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Suras 91 - 100 explained in detail
Add Your Comments  Question by: MUGHAL1 On 26 March 2019
Comments by: Mughal1 On 26 March 2019 Edit DeleteReport Abuse
Surah 91 AL-SHAMS–The Quran is the only source of light of guidance from God for humanity for this era for bringing about and maintaining a proper human community in this kingdom of the universe for ensuring their own well being with help and full support of each other for fulfilling the purpose for which God created all things including human beings.  
This surah is named AL-SHAMS from root SHEEN, MEEM and SEEN. It has various meanings as explained already eg the sun, the star at the centre of this solar system. It means something that is always alive and active. Something or someone that is centre of attention of others. Something that is taken as an ultimate standard for something. Persians used to have symbol of sun on their flag and there used to be an idol by name of shams in Arabia due to which some people were called Abdush-shams-devotee of shams. There was a spring named shams in Arabia. Someone who is thought a man of great learning is also called the sun of the world of knowledge ie shamsul ulemaa. Parents call their children sunshine or twinkle of the eyes. Something that is thought of life giving or something that gives some purpose to life. Word shams also means sunshine, sun heat, sunny day, beloved, guide, leader or leadership, something that stands out, something outstanding or unique etc etc.  
This surah is named AL-SHAMS because the Quran is a book of guidance from Allah that provides mankind with vitally important information for living in this world properly as a proper human community in a kingdom. It can lead mankind towards brilliant future through best possible program, constitution and law whereby mankind could organise and regulate themselves as a proper human community in a kingdom to fulfil the purpose for which Allah has created them. It is very important as already explained to realise how the Quran uses language to express ideas for guidance of mankind. The verses in this surah also have parallel meanings like other surahs. The idea is that as the sun is centre of attention of solar system and mankind because there will not be any life without it so the Quran should be the centre of attention of mankind because without it mankind will not be able to know themselves or guide themselves. In other words if man does not know his origin or how he works as a creature or machine or what purpose he is supposed to serve and what he needs to do so that the purpose of his creation is fulfilled then one is bound to suffer identity crisis because chaos and confusion in mind does not let man live in peace, safe and sound. The power of human brain and stimulating information man receives through his senses about the outside world does not let man live in peace due to curiosity it raises in human mind. So man not only needs food for living but food for thought as well. He not only needs water to live but knowledge as well that quenches his thirst of curiosity. The Quran as a revelation and the universe as a creation when studied together give mankind all that mankind need or will ever need.  
The Quran uses language in a special way as explained already. Many of its verses even though use words that have concrete concepts attached to them they are mostly used for expressing abstract concepts and imagery. This use of language is inevitable because real situations mean nothing unless mankind have some thoughts about them that make sense to mankind. This is why proof is not just concrete reality out their but its sensible best possible explanation as well. By explaining all this universe and things in it including mankind in a brilliant way the Quran proves its heavenly origin. If we think about it, this is how scientists explain evolution ie by observing available evidences they then try to explain them in the best possible way they can. If their explanation proves to be the best then it is taken as a true explanation otherwise not. Just as missing links do not render the whole evolution theory false likewise absence of visible link between God handing over the Quran to the final messenger makes no difference. Putting this invisible link on one side and the information the Quran contains on the other side, the wise of the mankind cannot come to any other conclusion than saying, this book is not creation of mankind. So if it is not created by mankind and there are no other more intelligent creatures than mankind that we know of, the only thing that makes sense then is that it is true in its claim that it is work of God. In this Surah people are invited to pay attention to world all around them and try to see connection between all that exists and find their own rightful place therein and realise the role of divine advice. Failing to realise how universe is set up and operates or how people must understand it and find their own place in it and use it to their benefit could have serious consequences for mankind. An example of a people is mentioned as to what they did and what were the consequences of their actions for them. The divine advice was given to them but they fought hard against it thinking they could do things better their own way instead of following the guidance but they ended up in troubles by hands of each other. When people get into fights with each other and lose track or awareness of their environment then things happening in the natural world also affect them negatively due to their lack of awareness about them as well as their lack of attention to things which could cause them harm or destruction.  
Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,  
1] We present the sun and its brilliant sunlight as evidence of Our creation through Our revelation  
These verses have parallel meanings eg they talk about physical universal realities as well as the Quran as a guidance book for mankind. They talk about information it contains as well as where that information can lead mankind if they bothered to understand and use it to benefit from it.  
2] and the moon as it follows it  
As explained already, word AL-QAMAR not only means moon in the sky but also the human community or the wise following that follows a wise leader or leadership. The Quran here is saying the moon follows the sun. The question is, what is meant by moon follows the sun? The light it gets from the sun and then reflects it which brightens up the place to keep away the darkness even at night in a pleasant way. So a human community that takes the light of knowledge from the creation and revelation and then acts on it reflects blissful, dignified and secure social environment or atmosphere all around. In other words mankind can make their God given world beautiful if they so chose with help of knowledge of the universe and the Quran.  
3] and the day as it brightens it up  
Day is also a period of time when mankind are happy due to progress and prosperity because needs and wants of people are satisfied. Not only that but during daylight all things that are before one’s eyes are visible to oneself clearly to see if one wishes to do so. Likewise information in the Quran makes clear for mankind things which people can never know otherwise.  
4] and the night as it covers it up  
Night is also a period of time when mankind suffer stagnation, regression and dire poverty etc etc. When people follow guidance of Allah their future becomes bright like daylight but when they fall away from guidance of Allah their future becomes dark like darkness of night. It is because wise people in a football game never take their eyes off the ball and they do their level best to score the goal. Rulers, money lenders and mullahs have ruined Muslim ummah by misleading it into believing all sorts of nonsense and doing all sorts of things that have no benefit for humanity. The main thing people need to realise is the fact that they are human beings and they have needs and they need to take very good care of their needs for living so that they are free to think about other God set goals. So long as mankind live by any way of life that fails to help them fulfil their basic human needs they cannot rise above the level of animals. This is how one can see whether mullahs have led ummah alright or have misled it for petty personal gains. The more ummah suffers by following Islam of mullahs the more mullahs tell them to do more of the same nonsense and surprise surprise, we the people are so foolish that we keep doing more and more of the very same which adds to our painful suffering. One has to ask, how dumb we the people can be as human beings?  
The world is full of pilgrims visiting tombs and so called saints etc for what? To get help from God or so called his loved people with livelihood. These people never try to realise why God will give them a book if he did not want them to do things for themselves? Well It not be silly that Allah tells people here is a program for you to follow as a human family and if you will follow it faithfully all will be good and well for you but people instead of getting on with what they are told to do, take out their ultimate weapons ie prayer mats or run for tombs of dead people and seek help with livelihood that way? They wash up and get holy and then start begging God for all their needs and say do it for us. This is like a father tells his kid, go do your school work son so that you get some education. The kid instead turns round and starts begging the father, please dad, you do it for me. No wonder world is laughing at this ummah today and we get angry why they are doing that to us. Till this ummah wakes up and takes lead all our claims about the Quran will be thrown back at our face, why? Because world does not want to know the Islam we preach and that is because of the state of existence of this ummah ie they do not want to live like ignorant, illiterate, uneducated and poverty struck foolish Muslims. There criticism even though it is foolish is that if the Quran failed to guide Muslims to blissful and dignified life then how can it be any good for us? This question can only be answered if we the ummah wake up and start reading the Quran as it ought to be read ie for its proper understanding and putting into practice. If we did that then we will become world teachers and lead mankind to the end the Quran told us. However if Muslims have not followed the Quran that does not mean nonMuslims should not learn and follow it either because good solutions for problems can be adopted by anyone anywhere and they will produce the same end results. This shows not only Muslims but non-Muslims are also not sensible enough to realise what they are missing also ie sense of making proper sense of things. People need to become aware of the fact that just as darkness of the night covers up all things from the eyes of people so they cannot see them what they are likewise darkness of ignorance keeps things covered up from minds of people about which people ought to become aware through learning about them.  
