se accha translate kin sb. ka hai ? Question by: Tamanna kamil From INDIA (FIROZABAD) On 29/01/2011
ASAK, Janab ..Aaj ke Daur mai "JIHAAD" ki kya haqeeqat hai ? Question by: Tamanna kamil From INDIA (FIROZABAD) On 02/02/2011
Janab.. Islam me 5 Farz hai....JIHAAD ko farz kyu nahi kiya gaya? Question by: Tamanna kamil From INDIA (FIROZABAD) On 17/02/2011
Moazzam Bhai ! WHAT IS SHARIA IN ISLAMIC TERMINOLOGY? Question by: naeem sheikh From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 01/03/2011
Dear Members ! Could brother and real sister be spouse (husband and wife) in any society or religion at present, the question raised in the debate some where????????? What a harm if answer is affirmative? Question by: naeem sheikh From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 08/03/2011
Brother moazzam! Thanks for elaborating thequranic term "TARIQ AND NAJM ASSAQIB", please enlighten us about FATAHAJJAD BEHEE NAFILATALLAQ ASAA AIN YABASUKA RABBUKA MAQAMUM MAHMOODA. Question by: naeem sheikh From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 09/03/2011
Brother Moazzam! Please explain TAHAJJUD and MAQAM AL MAHMOOD? Question by: naeem sheikh From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 10/03/2011
Assalamun-aaleykum, According Islamic rule ..can a woman send marriage proposal to a man? Can she talk to him face to face or by call? Can she discuss regarding marriage proposal by e-mail? Question by: Tamanna kamil From INDIA (FIROZABAD) On 17/04/2011
Brother Moazzam and Aastana Members ! Can i offer my services to such a NGO which collects money through illegal sources and works for the benefits of poor and needy ones ,in the semi anarchy society ??? will it be called Aamal e salih? Question by: naeem sheikh From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 11/05/2011
Dr. Asr-ul-islam! I would like to know your comments on Dr qamarzaman's interpretation of HAJJ,SALAT and SAUM. I know that ,the personality cult always not appreciated among Quranists, even then just for the sake of my personal satisfaction.THANX Question by: naeem sheikh From PAKISTAN (ISLAMABAD) On 12/05/2011
Dr. Amir Liaqat Hussain's (Aalim on line) Real Face. Question by: PeerGee On 17/08/2011
salam dr.qamar zaman, I think these socalled fiqahi scholars have diverted the actual intention of quran into mere rituals . Am I right ? Question by: mohammed 15th From INDIA (COIMBATORE) On 16/01/2016
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