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Civilisation, how did it all happen? By Dr David Neiman
Add Your Comments  Question by: MUGHAL1 On 20 August 2012
Comments by: Mughal1 On 20 August 2012Report Abuse
Civilisation, how it all happened by Dr David Neiman  
cradles of civilization  
Civilization 2 1  
Genesis 1.1 - Cosmology  
Islam is knowledge based deen and knowledge cannot be obtained unless we understand the importance of language.  
Here is how languages came about and developed and continues to develop with time.  
My point concerning language is that arabic language is unique among languages today that are in normal use since time long past. Its sister languages have become obsolete. Even hebrew language that came to being along with arabic and aramaic are no longer known other than by experts and hebrew is being reconstructed and the old testament has been obtained from the translations of the original. This is very much obvious if people look into copies of the bible like king james version in english. Therein we can find foot notes telling us a) about lost text in the bible and b) lost meanings of the words. However in copies of later versions of the biblic text has been repaired.  
Regardless the study of hebrew language due to being very closely related to arabic gives us muslims insight into development of arabic as well as to how it is supposed to work.  
After study one should realise why revelation of the quran was in arabic and not other languages. It is because root system links us to the past or origin of the language and modifications help us keep the language alive and useful for the future.  
The special feature of root based languages is that meanings attached to the roots can be modified without losing the original sense because modifications can be explained by reasons without the need for changes in the actual text.  
The original meanings given to roots remain unaffected by grammatical changes that modify roots into words for their use in sentences. The roots change into words known as derivatives of roots eg if we take word islam, it is derived from root SEEN, LAAM and MEEM. This root had many derivatives as well as meanings.  
These modifications are necessitated by use of a word in a sentence for a set purpose. A word may be used as a noun in a sentence and that has to be either a subject or an object regardless direct or indirect or an adjective. The same happens in case of form ie to indicate singularity or plurality or in case of arabic duality as well. Since sentence must also indicate gender so words must be modified for that reason also eg their masculinity or femininity is to be expressed by the sentence. Likewise there are others reasons for such inflections or modifications. No matter whatever the changes are made in root to form words from it the derived words keep their root meanings or concepts related to roots.  
Many people become confused and think root changes meanings with such modifications but it does not.  
The main difference between later languages and the ancient languages in terms of words is that older languages used words for their meanings that came about naturally eg word MUM, AMMA for mother etc. It is still baby language ie babies call their mothers mum mum ie supplier for their food. It seems that babies when made this noise the mothers responded and so over a period of time people began to call their feeders mothers. The word became more and more important with time as human race realised role of mother more and more and that is how came about word ummah=meaning mother or nation.  
In later languages words are used as labels rather than as naturally occurring purposeful sounds by humans to name things or their actions etc not due to their meanings but just to give things names for example. It is therefore very important point to realise how in original languages words were based upon concrete meanings fit for the purpose. Older languages have become obsolete save arabic language because most languages had not have the reasons to be preserved to stay alive or that they were over run by later civilisations. The importance of words and their real meanings is not realised unless people see the need for it. Since less and less number of people see the need for knowing about language in detail so the problems arose among people on basis of words because of their lack of knowledge about the purpose of language and how it ought to work.  
Even hebrew became obsolete and is being reconstructed through help of sister languages like aramaic and arabic etc. In this way if we look at the quran it is a unique book in ancient language that is still spoken and written and understood the same way as it was at the time of its invention. This makes arabic language a unique language in the world today. All this is due to preservation of the quran otherwise arabic as a language was not any better than hebrew for example. Hebrew became obsolete because earlier divine books no longer survived or those who followed them accepted the quran and so there was no need seen to preserve the language for other reasons. Moreover those jews who did not accept islam it was better for them to let go the book they had and its language because otherwise they could not oppose the quran as Toraat was just like the quran only in hebrew language. This is why the quran tells us that jews knew the quran was from same source as toraat because they were identical books with exactly the same purpose and structure in sense of use of language and the message. The present so called toraat is not that God sent toraat but some of our molvies do not know that so they still take the current first five books of bible as toraat. Although old testament's first fives books are not that toraat it is set of books like hadith books attributed to moses and so there is still a lot of similar information in it as there was in the original toraat.  
The same is true in case of ZABOOR and INJEEL or any other scriptures given to other messenger eg scriptures given to ibraheem or for that matter to noah.  
The other reason the original divine scripture do not exist today is because there were always conspiracies against divine messages and messengers so once followers gave up following the true message scribes could get rid of it because there were not many who wrote copies of those scriptures. Rulers and priests have been together in converting deen in to religion in order to separate state and religious affairs. So separation between state affairs and affairs relating God is not new rather all rebellious people always fought against the divine message as much as they could. Kings ruled over people in the name of country and priests ruled over people in the name of God. That is how we ended up with ideologies and rules and regulations for states and ideologies, rules and regulations for religions. More about this later.  
Let us now see what is special about arabic language that all muslims and nonmuslims must know. The special thing about arabic is how its roots have been attached various meanings from which are created words for the language to be used in the sentences. There are four different reasons whereby words are given meanings. a) concrete root meanings that arose through natural sounds b) derived root meanings that lead back to concrete meanings. c) meanings given to words for grammatical reasons so that they fit the sentences and d) meanings given to words that are used as labels for names of things or their actions.  
Let us take root SEEN, LAAM and MEEM. This three letter combination is called root or MAADA. In this case the root has various meanings eg peace, safety, security, tranquillity, rest, completeness, submission, commitment, acceptance, ladder, staircase, give up, give in, surrender, receive, free from obstacle or problem or trouble, hand over, resign and the list of meanings keeps going on.  
The question is, when a word has so many meanings does it then not become difficult to understand the message? My answer is that it does not because whatever we say, we say it in a context so people who send and receive messages they can make sense of them due to presence of a context and a purpose in the message. It is because people ignore the purpose and the context of the message that they make a mess of the quranic message when they translate it. The quran cannot be translated on word for word basis because we may not be sure of the purpose and context of the message at a time or that we may not be able to find words for words that could replace each other 100%. This is why the religions that have lost original scriptures in original languages and try to reconstruct them through translations cannot do so. Therefore the quran has the huge advantage over other scriptures that are no longer in original languages or in original text and word structures.  
This is why no matter how hard jews try to reconstruct hebrew bible it is never going to be like original unless they seek help from the quran but then if they do that why not just follow the quran instead?  