5] and the universe and all that which gave it its orderly structure  
These verses could not be thoughts of mankind, particularly 1500 years back. It is because they are pointing to the processes, systems, mechanisms, structures, forces and laws involved in origin and evolution of the universe and things in it.  
6] and the world and all that which caused its expansion  
Word TAHAA is from roots TWAA, HAA and WOW/YAA. Concrete meaning of this root is filling something with something for a purpose to expand it. Something that is spread out evenly or in a controlled manner or in a balanced way. Also to extend, to stretch, to open widely, to expand, to enlarge, to cause something to grow in some sense in some way for some reason or purpose etc etc.  
7] and the life and all that which controlled its evolution in an orderly manner,  
Here the Quran is talking about origin of three kinds of things ie nonliving things, living things and human beings. Each is subject to certain laws that guide its existence for its set purpose. The universe is guided by design that suits its purpose of creation, the living things are guided by design that suits their purpose of creation and human beings are guided by design that suits their purpose of creation. Each of these are programmed in a different way eg living things function a bit different from nonliving things because living things have ability of choice. All other living things have very limited ability to choose as compared to human beings. So all the animals save mankind only depend upon instincts not revelation. This is what distinguishes mankind from all the rest of animals. Man despite being product of nature like all other animals is also able to control nature to a much greater extent than all other animals by understanding the forces of nature and using them to his own advantage.  
8] and inspired mankind with revelation to use its inbuilt ability to learn what is consistent with its blissful, dignified and secure existence and what is harmful and destructive for it,  
Word ALHAMA is from root LAAM, HAA and MEEM. Concrete meaning of this root is ability to reason things out to the utmost degree possible for a human being. Also to have ability to take in a huge amount of information or food or drink at any one time, to have huge capacity for reasoning things out, revelation, inspiration, to inspire, to motivate, drives, to have great drive or desire for getting something eg an idea or thing, curiosity or drive to find things out, notable person, fast horse, gulping, glutton, vast army, to instil something into something, be excessively greedy for something, a person with an inordinate capacity to receive or be able to withstand something, a person who has voracious appetite for something etc etc.  
It has been explained already that so called troubling conscious does not mean man knows by his nature what is right and what is wrong. If man knew this then there will not be any need for him for revealed guidance from his creator and sustainer. What it means is the fact that humans have been created with ability to learn from their life experiences as well as from any teachings to reason things out for their harmfulness and usefulness or benefits. Therefore if man has become learned enough through life experience to distinguish between sensible information and nonsense then by looking at the information in form of an allegedly divine book one can find out if it is true or false by trying to make sense of it. Once this information makes sense then man knows it is true and from then on man can be guided by this information to live by. It is because a human has a brain as a machine that processes information and message from God is just information to be processed by human mind. So when it comes to brain and revelation the brain has priority because it is the processor and judge of the information. However once brain has reached its conclusion about the information that so called the revelation from God is in actual fact revelation from God then from now on revelation becomes driver and brain reads instructions and with help of senses and limbs or body turns it in to a reality that it ought to be. This connection or relationship between brain and revelation is of vital importance for people to become aware of and realise. One can see it in another way as well eg suppose you are given a map for building a bridge. All you do is look at the map and see if it makes sense and once it does then it is only a matter of building the bridge.  
If troubling conscious is taken to mean knowledge of what is true or false and knowledge of what is right or wrong then human beings could not differ in this regard as they do. If one person believes one thing about something to be true, the other believes the opposite true about the same thing. This difference between people proves beyond a reasonable doubt that people do not know what is true or right already ie they are not born with knowing this information. This is why a Muslim believes Jesus as a messenger of God whereas a Christian believes Jesus as a God. Likewise a Jew does not eat certain things believing they are forbidden for him to eat whereas a Hindu has no problem eating them. On the hand a Hindu does not eat beef but a Muslim has no problem with eating beef. If a Hindu eats beef by mistake his conscious will trouble him because he has gone against his belief with which he is brought up. Likewise if a Jew eats pig by mistake he will have same problem with his conscious. This clearly shows that people do have troubling conscious but it does not mean what they believe or do is actually true or right. This is why to have true beliefs and to do what is right guidance from God is the only way to base one’s conscious upon, so that only when one goes against what is really true or really right that one’s conscious troubles one and not otherwise.  
So when it comes to revelation of God, once you know this map makes proper sense then you accept the map and follow it by needed actions and turn it into a reality. If a program looks ok on the paper when thoroughly examined then it will be ok in reality as well. This is why the Quran seeks a bit of faith and trust from people about its program that even though it may look ok to people when they examine it yet time and needed proper action by mankind is involved in turning it into a reality. Moreover the idea that man has no freewill is silly because if that was true then human mindset, attitude and behaviour will be fixed and no modification will be possible. Because people can change their minds as they learn things, it is proof that man is free to an extent to make his own decisions as he sees fit as per his own information in his own mind. Humans can even change behaviours of animals through giving them appropriate training eg dogs and cats and animals used in circus etc. Human nature is only that with which one is born but rest is all learned behaviour and people are able to change even that with which they are born eg many people go under surgery to get modifications done to their bodies. Interaction between things within an environment affects all things and their environment because each modifies the other. So proper understanding of nature and nurture is important. The Quran is a program for people to become a proper human community in a kingdom to fulfil the purpose for which God has created all things including human beings. This program is named deen of Islam because upon following it faithfully rests blissful, dignified and secure existence of mankind.  
9] so any people will surely prosper most possible who will work for their growth and prosperity as a proper human community in a kingdom for ensuring well being of each other with help and full support of each other,  
10] and any people will for sure fail to be so and even perish who will live by way of life based upon foundation of personal gains at the expense of each other as that way of life prevents people from becoming a proper human community in a kingdom for ensuring their well being with help and full support of each other.  
11] The people of Thamud denied themselves benefits of this advice and chose to do things their own way by going against this advice.  
12] Behold! A man with harmful and destructive mindset, attitude and behaviour from among them was chosen to prevent Our advised way of life from taking roots in the land  
13] even though their messenger from Allah said to them, this is a foundation from Allah for building upon a proper human community in a kingdom so let it satisfy our needs.  
14] However they denied it its rightful role in their kingdom that is how they cut off the rule of law of Allah from their land. At length uprising overtook them by surprise as they were told by their Creator and Sustainer due to their inflictions of harm and destruction upon each other and that is how some of them were forced to end up a proper human community in a kingdom for ensuring well being of each other.  
15] This happened to this human population because it was not paying due attention to the consequences of its own thoughts and actions for or against each other.  
In these like stories Allah is helping people educate themselves as to how they should live. If they do not then actions and reactions always push mankind in the right direction regardless what people think of themselves and what they do on basis of their personal vested interests. If people do not learn from teachings then they are dragged along by each other kicking and screaming. In other words if there is no education based revolution then it is evolution based bloody revolution whereby only those survive who are fit enough to make it to the next stage. So in simple words like it or not mankind are forced to choose between life based upon revealed rule of law or life based upon laws of nature. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Revelation based education is though bloodless but it is highly demanding. One has to study whole heartedly and for a long time till an animal in human shape has become a human being in mind as well. Easier said than done and that is why most people run away from studying things and many are stopped from studying things by each other due to getting involved in negative competition with each other. However it is a case of falling out of frying pan into the fire. If you refuse to educate yourself then be ready to face the consequences for staying ignorant, illiterate, uneducated and untrained due to lack of thinking things through properly. See what is happening to such people all around the world ie clever people have taken over the world and all the dumb people are in a huge trouble looking for a way out but cannot find one. See if the situation people have put themselves in by running away from education has helped them or caused them even greater problems. Billions of people in the world are living worse lives than animals. So taking the easy way out at one time could mean rest of life full of painful suffering. This is why people need to wake up and enable themselves with help of proper education and proper training to decide what kind of world they want to live in so that they could create that kind of world for themselves through help and support of each other. This is what the Quran is about and that is the kind of help the Quran offers mankind.  
Surah 92 AL-LAIL–Journey of mankind from period of darkness of ignorance to period of light of knowledge to bring about a proper human community in a kingdom based upon guidance of Allah for ensuring their own blissful, dignified and secure existence with help and full support of each other for the fulfilment of His purpose of creation according to his plan.  
This surah is named AL-LAIL from root LAAM, YAA and LAAM. This root has been explained already but for reminder it means night, period of darkness or doom and gloom or bad days of poverty in some respect eg poverty of things of need to survive, poverty or lack of knowledge or education or health, time period of ignorance etc etc.  
This surah is named AL-LAIL because the Quran talks about the night time or the period of darkness of ignorance. During night time darkness of night hides everything so people cannot see what is what but as soon as there is daylight all things become visible for them to see that were hidden by the darkness of the night. Likewise when there was no revelation from God for mankind, humanity had no real idea about its origin or purpose or how and why it worked the way it did etc so humanity was truly in identity crisis. This is why it expressed its wish for information about what it could not know all by itself so there came for it in response to its wishes knowledge from its creator and sustainer that was already planned by God which clarified things for it about which it had no idea nor it could find out all by itself ever. Mankind are told they are brought into this world knowing nothing about it so as far as human beings are concerned this world is a mystery when they arrive but they come equipped with brain, senses and the rest of needed body mechanism therefore they are capable of discovering and demystifying things for themselves to a degree by learning things about this world as time marches on. They gradually becomes self aware and aware about their universe in which they are born and if they carry on learning then they arrive at a dead end whereat they can only raise questions but can find no answers by way of just brain and senses as usual. At this stage it dawns upon them that there is more to life than meets the eyes so there has to be some sort of external source of information because that is the only way they can get answers to their ultimate questions. Mankind deal with material world and the information they need is also about the material world ie about its origin, the way it works, the purpose it serves and what people need to do to fulfil their assigned task or mission in this world etc etc. The origin of God is not a proper question because if something comes about that was not already there then that is not God. If God was taken to be something like rest of creation then what will be the point of calling such a being God? Moreover if there was absolutely nothing there to begin with then there could not come about anything at all. Because world is here before our very eyes we can therefore assume presence of God and because world was brought about then the creator of this world ought to have some purpose for creating it and that purpose could not be known by people unless he revealed it to them. This is why God revealed his messages for mankind for explaining things to them which they could not know but they needed to know to live in this world in a way whereby they ended up fulfilling his purpose according to his plan. This is why this creation of God and his revelations are a solid proof of his existence and his guidance for mankind. This is why the proper question that people must ask themselves is, how do these two alleged acts of God act as a solid proof beyond any reasonable doubt about existence and guidance of God for mankind?  
As God is not visible to us through our senses we can only prove his existence through logical consistency on the base of probability using the two available means to us ie alleged creation and revelation of God. To do that let us suppose we are in desperate need of something without which our blissful, dignified and secure existence is most unlikely even if not totally impossible, what do we do? One day in our lives we go out looking for that thing in hope of getting it and along the way we meet someone who gives us that thing without which we cannot have blissful, dignified and secure existence ie a book full of information which we need, what do we do with that book? Do we ignore the book and start questioning the person who gave us such an invaluable book and tells us it is from God for our guidance or take the book and learn to understand it properly then scrutinise it properly for its truth and if it proves to be true for what it claims then use its provided information to live a blissful, dignified and secure life as it tells? If we get into argument with the person who gives us the special book and ignore the book then we will end up wasting our time, how? If the person tells us God gave me this great book to give you for the very purpose we needed that book for but we end up saying to him, look man, God does not talk to people if he did then why he did not talk to me instead of you or why he did not talk to all of us etc etc? Such line of questioning is clearly a waste of time because we are ignoring the actual book which is supposed to help us decide the issue properly whether it could be from God or not and whether it is the book we were looking for and searching very hard for. This is why when it comes to God revealed book, it is the book which is of fundamental importance not the person who gives us the book. He is only a messenger to pass on information and at the most we can see whether he acted on the information or not as much as he needed to, at the stage he was in his missionary work. This is why life of a messenger of God is only important to a stage and not totally because messengers of God also make mistakes because they too are human beings and no human being is can be free of making mistakes. All we can say is messengers of God never commit crimes. By crime I mean an unlawful act that is deliberate with intention and motivation for personal benefit at the loss of someone else ie an act that is crime in the sight of God and humanity. A messenger of God is sent with a mission to accomplish and mission goes through different stages from its beginning till its completion. All this has been explained in detail already so there is no point in repeating the same. The point is a messenger of God cannot be looked at in isolation from his missionary work and the stage he is at, at any given time and place. It is because during different stages of mission different acts are required by a messenger of God. Then there are things which are true about any human beings ie we all sleep, eat and do different things which we need to do as our daily life or situations or circumstances dictates. We are never in same state of mind nor do we keep on doing the same thing forever. Our minds change and we do different things as our situations demand, so we must not try to judge character of a messenger of God in isolation from his mission. As for the book of God a messenger of God gives to his people, it is up to people to judge that book as individuals and as groups to see if this is the book they were looking for. This they cannot do till they learn sense of making proper sense of things. Not only that they must also learn proper way of understanding a book from God properly. Only and only then their judgement about it will stand or will be valid. How to understand the book of God properly has been already explained in detail in this work on the Quran. The point is, if an alleged God sent book truly gives mankind the solid foundation for blissful, dignified and secure existence in this world by providing them with the needed vitally important information then it proves it is from God because it serves its alleged purpose fully. No proof beyond that is necessary for humanity to have to satisfy human mind. This is why the Quran tells mankind, it is the book for which they have been looking that is capable of removing all reasonable doubts from minds of reasonable people. This is how it provides human mind with unshakeable certainty. So people must not dismiss it out of hands due to their own ignorance and stupidity by making unreasonable demands of God. There is no need for people to say, we need the proof that God did give this book to this person and by proof they mean we need to see God actually giving the book to the person. If God was visible to mankind themselves then what will be point in this question? Moreover if the book is proving it is from God beyond any reasonable doubt then why God has to be visible to people to prove his existence or to prove existence of his guidance? So any person who is truly knowledge should be able to see how these like questions serve no meaningful purpose. They can only confuse the ignorant or a person who lacks in proper knowledge of things.  