Let me now draw attention to word roots and their meanings. Roots in actual fact do not have different meanings but it appears that they do. Why? Because original meaning is driven home each time when we apply the so called other meanings through explanations. Let me explain this by means of an example. ROOT SLM has various meanings as explained under root SEEN, LAAM and MEEM. The very basic purpose behind any root meaning is to get things in that state of being or take action to make something to be in that state of being. The basic meaning of root slm is state of rest ie no disturbance. The root combination is used for different purposes in a sentence ie we derive various words from it in order to use them in a grammatical sentence. This means we use words as names and if they are names then they are either subjects in a sentence or they are direct or indirect objects. Other variations occur because we want to show various forms eg singular, plural and in case of arabic duality as well. The other reason for change is to show gender difference eg masculinity or femininity. Then there is variation to show tenses eg simple, participle and past participle ie to show past, present or future as well as how complete the being is or the action is. All these variations to root are called inflections or derivatives of root or its variations. Other than that as explained the basic meanings of roots do not change due to derivatives ie slm root sticks to its meaning peace or rest no matter whatever the derivatives.  
For example, take the derivative salam=ladder, the question is, what does word ladder mean? It means means to an end which is peace or rest because once ladder is put in place to do something and after you have completed the set out task you will be at rest nothing more to do in this regard so you are in peace. ASLAM, submit= once the person has submitted the rest state is achieved and so the task set out is complete. So one can see how no matter what the meanings we give to seen, laam and meem root the end result is always peace and rest. It is because the things is at rest ie in state of rest or action is taken by some one or something to get it in state of rest or it is gotten into state of rest by action of some one or something. So one can see how object is or is made to be in relation to root sml. This is why those who do not understand how arabic language actually works get confused about understanding the quran. This is main reason some people argue word islam means peace and others say it means submission. neither realise that end result of both the meanings is same ie peace and rest ie no disturbance or trouble.  
It should also be realised that unless one understand this idea very clearly one is unlikely to understand why the quranic text can be given different meanings and such person should never translate the quran and even if any does his translation is not likely to be correct. Most objections are why muslims keep changing translations of the quran? The answer is simple that even though God is perfect and so is his message but understanding of humans is neither perfect nor can it ever be. Humans are creatures created to be able to learn so if they were born already knowing everything, why would they need divine guidance? Moreover if they were born totally ignorant and not capable of learning then why would they need guidance when they could not benefit from that? This is why the quran is the way it is and people are the way they are and through step by step interaction things improve from human standpoint ie knowledge of people about things changes with time and effort and that is why you did not see things when you grew up as you did when you were a baby. You kept changing your ideas about things because new information about things kept forcing you to change your opinion about things. This also knocks out the objection that if the quran is perfect word of God why it needs people to explain it. It is because God is already knowing things so he makes statements based upon his knowledge therefore they are as tyhey should be but people have yet to learn things about which he is talking to them so as they learn things they keep on changing their opinions about word of God till they know better or find the God intended meanings of words. All this is natural and those who discourage study of the quran or start fighting over differences of opinion are stupid. It is because they do not realise the purpose of the quran. Its purpose is to educate people through their own individual efforts by way of their interaction with it like children interact with their parents and society and rest of things in their own environment in order to learn things step by step just like interaction between parents and children. Parents tell kids something and when kids understand that much then they are told next things and then the next. The quran being the last message of God for humanity it contain all that people will ever need for their guidance. These are very fundamental points that people ignore when they read the quran but if they ignore these points then they are unlikely to know what the quran is all about.  
The real advantage of the root system is ability of the text based on this system to be understood correctly at all times without the need for change in the actual text with time. What does this mean? It means the quranic text can never be proven wrong. It is because the text based on root has the ability to change the meanings to give rise to different concepts to readers according to their individual ability of understanding things.  
Why the quran needed to be like that? It is because the quran needed to be understood at the time it was revealed as well as till the end of the time. The quran is fixed in its text and concepts because it is word of God but people who read the quran are not Gods and they are born knowing nothing and they keep on learning and so their understanding of things changes with time and growth of their life experience and thereby knowledge so this idea takes care of all such variable factors. Showing clearly the uniqueness of arabic and quran combination as well as how divine revelation and human reason go hand in hand.  
Unless people learn to use the quran this way the quran will prove useless for them no matter what.  
I will keep on explaining concepts individually till I bring them all together to show how they work together without any problem.  
Now coming to language itself, it is a very complex issue and has various aspects eg we can have sign language, spoken language or written language. It has symbols representing sounds or signs which we give name letters. Each language has its own set of alphabet. These letters are brought together to represent sounds or signs we take for words.  
We use phrases, clauses and sentences to represent spoken words.  
grammar therefore is a field of knowledge which tries to make sense of how people make sounds or signs and use language and what do they mean by them. Therefore we categorise these for various reasons eg we group words in to nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, determiners, prepositions etc. This tells us about functions of words in our speech.  
The other thing is we break down parts of speech into phrases, clauses, sentences and paragraphs etc. This helps us define parts of speech for various reasons eg to determine meanings for words in state of action and in state of inaction. All actions are time bound hence the need for definitions because some actions complete, other do not and yet others keep going etc etc.  
All this when it is reduced to writing, we come up with loads of punctuation marks to indicate how words were used in speech in order to convey the moods for example or pauses and stoppages etc.  
Going back to grouping of words, it becomes a very complex thing as we open up each of the elements in the group eg take nouns for example, there are various reason why we group them in to subgroups eg we group words used as nouns for ideas or for actual things so we call them abstract nouns and concrete nouns. This helps us to know whether we are talking about solid objects or mere concepts. For example, word chemistry is categorised as an abstract noun and word used for labelling an object eg word chair is categorised as a concrete noun. This tells us one noun is merely a label for an idea because we cannot touch chemistry because chemistry is not an object. On the other hand word chair is a concrete noun because we have an object and we want to label it by a word.  
Likewise we name things for lots of different reasons so we end up with lots of different kinds of nouns or categories of pronouns, common nouns, collective nouns, proper nouns, genitive nouns, title nouns, numeral nouns, compound nouns, simple nouns and I can go on and on.  
We categorise nouns origin wise, complexity wise, tangibility wise, gender wise, number wise, countability wise, usage wise etc etc.  
Same when we come to breaking down of sentences in to groups. We categorise verbs on basis of whether these words are used in sentences or are they on their own. On their own they are in there indefinite form or infinite form. However when they are used in sentences then they are broken down in to four basic forms eg simple form, continuous form, perfect form and perfect continuous form. In various grammar books these categories are named differently but they mean the same thing.  