Another important point for people to remember is, people always initially supposed things to explain rest of things that go with the supposition and if this supposition as a whole worked then because it worked it was taken as true by virtue of its functionality. This rule still works and will work always provided it is used appropriately. It is because to start thinking about anything at all one needs a starting point. If there is no starting point to begin thinking about some problem then one cannot even start thinking about it let alone find solution for it through the thinking process. This is why supposition is necessary. This is why by looking at the creation one ends up thinking about its creator as a possibility. Just supposing existence of God does not explain everything therefore the supposition that if God exists then so does his message for his intelligent creatures like human beings. This supposition puts forth the idea of falsifiable or testable claim about God. It is because if we suppose existence of God and therefore his revelation then we can look for it and find it and after finding the alleged revelation of God we can study it and scrutinize it for its truth to see if it answers our questions for the answers of which we depend on God and his revelation or not. If it gives us a best sensible explanation which we ourselves cannot beat then by reason we are forced to accept the alleged revelation of God as true message of God for mankind from their creator and sustainer. On the contrary if any such alleged divine revelation fails to put forth such reasonable explanation then we can conclude that it is not a message from God. The Quran is such a book that provides the mankind with all the vitally important answers they need. It clarifies mysteries for mankind and helps them to be of stable mindset, attitude and behaviour. In other words it prevents mankind from falling into identity crisis due to doubts or brings them out if they have already fallen into this abyss thereby into deep depression due to chaos and confusion that could otherwise take place in minds of people and settle in there permanently. This is how the Quran brings mankind out of darkness of ignorance by giving them knowledge about things they do not know about themselves. So darkness of ignorance is a big challenge for mankind to overcome by way of learning knowledge.  
This surah explains to mankind how they need to work as individuals to complement each other for a bigger picture. The idea is that mankind must come together after receiving the guidance from Allah and work out all details as to how the human community should work to fulfil its God set goals according to his provided guidelines. This has been explained already ie people need to work out land and resources available to them and means of production and distribution in relation to their population and planning. Once all things are worked out to each and every minute detail then responsibilities are to be distributed among individuals and groups to self regulate from a local village to a whole human brotherhood at the ummah level. The idea is that everything should be taken into account ie work, rest and playtime etc etc. The community life should be set up in such a way that no individual remains uncared for in the community ie the idea is to deliver goods and services free of charge to each and every person at the point of need free of any involvement of money through self help. There are going to be some teething problems as things start but as things start running any problems still there will become obvious and should be solved promptly and appropriately. This is why the Quran is not about changing things overnight but a program that takes into account human evolution and the way things work in the real world. For example, educating the human population about the message of the Quran is going to be a real headache not a piece of cake. Then people coming together and organising and regulating themselves is not an easy thing to do. This is why Islam is not for ignorant fools or weak minded people. It is highly demanding concept to be put into practice. Nonetheless reward is nothing less than life worth living once all things are properly in place. So one can see such a way of life is not easy for rulers, mullahs and money lenders or money orientated people to adopt who live as burden on others whom they trick into their slavery by their tricks and mechanisms. This is why they do all they can to keep message of the Quran under cover of their self created falsehood called religion. Ignorance hides and mystifies things this is why these people want to keep people busy doing all sorts of nonsense things for as long as they can. The day people wake up and start thinking who is running the show and why or what their agenda is then it is going to be a lot of trouble ahead. All because painful suffering due to decline of nations begins when people start sticking to ignorance and idle talk or useless practices instead of knowledge and purposeful practices so they become lazy and do crazy things instead of putting up a good struggle for their blissful and dignified survival or prosperity through unity based cooperation as told in the scriptures from Allah for their guidance. Such nations cannot make a comeback unless they change their mindset, attitude and behaviour to that which is needed for a people to become a successful human community that is united, peaceful, progressive and prosperous.  
Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,  
1] We cite as evidence the period of darkness of ignorance as it keeps things wrapped up in mysteries keeping mankind confused about them due to their lack of making efforts for learning knowledge about them  
Word LAIL actually indicates or points out something that something is lacking in some sense eg night lacks daylight or ignorant lacks knowledge or poor lacks things of need or blind lacks sight or confused lacks clarity or chaos lacks order etc etc. These like verses in the Quran have parallel concepts attached to them and one has to pay attention to that when one reads the Quran.  
2] and We cite as evidence the period of light of knowledge as it brings things to light for mankind removing mysteries to see them distinctively for what they really are due to their making efforts for learning knowledge about them.  
Word NAHAAR is used in opposition to word LAIL. The idea is that as in physical world night and day cover and uncover things so darkness of ignorance and light of knowledge wrap up things in mystery and remove mysteries about things. One can therefore see if Islam is all about making thing clear for mankind or wrapping them up in mysteries and confusion in order to confuse mankind. This should help one see where mullahs are leading ummah when they try to turn everything into magic, mystery and superstition and call it Islam. By turning things mysterious mullah try to show they have some special knowledge from Allah as if by a direct link. This is why ignorant and simple minded people are conned by them out of any little they may have.  
3] We have not evolved the people who manage and the people who are managed  
Words ZAKAR and UNSAA not only mean male and female but leaders and communities as well or managers and their managed communities or management committees. Administrators and administrations, leaders and followers, dependable people and dependent people in a community, people with high profile and people with low profile, brave people and timid people, people with courage and people with lack of courage, people who are strong and people who are weak, warrior and coward, to be like a man or to be like a woman in some sense in some way for some reason or purpose etc etc.  
4] but for the reason that your efforts complement each other towards becoming a proper human community in a kingdom for ensuring well being of each other for carrying out Our program to fulfil Our purpose for your creation.  
Word SHATTAA is from root SHEEN, TAA and TAA. Concrete meaning of this root is to act as separate individuals yet be part of the whole. Also complementary parts of something that even though work as individuals yet play part in greater scheme of things. To act as individual parts of a machine to make it work as a complete machine. Individual parts of a thing that complement each other to make the thing a thing.  
5] So for the management that helps people under its management get what they need therefore keeps itself consistent with proper human community  
6] and thereby proves Our advised way of life truly beautiful,  
7] We will provide for it yet more ease towards the goal of unity, peace, progress and prosperity.  
8] However for the management that denies or tries to take away Our assigned rights of people under its management thereby enslaves them and considers itself independent of Our guidance and cooperation of its people  
It should always be remembered by individuals that rulers, money lenders and mullas are con artists. Masses are not only ignorant but foolish as well that is why they follow them blindly.  
9] and that way opposes beautiful way of life advised by Us for ensuring well being of mankind,  
10] We will leave open for it as per its own desire the way to hardship and terrible painful suffering by hands of each other.  
11] Just think, of what benefit will its wealth be for itself and its population if it itself lives its life according to way of life based upon condemned foundation of personal gains at the expense of each other or at the expense of community spirit?  
12] Regardless it is for Us to provide guidance for mankind but up to mankind themselves to follow it through faithfully or not,  
13] because it is always up to Our set-up systems and laws to decide everything about Our projects from the beginning to the end according to Our own plan.  
14] Therefore you the mankind are clearly forewarned by Us against igniting fires of hatred among yourselves,  
15] in which will burn none save the ones who want to cause harms and destructions to each other and those who do nothing to stop it,  
16] such as deny to each other what is beneficial and constructive for mankind and turn away from or even oppose Our guidance.  
17] However such as truly follow Our guidance faithfully We thereby keep them away from thinking and doing such harmful and destructive things to each other,  
18] the ones who use the whole fruit of their labour they can manage to the best of their God given abilities to help each other and hold themselves back from inflicting harms and destructions upon each other for petty personal gains,  
19] seeking no other favour from anyone nor expecting any other kind of return of anyone,  
20] save full help and support to accomplish the goal set by their Creator and Sustainer the bestower of honour to become a proper human community in a kingdom.  
21] It is such people who will soon be well-pleased with program of Allah their Creator and Sustainer for the outcome of their faithful thoughts and actions according to it for ensuring well being of each other.  
People who will endeavour to excel in life will ultimately reach their set goal and they will be well pleased with the outcome of their thoughts and actions based upon guidance of their creator and sustainer. This is how this surah talks about journey of mankind from period of darkness of ignorance to period of light of knowledge to bring about a proper human community in a kingdom based upon guidance of Allah for ensuring their own blissful, dignified and secure existence with help and full support of each other for fulfilling purpose of creation of Allah according to his plan.  
Surah 93 AL-DUHAA–Spreading of light of Our revealed knowledge among people will remove darkness of ignorance in mankind and help them bring about a proper human community in a kingdom based upon it for ensuring their well being with help and full support of each other for carrying out Our program for which We created them.  
This surah is named AL-DUHAA from root DWAD, HAA and WOW/YAA. Concrete meaning of this root is the time period when sun appears in a place on the earth in the morning and its light keeps on spreading till it is at its maximum at noon. Rising of a nation from the period of time it begins till it reaches its maximum power. The time when revelation of God appears and spreads till it has spread to its maximum extent. The period of time of expansion of enlightenment from the time it begins or commences. Period of time when sun shines on things fully making things appear exactly as they are or when one has gained maximum understanding and grasp of things. The sun is not only the star in the sky but sun of knowledge or enlightenment is also called sun and it shines on those who learn things. To bring something in the open or to shine light on something. The breaking of day, daylight, sunlight, the brief time of mid-morning, barrier, defence, stoppage, screen, blockage, wall, fence, dam, protection, shield, guard, battle line, boundary, dividing line, demarcation, separation, divide, partition, hook, link, connection, relationship, bond, catch, latch, tie, crookedness, wickedness, someone or something bent or twisted or turned, to expose oneself to the sun or sunlight or heat of the sun, to appear or appear clearly or conspicuously, suburb and surroundings, forenoon, sacrificial animal, sacrifice, dedication or commitment, to sacrifice, to offer, to dedicate, to devote, to assign, to appoint, to point out someone or something in some sense in some way for some reason or purpose, to enter at the time of mid-morning etc etc.  
This surah is named AL-DUHAA because the Quran talks about importance of knowing things properly and planning things or course of action properly and then executing the plan or acting upon it faithfully. All this because unless people have a proper goal and a fully worked out proper way to achieve it and then they act upon it faithfully they can do nothing much other than sit idle or make random movements which lead them nowhere and that is why most people and nations in the world decline or perish or cannot rise. It should be obvious to sensible people that message of the Quran is very simple for mankind ie do as told to land in blissful, dignified and secure life as promised or die by doing things the wrong way after prolonged painful suffering. It is because ignorance, illiteracy and lack of education based thoughts and actions cannot deliver blissful, dignified and secure life as outcome instead they deliver the opposite. This is why people should not only learn information and how to understand it but also teach the same to others because to bring about a proper human community in a kingdom is not possible for any individual on his own. One can only do so much and the rest is up to others. By encouraging and helping each other people can move mountains so it should not be that difficult to educate human population so that then people could become a proper human community in a kingdom that is properly organised and regulated for fulfilling all its needs and wants by way of provided program by its creator and sustainer ready for carrying out his program for which he created all things including human beings.  
Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,  
1] We cite for evidence phenomenon of spreading of light of knowledge  
2] whereby darkness of ignorance vanishes.  
Word SAJAA is from roots SEEN, JEEM and WOW/YAA. Concrete meaning of this root is something that is at rest in some sense. A person stuck in a routine, someone moving or travelling at a constant speed without disturbance, something standing still or is at rest or is stationary. Something static or stagnant, something stuck in a rut, something that does not move with time, something fixed in sense of time and place, something that remains in the same state over a period of time, something that lasts or is permanent, something that does not change or vary or alter with time, darkness of ignorance, something that settles in, something that falls into a habit or routine, something consistent or constant, something that does not accelerate or decelerate with time, Night becoming darker and silent wherein there is no sign of any disturbance. Some situation or circumstances remain constant. Quiet, calm, placid, base, foundation, starting point, anchorage, something capable of acting as a base, something capable of playing a role in some sense in some way for some reason or purpose, beast of burden, working class, lower class or level, something low in quality, something that lacks durability or quality, tooth, sharpness, cleverness, to bite, to cut, to separate, to sever, to cut off, to break off ties or bonds or relationships or links or connections, to be hard or tough or strong or dense, to be become low profile, to hide, to lie low, to become unnoticeable or concealed or invisible, to stay or remain the same in some sense in some way for some reason or purpose, to be inventive, to walk on foot, to travel by foot, to move fast, to move as if flying, to be sharp or clever, to be intelligent or tricky, to handle, to manage, to control, to manipulate, to trick, to deceive, to be brainy, to be reliable or trustworthy or dependable, to calm down, to settle down, to be quiet or still, to be or become silent, to be or become tranquil, to be serene etc etc.  
3] Your Creator and Sustainer did not plan to keep you the mankind in the same basic state of existence forever nor did He leave you aimless without setting you any goals and guidelines.  
4] Due to program, constitution and law of His your state of existence will improve with time provided you act in that light.  
Words AAKHIRAH and OOLAA here mean the earlier life of human beings as compared to their later life. This verse tells mankind that human progress and prosperity is inevitable despite the fact that it is going to take time due to how people respond to program, constitution and law of God. If people will act according to advice of God then things will improve but how quickly or late depends upon how many people do so and how soon etc etc. People can get results within a generation or can take centuries or millenniums. For example, if people decide to build a building it will take them time to do so. How long will it take them will depend upon all the factors involved in the process ie number of people, what they know about building a building, what materials they have are capable of having and so on and so forth. Likewise building a proper human community in a kingdom is also not that easy or straightforward. It involves having a workable plan, gathering of people and gathering of materials etc etc. So to begin with people have to be knowledgeable and trained enough to carry out the given task. Ignorant and untrained people will not be able to carry out the given task so preparation is absolutely necessary. So building a Muslim ummah in a kingdom is beyond capability of rulers, money lenders, mullas, their touts and supporters. Anyone expected them to be able to do so is living in fools paradise.  
5] That is because set-up systems and laws of your Creator and Sustainer will soon rewards you the mankind with an outcome with which you will be well pleased if you proved to be consistent with His set goals and provided guidelines.  
6] Did He not find you the human beings abandoned by each other and provided you with information as foundation for bringing about a proper human community in a kingdom?  
7] Did He not find you the mankind wandering about confused and set you goals and gave you guidelines?  
8] Moreover did He not find you people in need of necessities of life and to fulfil your needs and wants provided you with His blissful, dignified and life securing program?  
9] So that you never ignore or neglect or abandoned or subdue or subjugate or enslave or oppress or terrorise or frighten any individual or group in need of due support or disrespect anyone or look down upon disdainfully with contempt.  
10] So never deny due livelihood to any individual or group that needs or asks for it.  