These four categories are further divided in to groups on basis of time eg past, present and future. So we end up saying past simple, present simple and future simple eg I went, I go, I will go sort of thing.  
Coming to sentence constructions, we have grouping based upon nature of sentences ie polarity wise sentences are either negative or positive, structure wise they are responsive, interjective or informative. combination wise they are simple, compound, complex and compound complex. Mood wise they are imperative, interrogative, declarative and subjunctive and so on.  
A sentence could have various constructions eg  
3)subject +predicate+adverbial  
5)subject+verb+indirect object+object  
6)subject+verb+object+indirect object  
and so on.  
Each language has its own construction and structuring of sentences but the basic ideas remains the same.  
The complexities of grammar very clearly show that it is not the grammatical rules that decide the meanings of the words but that we are simply trying to decode them in to grammatical rules the way they are spoken or used and that is when we find that not all uses of a language fit a grammatical category so we have exceptions to rules of grammar.  
This is like we are walking along and we come across a space ship in a field and then we try and investigate what it is, where it has come from and how it might work etc etc. It is same problem as why we are here if you like. When we were born we saw people talking and we just wanted to make things a bit understandable so lots of our works are only and only for that reason and cannot be taken 100% decided. We are simply trying to come up with ideas and see which one can take us further than we already are. This is how language experts decode ancient languages meaning wise and we see that they make sense so we accept their explanations as proofs.  
So I would not discourage anyone from trying whatever comes to one's mind instead I would encourage it because one of us may be able to help us further our understanding of things from where we stand.  
So please encourage each other and we will all be fine. Remember rome was not built in a day so we should keep up the good work for better understanding of things.

Comments by: Mughal1 On 25 August 2012Report Abuse
I think analysis about islam and quran cannot be as effective as it could be unless it is clarified on basis of some solid foundation. Muslim community as a whole is in a terrible confusion regarding what islam is really based upon.  
All muslims think is that islam is based upon quran and hadith and that is it. This is the cause of confusion. The reason is they discount the individual and his brain or the active agent. So long as people do not take human ability to reason as basis for thought process, confusion will remain.  
Let me try and explain the fundamental basis for any argument in relation to brain and information. Brain is nothing without information to process. You cannot argue against that if you do you not only lack education but thinking ability also, in fact your ignorance is worst than animals because having brain and not realising even this much of the reality throws one out of fold of humanity.  
The information is useless unless it is processed by a processing agent. Again one cannot argue with that unless one is brain dead.  
So this establishes relationship between a human and the information a human comes across to process. Again no argument is possible against this reality.  
The brain is all about having information, reasoning it out and then storing it back in to its memory for recalling it when prompted as and when the need be.  
The brain learns how to work on any information it gets throughout its life time. The information normally comes to brain through senses and senses get information from within the environment one finds oneself in through interaction with other existing things within the environment.  
This builds human confidence in one's own abilities and helps one find out what one can or cannot be or what one can or cannot do.  
Only a stupid person would deny life experiences and take on make beliefs that have no basis whatsoever. This is why nothing should be believed that contradicts reasonable realities. Anyone who believes anything against verifiable realities is as good as brainless.  
It is important to distinguish between realities and ideas that contradict them and the ideas that are obviously not known realities themselves but they do not contradict the accepted realities either. In short such ideas may be realities but we can neither verify them nor deny them.  
To understand this explanation is necessary for proper understanding of islam that depends upon proper understanding of the quran and the hadith which in turn depend upon rules of wisdom or judgement. It shows very clearly that basis for human reasoning is brain and the quran and the realities it talks about need to be understood in the context explained.  
The reason is, if we knew everything all by ourselves then we needed no guidance of any sort of anyone including our parents and teachers or trainers and even God. It is because if you already are born fully aware of all things then why would you need anyone to guide you? This is very important point to realise.  
The other point is, if we were born ignorant and incapable of learning then again the question is, why would we need any guidance of anyone when we could not make any use of it at all due to being incapable of doing that?  
The way the world exists and the way we humans exist, it shows the whole thing works together ie we are placed in an environment to interact within it with whatever we find in there. This much should be clear to anyone who has ever thought about things.  
This means there are things for which we need guidance and there are things we can find out for ourselves. However all is put together in such a way that one thing is useless without the other. This is why each thing that exists has a role to play in this world like actors in a movie play different characters. Here God has a role and man has a role and other things have their roles to fulfil in order to make the whole thing work as a one complete unit. In other words things complement each other for a set purpose.  
We therefore cannot put each and everything to do in role of God and sit tight ourselves absolved of all responsibilities whatsoever. This is why unless we read the quran and understand various roles properly we will remain confused and dangerous. Stupidity only leads to painful suffering and that is where we are ie in a lot of pain and suffering as a nation. I wonder when we are going to educate ourselves to be proper human beings the quran wants us to be.  
This very basic explanation should make clear to us we have our roles to play and the quran and hadith also have their roles and we need to be sensible enough to take advantage of that.  
The quran can never be understood without knowing the rules of wisdom and realities of real life in the real world. So people should make effort to try and learn the quran properly so that they could benefit from that learning otherwise stupid people are destined for painful suffering and no one can save them from that not even God himself. It is because God has assigned them a role to play so there is no escape. We cry all we like to God this is not going to help. When a mother potty trains a child if she was not basing it upon discipline then child will never learn how to use toilet. Just thinking crying will save us from trouble is utterly stupid instead we should be learning ways to get out of the troubles we get ourselves in or stay away from them in the first place is the lesson of the quran.  
Unless people realise what is proof and what is proving and how it all works, they can argue all they like but can never reach any satisfactory conclusion.  
The very idea that my claims are true because I can back them up from the quranic and the hadith texts is seriously flawed because it does not work. Had it been sufficient then we would not have had so many sects in muslim ummah. This means mere names of the quran and hadith are not guaranty of correct quranic interpretation rather something is needed to based the quran and hadith upon that makes sense because it works. So what is that basis?  
Anyone who argues to prove a claim yet knows not what proof and proving is or how a claim is proven can keep on arguing and nothing will be established at the end of the day.  
This is where our mullahs and professors fail us very badly. It is time we stopped being silly and went for things that really matter and not for things that waste time.  
The issue discussed here becomes very simple once anyone can answer the question of proof and proving. It is because deciding the basis for argument is vital not the detail. You cannot build a building without any solid basis. The truth is only true because it can be proven true and not because of our make beliefs.  