11] That is how you the mankind should organise and regulate yourselves as a community in a kingdom to manage blissful provisions of Your creator and sustainer appropriately so that they prove highly valuable and useful for you.  
The Quran does not give any importance to any particular person be it a messenger of God. It hands out duties or responsibilities and demands their fulfilment by people. It sets goals for mankind as a whole to accomplish and provides guidelines according to which goals are to be accomplished. All because God has created each and everything for his purpose alone which he will fulfil according to his own plan. All individuals can do is learn his revealed information and teach it to each other so that individuals could come together as a proper human community in a kingdom for ensuring their own well being with help and full support of each other in order to carry out his given program for fulfilling his purpose for which he created them. This is why deen of Islam is nothing more than a way of life or a formula for mankind for fulfilment of purpose of God with help of his given program. In other words deen of Islam is a proper way of life from God for mankind for living in this world for the fulfilment of God’s purpose for which he created everything including human beings. This is proper over all context of the message in the Quran, so the whole Quran must be interpreted or explained in this context only.  
Surah 94 AL-INSHIRAH-Proper understanding of way of life advised by God for mankind for living in this world properly as a proper human community in a kingdom for ensuring their own well being through help and full support of each other and its faithful adoption by human beings by way of needed hard works by them to fulfil its purpose for which God created everything including human beings can lead to solutions of all problems that face humanity therefore life could become a mind blowing blissful experience for humanity.  
This surah is named AL-INSHIRAH from root SHEEN, RAA and HAA. Already explained but for reminder it means something that causes a space to open up wider. Also enlightenment that leads to open mindedness or better understanding of things, an idea that leads to solution of a problem or removal of a an obstacle or difficulty or hardship in the way of getting to a goal or destination. To slice, to cut into thin pieces, to dilate, to expand, to expound, to detail, to explain, to blow or blow up, to explode, to manifest, to clarify, to justify, to expose, to disclose, to reveal, to bring into the open, to bring into light, to make obvious, to add on, to realise, to actualise, to reveal, to lay open, to display, to open the door to new ideas or things, to spread the meat, to spread something valuable that acts as food for thought, to make room for something, to accommodate, to justify, to offer an excuse, to make something acceptable, to explain something in detail, to link, to connect, to bring together, to tie up together, to enlarge, to help someone understand something, to help comprehension, to help overcome something, to bring into view, to bring something to someone’s attention, to make someone aware about something, to inform, to tell or let know, to bind, to bundle up, addition, addendum, an attachment, extended or widened view, increased horizon, bigger skyline, better perspective, better outlook, bigger scope, better perception, expanded sphere, compass, purview, widened orbit, widened circle, ambit, something highly exciting, something mind blowing, something mind boggling, something difficult to imagine or think about, something beyond imagination, something highly shocking, some wonderful or strange event or happening, something that stretches human imagination, mind stretching, mind opening, opening up or stretching of mind, open mindedness etc etc.  
This surah is named AL-INSHIRAH because the Quran talks about lessons and learning through observation and reflection upon realities of this universe along with revelation of God for properly understanding things so that mankind are able to see things for what they really are and whether they are the way they should be or need some work by people to change or modify or refine them to be what they should be according to set standard of God. All this cannot be done unless people have wider and deeper understanding of real world realities and revelation of God so that they could adopt such mindset, attitude and behaviour that is helpful for themselves for their own blissful, dignified and secure existence as a proper human community in a kingdom for ensuring their own well being with help and full support of each other for carrying out God assigned program or mission for them. Therefore understanding the God sent manifesto and spreading it to gain support of people for forming a proper human community in a kingdom is of vital importance for mankind. This is why almost all time that remains after meeting necessities of living must be spent on furthering this cause till human population becomes a proper human community in a kingdom. Even after people become a proper human community in a kingdom it becomes absolutely necessary for them to maintain the community and the kingdom so that things do not fall apart due to negligence or lack of maintenance. All this because unless people work very, very hard for a best human society it cannot come about or continue in existence. It has to be taken as a mission or main cause by people who wish to bring about the kind of human world the Quranic program proposes or suggests or advises. The reason is that if you want something to be proper then each and everything has to be done properly because one fatal mistake or such wrong move can ruin the whole plan for everyone.  
Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,  
1] Have We not extended for you the mankind your horizon by stretching your mind through teaching you Our revealed program for living in this world properly?  
As explained already word SADR from root SWAD, DAAL and RAA means the centre of power or chain of command or central nervous system, central or innermost part of soemthing, kernel, centre, central part of something without which something cannot be, necessary or essential part of something, bosom, chest, box, enclosure, skull, ribcage, protective covering over something fragile, government, administration, management, handler, director, pointer, president, metropolis, main city of a country, capital city, main habitat of a human population in an area, control centre, heart of a plan, cause, mission or being, very heart of something, the very being of something, the very thing, heart, mind, brain, thinking ability or faculty, tree, branch, fruit, result, effect, outcome, consequence, middle part of something, a part of a system that is connected to all other parts of it for its existence and proper functioning, core, hub, nucleus, the very centre of something, a vitally important part of something that plays main part in its continuous existence and proper function etc.  
2] To help remove thereby from you your heavy burden in form of problems, hardships and difficulties for living your lives properly in this world  
3] which was breaking your back due to fractured relationships between yourselves because of lack or loss of community spirit in you people which resulted in needless tensions between yourselves,  
4] that is why We raised with you the mankind the issue of hard work to understand things and to do what needs to be done so that you people end up in blissful, dignified and secure existence as a proper human community in a kingdom.  
5] Because surely with hard works according to proper way of life problems and difficulties for living in this world can be overcome and life can be turned into a blissful experience by mankind.  
6] Surely through hard works according to right way of life come about solutions of problems which remove difficulties and hardships for people and land them into blissful, dignified and secure existence.  
7] Therefore if you really want freedom from problems, hardships and difficulties and want to end up in blissful, dignified and secure existence as a proper human community in a kingdom then focus your energies on completing the assigned program  
8] and become fully involved in carrying out the mission assigned for you by your Creator and Sustainer till it is fully accomplished and then work hard to maintain things so that they do not fall apart thereafter.  
The Quran repeatedly tries to focus human attention on its program so that mankind could have a great life in this world while serving purpose of God according to his plan. This is sole purpose for which God revealed the Quran and sent his revelations for mankind before this final revealed message in form of the Quran. This is why Islam is not a religion because it is not a system of dogmatic beliefs about worship of God as imagined by people who lack in proper knowledge about things. Islam is name of a way of life whereby mankind are supposed to fulfil purpose of God for which he created them by living in this world according to it. This way of life is about people carrying out program of God. God did not create people to mess up their lives by running about in all directions like headless chickens, not thinking and doing what needs to be thought and done. Deen of Islam is about society, its politics, its culture and its economics etc etc.  
Surah 95 AL-TEEN-Mankind are created with abilities to establish and maintain a proper human community in a kingdom based upon constitution and law of Allah for ensuring their own well being through help and full support of each other in order to carry out his revealed program for which he created them.  
This surah is named AL-TEEN from root TAA, YAA and NOON. Concrete meaning of this root is fig fruit, leaf or tree. An area where there are fig trees, name of a mountain range, a place wherein people of prophet Noah lived, the custom or tradition of a people living in the area where there are fig trees, something that helps recover from an embarrassing situation, something that helps cover up or hide an embarrassing situation, something that protects or shields from harm and destruction, a program from Allah with constitution and law to put things right that are seen or thought to be wrong or harmful and destructive by a Allah and humanity, something that is considered vitally important or of greatest possible value, something that indicates or predicts disaster, to give best performance, something that can help deal with something or some situation, a worthless thing, a contemptible thing, something of least use or value, a small community of people, something negligible in size or value etc, enlightenment, anus, pudendum, bottom, bottom end of something, the lower end of something, lower opening of something as compared to its upper opening, something that is so good that it has least possible bad side effects, a wholesome food, a food that is nutritious as well as delicious, garden of figs, a mountain full of figs or something alike, womb, tomb, grave, house, room, chamber, department, compartment, chest, box, an enclosure, basket, snake, serpent, eel, fish, whale, shark, ink, inkpot, arrow, arrowhead, rocket, aeroplane, bullet, spaceship, ship, submarine etc etc.  
This surah is named AL-TEEN because the Quran talks about goals and guidelines of Allah as a program, constitution and law for unity peace, progress and prosperity of mankind as a proper human community in a kingdom to carry out his given program and to protect humanity against harmful and destructive ways of life which rulers, money lenders, mullas, their touts and supporters invent and force upon masses. The Quran talks about various people eg people of Noah, people of Jesus and people of Moses etc. In this surah in verses one, two and three the Quran talks about four different revelations to four different people about the God revealed way of life in form of a program, constitution and law of God given to each of them. From the context of the verses in this surah and in wider context of the Quran it seems the Quran is talking about a way of life that is advised by Allah for mankind to follow for becoming a worthy people for carrying out his program for which he created them. The people in the past followed it and got what they were promised so later people in this world in this era are also told to do the same because going about life any other way will only keep mankind from realising or actualising their full potential and could also lead them to their own self harm and destruction or to a lesser degree into painful suffering by hands of each other over a very long period of time till they learn their lesson the hard way by teaching each other things through use of force they may have against each other.  
Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,  
1] We present as evidence the program, constitution and law given to people of AL-TEEN and people of AL-ZAITOON  
Just as TEEN seems to be about people of Noah, so ZAITOON is about people of Jesus and SEENEEN is about people of Moses. Word TEEN is about a good tree that produces good fruit. The Quran uses words like SHAJRAH, TAIYBAH and KHABEESAH ie good and bad tree for program, constitution and law from Allah or people making laws for themselves for their own goals in life.  
Word ZAITOON as explained already elsewhere means alive oil, olives, olive tree or olive branch or leaf etc. In Arabic idiom words have other meanings and concepts also as explained in detail already. The simple idea is to think of road traffic signs which people who know them have no problem interpreting. Handing over to someone olive branch has its own concepts than simple word for word meanings. Word ZAITOON stands for exactly the same reason as word TEEN but for a different people. The ZAITOON tree is mention in the Quran as something of value for mankind because it is light of knowledge from Allah.  
2] as well as people of TOORI SEENEEN  
Word SEENEEN is about divine program, constitution and law given to a people in area of Mount Sinai.  
3] and this program, constitution and law in shape of the Quran that is given to people of this ummah for their blissful, dignified and secure existence as a proper human community in a kingdom,  
4] We have certainly evolved mankind with capabilities to accomplish and maintain balance and beauty in the world for removing harms and destructions from humanity  
5] even though We have put mankind through struggle from the lowest of the low starting point  
6] nonetheless those who commit to working for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind and take actions to remove obstacles in the path of human unity, peace, progress and prosperity such will indeed be able to establish and maintain proper human community in a kingdom for carrying out Our given program with unending rewards for doing so.  
7] Therefore what is causing you the mankind to deny yourselves the benefits of establishing a proper human community in a kingdom based upon way of life advised by Allah after it has been made known for you?  
8] Is rule of law based upon guidance of Allah not the best one in comparison to rules of laws of all other rulers you have accepted for yourselves to live by?  
This surah tells us, Allah created people in simple state of existence and put them through a very hard struggle to become the best possible creation or master piece of Allah one day by reaching the God set limit or standard. This is why man is given the way of life by God to adopt and succeed quicker rather than ignoring guidance of God and getting there after a lot of needless painful suffering. However man is given freedom to chose the way he likes for whatever reasons of his own and that is what man has been doing always and this is why he still has not reached the standard where God wanted him to be but one day he will and God knows that and he has told people about it in the Quran.  
Surah 96 AL-ALAQ- People are created knowing nothing at all or in a disorientated state of mind but able to find things out themselves and to help them do so We revealed information for them to base upon and regulate themselves as a proper human community in a kingdom for their own blissful, dignified and secure existence in order to fulfil Our given program for which We have created them.  
This surah is named AL-ALAQ from root AIN, LAAM and QAAF. Already explained but for reminder it means something that ties or links or attaches itself to something else in some sense in some way for some reason or purpose. An apple hangs down or suspends from the branch of an apple tree. Something that sticks to another thing like a leech. A relationship between a husband and wife where one partner keeps the other in suspense whether one wants to continue marriage or end it. A bucket attached with a piece of rope that is lowered or suspended into a well to get water from it. Someone attached to someone in love. The congeal blood, blood clot, to hang, to cling, to hang in balance, to become suspended, to suspend, to leave in lurch, to adhere, to confuse or puzzle or disorientate, to isolate or disconnect,. to leave disconnected or isolated, to leave someone on one’s own, to desert or abandon or neglect or ignore, to leave hanging on a cliff, morsel of food, a chewed small piece of flesh, creeper, treasure etc etc.  
This surah is named AL-ALAQ because the Quran tells people to stick together as a proper human community in a kingdom for ensuring their well being through help and full support of each other so that they could carry out their God revealed program in the Quran. God sent his message for mankind because he created them from their parents not knowing a thing about anything at all but with brains, senses and bodies capable of finding things out themselves through interacting with other created things in the world and learning from them. Once mankind have learned reading and writing as well as thinking rationally through help of things in this world then they are ready for learning about and from revealed message of God for them. God revealed message for mankind explains to people many things which they could not know all by themselves no matter how hard they tried and for all eternity. This is why not only study of the creation is absolutely necessary for humanity but study of God revealed information as well so that people could become aware of what is going on and why or how and who is making all this happen and for what purpose and according to which plan. Once people have complete information about themselves and rest of creation then their minds no longer remain confused or disorientated or in suspense about themselves or about rest of things. The Quran is message of God for mankind for this age or era through his final messenger.  
It talks about laws of nature and how far they go and the place of revealed program in God’s scheme of things. Having sense of both is absolutely necessary for proper existence of humanity. As explained already the proper understanding of God’s revelation fully depends upon understanding of universal realities ie one must think and figure out one’s own existence and development from birth till death in all aspects eg biologically, psychologically and sociologically. The Quran is not an easy book to understand but it is not an impossible to understand book either. Without self awareness and awareness of universal realities the Quran cannot be understood ie it cannot be understood in isolation. Not only that but if the Quran is not understood in light of real world realities then it cannot be implemented in the real world for which it is revealed by God. So people who are really interested in concept of God and revelation they need to question themselves as to what they want out of life ie stability or instability. Both objectives have an outcome for mankind that they cannot escape. If people decide to take the way of life based upon laws of nature then laws of nature will decide how their life turns out. It is hard in two ways a)the mental instability is inevitable at some stage in one’s life and b)it requires one to beat all the competition out there. So one is all alone to face everything and any links between things and people are merely based upon survival advantages. In order to take advantage of others one will have to be a ruthlessly brutal person because if one is mentally or emotionally weak then one will break down very early in life as this way of life involves abusive use of any person or thing and every person or thing ie anything and everything will be used abusively by such people to suit only and only themselves. If all people in a human society turned out like that then life will not be a pleasant experience for anyone at all because each and every person will be looking over his shoulders all the time feeling oneself always in danger under threat in fear and uncertainty.  