The very foundation upon which is based the quran is unknown to us muslims and that is why we are in the situation that we are.  
The real problem is understanding the role of the quran, the hadith and the fiqh in islam. We need to ask ourselves what is the purpose of the quran, what is the purpose of the hadith and what is the purpose of the fiqh or jurisprudence?  
The question that helps understand things in their proper context is, what is islam? Once we realise what islam is then we can clearly see the role for each of the said things. Islam is goal set by Allah for the mankind through his message in form of the quran via his final messenger. The quran is the divine manifesto or program from Allah for the mankind to learn and teach each other and if people like the program then they come together and form a good human society basing it on the quran as its constitution.  
The quran is constitution because it is word of the sole sovereign of this universe. Allah alone is king therefore only and only his word is law and not of any other person be one a prophet of Allah. This should leave no doubt in anyone's mind that quran has a unique place in islam for muslims ie people who are committed to live peacefully themselves and are duty bound to spread the very same message worldwide to rest of humanity.  
People make a huge mistake when they attach hadith or fiqh with the quran in a wrong way. Hadith is mainly not word of Allah but a report about word or deed of the prophet or his companions. The report simply tells its reader about what the prophet said or did or what his companions said or did. It is like a newspaper telling on day to day things that happened at the time in that society or among those people. In these reports we find how prophet understood the divine message and implemented it by using the quran as basis for his society at the time under his circumstances and situations. Therefore the importance of hadith is that it tells us the way the divine messenger did things and not what he did in his time unless it is relevant to later times. Why? Because we live in a world that changes with time therefore circumstances change and situations change so not everything the prophet said or did remains relevant for all times. Only those things that remain relevant for all times and apply to situations and circumstances that still keep occurring that remain relevant other than that all things are time bound, circumstance bound or situation bound so trying to fit everything everywhere or trying to apply everything everywhere is utterly stupid thing to do and this is especially terrible if a muslim does that because he is supposed to be a learned man ie man of wisdom. If a man is educated by God who is wise acts ignorantly and worse than animals, how will that reflect on his educator God? So anyone who claims to be a muslim and yet acts stupid must think many times over as to what one is uttering or doing.  
This helps to know what was told by Allah in the quran and how people including the prophet accomplished what they were told. From this muslims can derive some helpful ideas or clues as to how to use quran for their own circumstances and situations just like the prophet and his companion used it for their time.  
Fiqh is also important in a similar way that we can learn how muslims throughout times acted according to their understanding of the quran and the hadith.  
Just as prophet and his companions had to improvise things so did later muslims and so there is need for present muslims to follow the quran and the hadith the same way.  
This is proper context of the whole thing, which shows clear relationship between all important sources of islam. One can clearly see that the quran sets clear limits as to how to form laws with a set purpose in mind ie to accomplish and maintain freedom, justice, fairness, compassion, brotherhood, peace, progress and prosperity within the muslim society. In islam the purpose of law is not to control people but to regulate the society for the set purpose of peace=islam. So any laws that oppress, suppress, cause injustice, unfairness, cruelty, animosity, regression, poverty and therefore trouble in muslim society are unislamic laws.  
In time of prophet, the prophet himself and his companions used to solve their facing problem through mutual consultation in light of given quranic guidelines and so did later muslims and so should muslims of today. This must always be remembered by members of this ummah otherwise we will be shooting ourselves in the foot. Unfortunately that is what we have been doing so far and the result of doing that is in front of our own eyes that we have no respect in the world and we have no respect for each other. Time for us to change all that. Wake up and look at real world stop living in the imaginary world of your own.  
Times change things change therefore situations change and circumstances change therefore to form new laws becomes a necessity all the time. This is why the divine constitution is given with values and formulae to give us ability to form laws as we need them rather than giving us list of laws. Start learning the quran and hadith properly showing that you have the brains the quran and hadith need for their proper understanding.  
Taking hadith or fiqh laws as permanent is therefore right in some sense but wrong in another sense. All laws are permanent in the sense of their existence once they are formed but their application or use depends on situations and circumstances. No law is applicable at all the times under all the circumstances and in all situations.  
Once people understand this basic context all differences between people will disappear that are based on misunderstadning of role of sources of islam.  
The other differences are due to true and false information. It is accepted by all sects of muslims that not all so called ahadith are actually ahadith because many of them are false and many have other defects that do not allow them to reach set standards for their authenticity. Much more of that nature is true in case of fiqh books. All this came about due to sudden expansion of islam and lack of coping with it by muslims at the time. This resulted in people with ulterior motives join muislim ranks for their own agendas and therefore such information made its way in to islamic sources as was in fact anti islam eg jews who turned to islam were not all smart nor sincere so they spread their nonsense in guise of islam ie their ideas and traditions. The christians who accepted islam did the same and so did parsees and hindus or pagans etc etc. All brought their own baggages with them and slowly turned muslims like themselves instead understanding islam properly and spreading it, accomplishing it and maintaining it. This is why islamic empire that was build by the prophet did not last for long because later muslims did not work as hard to keep it alive as the prophet himself did.  
This is why if people sorted out things properly then we will have pure islam that prophet himself implemented with help of his companions at the time.  
As all islamic laws were and are made for a set purpose in mind due to certain situations and circumstances that face people at any given time under a set of circumstances therefore no law applies to anyone or anything unless those very situations and circumstances are present.  
In context of the above explanation people can decide whether anything they fight over today is relevant or not or if it is then how much of it is relevant and how much should be left alone. The quran does not tell us any list of laws but just values and rules for formation of laws which muslims must make themselves with consultation looking at what is going on around the world and within muslim society. It is utterly stupid to make willy nilly laws then try to live by them which make a mess of the whole thing called islam and make muslims as awhole the laughing stock for the world.  
Most translations of the quran are wrong and they are wrong because people who translated the quran failed to understand concepts the quran teaches. So the understandings of the quranic text that are based upon misconceptions are not going to be helpful to begin with. This problem can only be removed by producing a proper contextualised and conceptualised translation that is more of an explanation rather than word for word translation. It is because words do not have exact equivalents in other languages so they need to be explained rather than being replaced by another word that makes no sense. Not only that but is also a matter reading the mind of God and at best we can only try this is why no matter what no translation or interpretation is word of God but all are human works and so they should be treated as such. In other words don't put your own words in mouth of God or in other words don't be stupid be wise.  
Ummah must take this major step in trying to understand the quran properly if it is ready to unite all its members. Otherwise there is no chance for peace even within muslim unmmah so world has to wait till we sort out our self created problems.  

Comments by: Mughal1 On 26 August 2012Report Abuse
Our real problem when trying to understand islam through quran and related information  
The need for proper study of divine message is not fulfilled by make belief based study of it or the comparative study of it.  
What is needed is study of the message according to commonly accepted rules of wisdom that are beyond reasonable dispute. Most people have not yet woken up to that reality and they will not till education becomes available widely and not only that but till people start thinking critically and are able to put things together logically and factually like building a house brick by brick.  
It is because people are born into an already existing environment there first struggle is to find out where each of them stand. It is matter of finding one's feet first and then see the wider context or one's relationship with one's own environment. Only when one has realised oneself and one's relationship with one's environment one may rise to find out whether this environment is the only environment available or are there other environments as well. If one manages to reach that much awareness only then one may rise to find out about each of the environment and see the difference between them and whether they are all equally good or bad or are some better than others and even if any are better than others is there room to improve upon any of them.  
As one keeps on studying one keeps losing support of people because step by step such a person is rising above the rest and those who cannot move with him cannot any longer link with this person and some due to vested interests may even turn hostile. It is because the world is divided into three main groups. The most learned people, the least learned people and the ones somewhere in the middle of two extremes ie the spectrum is wide ranging.  
The differences therefore are not a bad thing within themselves if purely based on amount of information people have but they are made bad by crooked people in the human communities. Because of this major divide the people in the middle must also become learned because unless they support the right side they are actually supporting the bad guys due to their ignorance and simple mindedness.  
The world is divided on the basis of control of the land and its resources, means of production and distribution. It was divided by the ignorant and the arrogant because ignorance based arrogance is root cause of greed and therefore rivalry and hence the struggle for survival becomes an issue in itself. People then behave like worse than animals towards their own kind. This way we either move down in to the ditch of hell by supporting such leaders or we choose to support the opposite side and rise above to reach the heaven. We have been given all the world can offer us and we have been given the divine guidance but choice is ours to choose to act as to which way we wish to go. If we want better world then we must do all in our power to get a team in place and support the team that is working for better world.  
Most of the mankind has been happily going down the ditch of hell so far and any calls to not to go that way have been ignored. What we call anti God people are not necessarily anti God and what we call religious or God people are not necessarily people of God because these are just claims of people or about the people but the validity of these claims depends upon the standard that ought to be found and followed as measure of good=beneficial or bad=harmful.  
So the real question is, has anyone thought of or has one worked out any way of knowing what is right or wrong or how to go about finding out things and does that work ok? If one has then if one's claims prove true by that standard then one is right other wise not.  
Knowing that standard is no longer that difficult because that is called scientific method. The next question therefore is, how to apply scientific method to the allegedly divine message and to those who claim to follow it?  
All this involves trial and error method because even though the divine message is ok in its own right but the people being humans cannot be trusted 100% either in their findings or their applications. It is like even though we have the correct mathematical formula for solving a question and we apply it to solve a question yet there remain plenty of opportunities for error. We all know who have been through schooling how we used to think we have done questions right but teachers used to point out how we added or subtracted numbers wrongly.  
Beside this some people try to mislead others to gain an advantage therefore methods alone cannot be relied upon so people need to be cross examined for their solutions to see which way they take us and why and whether that is good and beneficial for us human beings or bad and harmful and even destructive.  
So it should be clear from all this explanation how not to go about anything including God. Taking things for granted could prove as bad as following make beliefs or superstition or myths etc.  
So it is a good idea to learn and keep learning till the day we die but follow a method because random information collection and never trying to make sense of it is not really learning anything.  
The main thing for anyone of us human beings is to realise that only God is God and that humans at best can only be humans. Only Allah is free of errors and humans being humans can never be Gods ie free of possibility of human error. This being the case we must remember the divisions of roles of God and human beings.  
Even though message from God is error free yet human understanding is not necessarily error free. What does that mean? It means just as people can make mistakes in understanding the message so they can make mistakes in implementation of the divine will. So the basic question is how can we understand the message as best as possible for us. This requires us to have some basic understanding of the process involved for making sense of things.  
As we all know that all our knowledge begins with suppositions ie we suppose things to begin with and then we try to build our picture from that base through trial and error. There is no any other way about it.  
As we go along we put foundational brick in place and if we see it is stable then we put another on top of it and if it becomes unstable we move it and keep moving it till it is stable and in right place and then place on it the next brick and repeat the process each time and keep on building the structure so long as it remains stable. Thus we keep going for as long as we are successful in getting the balance right and we have the building as much as we can build in our life time. This is how far we can take this exercise. It is an act of balancing plates on sticks and each of us can only balance so many in our lives ie rome was not build in a day.  
In short we are all out on a fact finding mission knowing absolutely nothing at all in advance. In other words when we are born we have nothing to go on other than the brain and its senses and the environment we are born in.  
The learning process continues till the day we are unable to learn anything any more. Between the beginning and the end of our lives whatever we have experienced is total sum of our knowledge.  
Some people have more knowledge than others due to having wider and deeper life experiences than others as well as some people have different knowledge from others due to having spent their lives in totally different environments from each other. This is why nothing is cut and dry for anyone.  
By exchanging ideas with each other we are only sharing our own life experiences with each other and thereby we help each other learn from that. Some people who are better at absorbing information and putting it together in better ways put forth more convincing claims and evidences than others and therefore we tend to unite on something better than what we already have.  
This is how humanity came to an agreement that rules of wisdom should be the basis for all our claims and evidences to judge by.  
The main rule is that if we have two opposing statement then both of them cannot be true at the same time in the same sense. Either both are false or only one of them may be true.  
Likewise any statement that contradicts self evident facts cannot be accepted true. The facts as understood by us at any given time.  
What all this means is that nothing is true unless something is consistent within itself and with respect to realities of real world as understood by humans who do research and explore things.  
This means that if the quran is divine in its origin then all its statements should prove free of contradictions within itself and with respect to realities of real world as far as they can be understood by human beings. Any information in the quran that humans yet do not understand cannot be used in evidence either till it becomes known as to what it stands for.  
Since we are all on a journey of discovery therefore we should be allowed to continue this journey and we must not be stopped by each other because if we are stopped in the middle of this process then this process will remain an unfinished business and any claims about it by anyone will be absurd.  
This is why claims of our sectarian friends are neither here nor there. They have so called aqaaid based religious interpretations of the quran that have countless mistakes in them because they do not use the proper idea for discovering the truth instead they take their make beliefs as sure thing and then try to prove them correct through quranic statements by their senseless interpretations.  
The main point for us to realise is that in islam the quran is supposed to be the foundational text of isalm. For the quran to be proven genuine source of divine origin therefore we can never understand the quran in isolation from things that it is talking about. Since the quran talks about islam therefore we need to know what islam is, only then it will make sense likewise if it is divine manifesto of islam then we must also learn what a manifesto is all about before we could understand what the quran has to say as divine manifesto. Likewise if the quran is divine constitution for mankind to build their human community or society upon it then we need to know what are social structure, systems and practices that the quran is talking about. It is because there has to be relationship between constitution, its organisation and community as well as its institutions therefore if we do not make ourselves aware about these things then the quran cannot be understood at all.  
It is therefore not right to ignore anything when we interpret the quran because every little can help to understand the quran. However nothing can be taken 100% genuine hence we are forced to take what works and leave what does not because whatever works to serve the stated purpose is right and all else is wrong. This is why we must take realities of the real world as basis to begin with and build upon that and the picture the quran gives us will gradually become clearer and clearer fitting like pieces of a jig saw puzzle.  
For example, the quran claims that Allah has set for humanity a goal to accomplish and maintain and that goal is islam=peace. Peace according to the quran is not possible unless people accept certain terms and conditions as laid down in the quran eg freedom of individual from individual ie no man is slave of any other man. All are free from control of each other. If anyone tries to control any other be it through strength of arms, deceptive ideas or wealth, all such control is termed oppression or suppression. The quran wants people to deal justly and fairly with each other but compassionately in order to bring mankind together to tie them in to a brotherhood. This is necessary according to the quran because without such blood, marriage and ideological bonding people cannot cooperate with each other and they cannot make progress and therefore prosperity of nations becomes impossible to achieve. So long as these essential ingredients remain missing from human society peace therefore cannot be established between mankind. So long as there is no stability progress and prosperity cannot be assured.  
This is why it is essential to realise the place of the quran in a human society. Without quran peace is impossible in the world because only the quran sets a goal that cannot be improved upon and the terms and the conditions the quran set for mankind cannot be surpassed. Hence the challenge in the quran that mankind cannot produce the like of the quran. Why not? Because the quran is the divine manifesto for islam=peace. It is the divine constitution for mankind to build their human society upon. No other manifesto or constitution can beat the quran on what it stand for.  
So a muslim is the one who works for peace in the hope that God will reward him not only with good outcome of his efforts in this world in form of better world but also in hereafter.  
This explanation should help people see how they should look at the quran and islam, God and mankind. Once people become aware of proper context of the quran then it is not at all difficult to see what people say and do is according to the quran and what is not. Islam is not necessarily what muslims claim it to be or what they do as islam but that quran is the foundation of islam and whoever claims and does what is in the quran in its own proper contexts is right and anyone else is not right.  
So anyone who is critical of islam and quran must separate between islam and those who claim to follow it. If people believe and do wrong things in the name of islam that is not fault of islam and quran but of the people. The quran is just a divine advice and a guidance just like health guidelines which if people understand and follow properly will benefit them and if they do not then they will not help them. We cannot blame health guidelines for their misuse by the people.  
Likewise any hadith that appears to oppose the quran should be first of all checked for its correct interpretation. Only such a report may be rejected that cannot be understood in proper quranic context no matter what but there is always possibility it might be true but not yet understood properly.

Comments by: moazzam On 28 August 2012
Well done brother Mughal, agreed.  

Comments by: Mughal1 On 30 August 2012Report Abuse
By now it should be clear to everyone how languages came about and works and how words were formed and how communication was bettered though invention of writing. All these were very important points to know for future issues going to be raised in this thread regarding the quran and islam. It very clearly shows evolution at work ie development of the world and things in it gradually over a very long period of time including humans.  
The arrow of time and known data directs us in the following direction.  
That people used to live in caves and were clans that became tribes and united under kings in local lands and those kingdoms then over ran each other and ended up huge empires. Empires then collapsed and people divided in to nations and states and rest is before our very eyes.  
There are four kinds of rules in total but we have been through two of them and going through the third one right now but the fourth is awaited. First rule was by strength of one's own arms by only those people who became chiefs of tribes who could defend themselves and their tribes and then kings were chosen the same way ie people who had personal and personnel strength but when too many people come together ideologies are needed for their bonding so that they stick with each other on that basis and that is how priestly classes were brought about by tribal chiefs and kings and emperors to manipulate masses through make beliefs etc in order to secure their rule or grip on people psychologically as well as physically in relation to control of land and resources, production and distribution.  
It so happened that people became so influenced by priestly classes due to their ignorance that they threw out their kings at sayings of their priests. This is how rule transferred from kings to priests. In short there was time when it were kings who used to appoint priests to help them control masses but then it changed and it were priests who used to appoint kings because people began to accept what priest told them that is how religions in themselves became institutions for people to live by.  
All this ended with beginning of banking systems and now rule is in hands of bankers who back those politicians and priests with their money who are willing to work for them. Just as monarchy is gone and priesthood is gone it is the money power that has to go before the next world order changes it drastically. Each world order had to exhaust before new one could be brought in by humanity till each of them saturates and could no longer work for people. That is when new kind of rule will come about ie real rule of law based upon divine constitution, kjown as the quran which is manifesto for islam=peace for mankind to use it as constitution to build their society upon. This needs highly educated people because ignorant mullas cannot even understand it never mind implement it.  
One must realise that in times of rule of kings all laws were made to favour kings, in time of priestly control of masses all laws were made to favour priests and now in time of money power all laws are made to favour the wealthy bank owning families that back politicians and priest who suit them most. So we can see all rules of law were defective right from the beginning because they set one very small party of people against the other huge party of people unfairly for manipulation purposes. This is why all laws were made to control masses of people rather than to truly regulate societies for a better end game or goal. This is the main reason there was never peace in the world because people always had something to fight about with each other and the reason was people did not recognise each other's rights and were not responsible towards each other. It was a world full of people hell bent on using and abusing each other and it is still the case today. All these ruling systems were and are personality based and not rule of law based that quran tells us with its objective of peace in the world.  
Unless each person understands these things one is unable to see what the quran is saying in its text and why. This is why I had to explain all this to show wider context of things or if you like the bigger picture. If one therefore does not have the bigger picture in his head he cannot relate quranic verses and hadith reports to real world. It clarifies the manipulation of scriptural texts by original priestly classes in order to fool masses so that they could use them for their own purposes either as kings or as priests. Later generations did not know what really happened during passed generations so this traditions became well founded on false notions or concepts and rules and values and laws. This is all a state and religion separation was all about and is to date. Just a tool for ruling and priestly classes to use and abuse ignorant masses all over the world. The state and religion concepts were separated to make ways for ruling masses in the name of king and religion or country and God. So people who think church and state separation is something recent are badly mistaken rather it was always there since monarchies came about.  
This is why neither rulers nor priests or money changers and lenders can be trusted nor they should be. These were man made concepts that were invented by clever, strong and rich people against the ignorant, poor and the weak masses.  
All movements that were started by masses ended up in failure not totally but to a great extent because rights for which movement were started were sabotaged and manipulated by rulers and priests through infiltration and bribery of one sort or another. But masses kept on securing little by little some rights for themselves against establishments and the idea remains the same to date. There is no real movement based on good education to over throw the bad ideologies and their social, political, cultural and economic systems, structures, procedures and practices altogether and replace them with something perfect like islamic way of life. All because people do not understand the perfect system so they cannot tell about it to each other so things remain as they are to a great extent.  
One can therefore see why there are so many divisions and fractures in the human society as a whole. This is where in comes the quran to help mankind educate themselves about things and change them for their own betterment. Islam is not a religion but a DEEN or a God set goal for mankind to accomplish and maintain. Islam was turned into a religion by mullas ie the muslim priestly class for their kings after the death of the prophet of Allah, the messenger of islam for mankind.  
If we read the quran as a manifesto for islam and as a constitution of islam(=peace progress and prosperity) then we see that the quran does not allows us to say and do anything that is harmful for mankind. The quran terms all harmful sayings and doings by people as AL KHABEES=harmful and destructive. This is why other than whatever is khabees we take it as al-tayyib=beneficial. This is basis that is given to us to form laws according to.  
The quran tells us that all divine messenger brought to humanity nothing but goodness in all its forms. This is why their coming is a blessing for mankind. Their life and death and rising up all is termed a blessing by Allah in the quran. Now if we say that such and such prophet said or did anything that harmed humanity then we are uttering a lie against Allah who testifies that they never did anything on purpose to harm anyone.  
The quran also tells us a rule regarding judging a matter whether it is beneficial or harmful for mankind and that rule is try and see what will result if we took certain actions. If the action will result in benefiting humanity then it is good and if it is going to be harmful then it is bad. This is major argument used in the quran to prove the quranic truth by direct evidence.  
To explain the point let us take example of reports that tell us prophet muhammad married a six years old girl. The question is, is there evidence that marrying off very young girls is a bad idea? We know that in general there is.  
This being the case if any hadith report tells us things about God or prophet that seem inconsistent with their beings then we must reject it. Why? Because no man is as honourable and dignified as divine messengers. So a reporter in the chain of narrators is either mistaken or is deliberate liar.  
You might say, well how can a man such as a reporter of a hadith lie? But then how can a divine messenger go against the set out program of Allah? A man who comes to lead humanity to path of God with set program from him that proves its own authenticity, if he does anything wrong the whole thing collapses. After that hadith becomes totally useless no matter who narrates it. So in my view we cannot prove hadith authentic if it discredits God or any of his messengers. It is because upon that foundation the narrators themselves claims to stand. It is as if you are cutting off the same branch of the tree that you are resting upon. So you fall with it. If you are accepting a person as your leader and yet talk against him as well in a way that discredits him then what are you talking about?  
The divine messengers do not come to follow existing wrong ideologies for societies, politics, cultures and economics etc rather they come to change things including their systems, structures, procedures and practices because they are sent with a different goal than that which people follow and make each other's lives hell. They come with a mission to establish a human society that is free from oppression and suppression, injustice and unfairness, cruelty and animosity, regression and stagnation and poverty of all sorts in order to make it peaceful. It is therefore inconceivable that they themselves will throw their own mission into jeopardy by doing anything stupid.  
So in my view it is wrong to accept anything that puts any blame on their person because Allah bear witness to their character. This is not the case for hadith reporters. This is why authority of hadith reporters is very limited as compared to divine messengers.  
This is my point of view because other way round makes no sense to me and if it does to any, please help understand but please do think before you say or do anything in the name of islam, quran, God and his messengers. This is a serious matter.  
1) Do not attribute to God anything that is inconsistent with his nature or his set plan or purpose for mankind. This means not attributing to the quran concepts that are clearly false.  
2) Do not attribute to his messengers anything that is inconsistent with their God set mission because the quran testifies that they fulfilled their God given mission.  
3) There are only two supernatural events in history A) creation of the universe and B) The divine revelations. Other than that all else is explainable sooner or later as humanity advances in its discoveries of things with time and effort.  
4) Islam was opposed by humanity right from the beginning because each time mankind were shown the right path, most of them ignored it and even those who followed it for a time their later generations gave it up as time went by through negligence. Each time people were put on the right path, they just side tracked and today things are not any different.  
5) After the final divine messenger, it was up to ulema of ummah to keep people stuck to deen but they failed very badly though not totally. I say totally because all we are left with is complete information about islam but no sense to understand it and make sense of it. It means ulema were only successful in preserving information about islam but failed in giving proper sense of islam to ummah ie they failed to educate people to be able to understand islam properly.  
6) It is time to change all that through mutual support ie let us not waste time but help educate each other about proper islam.  
Question arises, how to find out what is proper islam? I am trying to answer this question in this thread so please read it.  
If you do not build on the foundation provided by Allah then you are not going to be successful. This statement is not a joke, take a look at history of humanity and this will continue in the future. This alone proves the quran divine. It is because despite last 1400 + years we have not been able to put things right by ignoring the quranic program.  
Coming to reports like child brides and slave girls for the prophets, it is all thanks to our mullas=priestly class. Why? Because they gave us imperialism in the name of islam. They gave us priesthood in the name of islam. They gave us capitalism in the name of islam. They gave us institution for slavery in the name of islam and I can go on and on and likewise they gave us the right to have child brides in the name of islam and prostitution through concept of short term marriages in the name of islam.  
When are we going to start thinking that islam is not a mazhab but ADDEEN and word islam means peace and it is not aqeedah but a God set goal to be accomplished and maintained for the good of humanity?  
AQEEDAH or mazhab is make belief because it is not based on any evidence ie it is a system of blind faith to turn humans into animals. Not only it is not based upon evidence but there is ample evidence against it in the quran and in the universe in which we live. No wonder quran calls such people animals or even worse because they are given brains and senses yet they use them not.  
If islam means peaceful way of life and it does mean that then how can any man or woman be given right to use and abuse anyone else because that creates trouble not peace in a supposedly good society.  
It is therefore very important for people to go though this thread so that we do not talk and do things like ignorant fools. Any piece of information found in islamic sources must be judged by the quranic standard and the quran itself must be judged by standard set by mankind whereby they decide all there cases in their courts of law without any dispute. This standard does not come from humanity itself but God because it is found in the quran and it was in very first divine revelation according to the quran whereby people were told to settle their disputes. Anyone who follows mullas should be helped not condemned or cursed.  
Our nonmuslim brothers and sister must also judge islam by same rules they use in their own law courts otherwise their judgement is based upon ignorance and no matter who decides matters on basis of blind faith is absolutely wrong because that position is indefensible. Mere arguments between priestly classes of various religions is proof of that. What has blind faith to do with arguing for what is right or wrong? Blind faith is blind faith so none has the right to argue with each other. Arguments are only for proving who is right or wrong, which shows how mullas make fool of masses therefore masses must educate themselves if they want to make progress and prosper than remain slaves of mullas.  
If any of my muslim brethren want to debate with nonmuslims they must read what I have written and prepare themselves. No point taking wrong stand and arguing endlessly to try and defend it. If islam is worth defending then it has to have solid foundation and it does. All religions are invented by priestly classes and it is so obvious from the scriptures of other religions as well. In fact if nonmuslims study their own scriptures in light of the criterion I am putting forth they will see their scriptures support quranic stand and where they disagree they fall apart. A clear proof that quran is really divine in its origin just like the universe because humanity has no valid explanation for existence of either of them.  
Finally please educate yourselves so that you are not found acting childish when faced with scrutiny of your stance. When you claim blind faith you are only making fool of yourself and give bad name to your foundation whatever it may be. An ignorant person who claims to be a muslim thus gives bad reputation to islam because his wrong ideas about islam others take as islam and condemned them. This way you are responsible for driving people away from islam because you are acting as bad advertisement for islam. If you claim to be muslims it is only right that you learn islam so that you are a good advertisement for islam. This ummah was supposed to be an exemplary people for other people to see and follow, ask yourselves, are we?  

Comments by: Mughal1 On 30 August 2012 Edit DeleteReport Abuse
Thank you brother moazzam sb may Allah bless you with all the best.

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Ayyaamun ma'ududath=prepared stages(periods) not just certain days. An evil cannot be eliminated within days. If we meet an evil in the society, first we have study who propagates this crime, and against whom. Then we have to plan the solution . Question by: alikalliyath From INDIA (CALICUT) On 28/07/2012
The different stages of preparation to eleminate any crime or evil thing is mentioned as AYYAMAN MA'UDUDATH in 2:183. Am I right? kindly clear my opinion. Question by: alikalliyath From INDIA (CALICUT) On 28/07/2012
I found revised edition of this book even more detailed and easier to comprehend. On p.51 second blue line, I think the word was Ehed not Eyed? Also why mobashirohonna has been tranlated differently here then in previous verse? Peace. Question by: J. Malik From PAKISTAN (LAHORE) On 16/08/2012
salamun Alaikkum saheb, can u explian what quraan says about soum in the chapter 5/89? what does quraan mean مَنْ لَمْ يَجِدْ فَصِيَامُ ثَلَاثَةِ أَيَّامٍ ? Question by: sajeer kanhirode From INDIA (KERALA) On 19/09/2012
Dear Dr.Qamar Zaman Please explain the word Bismi. If it has the meaning of something like LOVE, then why this MEEM is ends with a Jerrah. Question by: MOHAMMED JOUSEY From INDIA (KERALA) On 25/09/2012
dr sahb sallam tummam ky bary myn quran kia kehta hy ye zra tfseel sy btain revaiti trjma to khch khas nei hy us ki samj nei aati hy agr aap ky elm myn hy to bta dyn shukria Question by: waheed From PAKISTAN (HARIPUR KPK) On 07/06/2013
is there any reply for the site by QZ? Question by: kanasser From INDIA (KERALA) On 06/08/2013
assalamu alaikum muhtaram dr.saheb quran ke sura no 97 ka tafseeli tarjuma samjhaen karen.jazakkummullahu khairan kaseera Question by: MN.BASITH From INDIA (HYDERABAD) On 12/11/2013
Aoa, dear sir I went through your book and found it ineffable. However concept of days allocated for reform of society seems impractical, in my view since ayyam not only means days but also stages, it is actually stages of reform upon which your book Question by: Abdul Hadi Saqib From PAKISTAN (LAHORE) On 13/09/2014
(Question continued) is based upon, conceiving ayyam madoodaat to be days won't retain its place in real world. How it could be that govt allocate days for reform of the society and then leave it for other days Question by: Abdul Hadi Saqib From PAKISTAN (LAHORE) On 13/09/2014
as slaam alikum kala jadu se bachne kisi aamil ki madad ya kisi aur madad ki zarurath me Question by: mohammed From SAUDI ARABIA (JEDDAH) On 13/05/2015
DR sab,I Belong to a religious family the age of 50 i found the truth about hidaths soam , Q. can some one make an excuse on the day of jugment and say I DIDNT KNOW IT. if not who will be held responsible for it, scholars or the person ? Question by: kanju swat From UNITED KINGDOM (LONDON) On 18/06/2015
Sir,i want to know the meaning of " maseeh".Does it onlgbelongs to nabi eesa? Question by: nusrin From INDIA (KERALA) On 27/06/2015
Dr,is there translation of surah ahzab available?mainly the verses 33:31-33:37 Question by: nusrin From INDIA (KERALA) On 27/06/2015
I am from Kerala. Dr. RASHAD KHALIFA claimed that Surah Thouba have only 127 verses and last 2 verses are injected to Quran and he was claiming this by using a code of number 19....wht is ur comment on it sir... Question by: Aboobecker Siddique M P From INDIA (CALICUT , KERALA) On 08/10/2015
Ur views on soum salat etc seem contradicting with gulam ahmad pervez also...if u both reject the autheticity of hadith then Y r ur views different. I m now confused wat to follow. Kindly help me out Question by: Mohammadirshad From INDIA (SRINAGAR) On 22/06/2016
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