No proper laws can be applied to such situations or can be made to work due to ignorance and lawlessness of people. When people chose to live by laws of jungle than only jungle laws apply and if that is what people want then none has right to complain when things do not work in favour of a person or even if they go against him. For such laws to be applied and made to work they must be enforced by brutal force as they are partial ie they suit only some people at the expense of all others. These laws do not work in permanent favour of anyone because situations and circumstances of the very same person change with time. So a person may have an advantage over others at a given time in a given place but the very same person at a different time in a different place will end up in a serious disadvantage position ie a child is not going to remain a child and a grown up will become an old person and die, so none is created by God to live in this world forever in the very same state forever so none can rule it forever either other than God himself. This is why people should never try to be Gods of each other rather they should accept God alone as God and be one under God therefore learn to live by his provided program, constitution and law and get on with what they are supposed to think and do for ensuring well being of humanity.  
A point people must remember is, if advantaged people will look for opportunities to get others then all people have advantages over others one way or the other and if they will carry on doing things the wrong way then human painful suffering cannot be ended ever. At some stage people are going to say, enough is enough so why not now? This is why proper laws must be accepted by people and they must live by them voluntarily to help them be united, peaceful, progressive and prosperous. It is because no matter what if unfair laws are forced upon people they will be forced to break them because if they do not then they will lose out in the game of survival. On the other hand if anyone is caught breaking the fair and just law then rest will want to see this person punished fairly for his crime against society. This is how if people will live under laws of God they will give them mental stability and security as well as physical stability and security. However this too is going to come at a price, which is working hard and handing over the fruit of one’s labour for the well being of others though others will also be doing the same ie people will have to accept that they will have to work for the mutual benefit of each other as a proper human community in a kingdom. This way if community makes any gains then all share it and if community makes a loss then all share that loss also. For example, if one year the crop is good then all will get more than they need but if it is bad then all will have to go without it. It is family way of life at a much bigger scale.  
Another way of life is in between sort of way of life ie people divide the world between themselves and stick to their groups and then groups compete against each other. This is how world is living today ie it is neither totally based upon survival of the fittest nor totally based upon guidance provided by God. This is how some countries are beating others at competition and by using them abusively they are giving relatively better life to their own group of people. Not all people benefit at same level because the abusive use of their own people also carries on but not as much as it is obvious in the countries beaten in the competition. One can check this out about the countries in the world as to how this way of life is destroying the world’s human population through hunger and thirst. There is never a day when there is no some sort of war on going somewhere in the world between some groups of people because social, political and economic systems are set up that way so that some people could easily abuse others. Powerful and rich countries ensure that weak and poor countries never build their educational institutions so they pick such people from among them that carry out their dirty work in their own countries. This is why human life has become of no value at all throughout the world. However, the very people who are used abusively do not want to hear anything against the system because main stream media is conditioning people all over the world to keep things the way they are for as long as they can. All this because rulers, mullahs, money lenders, their touts and supporters work together to keep masses in confusion and chaos through their tricks and mechanisms they have put in place, which due to simple mindedness masses cannot see. This is how these people do their magic on masses and all movements against this use and abuse fail due to conspiracies by these people. The only time masses can come out of this trap is when they have been abused at a massive scale and to the utmost degree that they totally lose hope in rulers, mullahs and money lenders and their public relation managers. Only then they will look for alternatives and will at all listen to voices crying as if in wilderness. However when they will do that there is going to be a massive revengeful reaction by these victims against their abusive users. This does not look far away the way human population is growing and there is no way found by rulers, mullahs and money lenders to cope with it. It is to the advantage of both the parties to come to their senses and stop using each other abusively and realise that it is time for massive change in the way we live our lives before it is too late and bloody revolution takes place at a massive scale.  
Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,  
1] Proclaim in the name of your Creator and Sustainer Who evolved all that exists.  
Word IQRA as already explained means to receive a message, remember it and write it down and then proclaim it. This is why the word Quran means a proclamation that has been received and collected in form of memory and writing. This is why all people that tell us the Quran was not left behind by the final messenger of Allah in form of a written book are unaware of what the Quran itself claims. The reports we have in the books of Hadith need to be interpreted in a sense that they do not contradict the Quranic claim. If any report cannot be reconciled with the Quranic facts then such a report cannot be true rather it could be part of false reports that have been concocted by rulers, mullahs, money lenders and their touts and supporters to try and create doubts about the text of the Quran to push the Quran out of their way so that they could do whatever they like to masses.  
Likewise any report that tells us any messenger of Allah did not know he was chosen a messenger by Allah and had to be told by others are also false such a report is in the book of Bukhaari which tells about the beginning of revelation and how the final messenger ran home and was taken to a Christian missionary who told him he is chosen as a messenger of Allah. If we read the story of Moses how Allah chose him that should explain how Allah chooses his messengers and that the chosen ones are told by Allah that they are his messengers and they do not need anyone else to tell them that. Such reports are part of conspiracy against message of Allah but as has been explained how the Quran proves to be word of Allah should be sufficient to make people realise that the Quran cannot be word of any man even today let alone word of a man 1500 years back from Arabia.  
2] Who evolved mankind from the tree of life as ultimate product of evolution like a fruit hangs down from its tree as its ultimate end product.  
This verse is not only telling us about origin and evolution of mankind but the purpose of human creation as well, which is mankind sticking to each other in an organised and regulated manner for fulfilment of their needs and wants according to program, constitution and law of Allah just like fruits of the same tree stick together by virtue of belonging to the very same tree. So human beings need to stick to guidance of Allah for ensuring well being of each other as a proper human community in a kingdom.  
3] Proclaim to mankind that program, constitution and law of your Creator and Sustainer is full of blessings and dignity for humanity,  
4] your Creator and Sustainer is He Who taught mankind knowledge through ability of reading and writing  
5] He taught human beings through this ability of reading and writing what they knew not.  
These verses are telling mankind, plan of Allah is unfolding with time so man should not ignore the message from his creator and sustainer or consequences will be very serious.  
6] But the fact is, after all these provisions mankind still violate set limits of Allah that are for their own blissful, dignified and secure existence,  
7] thinking they are independent of Our guidance as well as each other.  
8] No matter what the truth is, blissful, dignified and secure existence of mankind fully depends upon their turning to Our provided guidance.  
9] O mankind! Have you considered the case of such a person from among yourselves who stops  
10] Our missionary from communicating Our message to humanity for forming a proper human community network in a kingdom for ensuing well being of mankind through help and full support of each other?  
11] Do you the mankind consider such a person that he is following the right thoughts and actions?  
12] Or that he is striving for ensuring well being of humanity by trying to be consistent with Our guidance and humanity?  
13] Or do you consider such a person denying what is true and right and turning himself and others against it?  
14] Why does he not bother to become aware of the fact that set-up systems and laws of Allah are constantly monitoring all that he thinks and does against His mission and missionaries?  
15) So let him be aware that if he stops not from thinking and doing things against Our mission and missionaries then We will let Our set up systems and laws get hold of his person and drag him into terrible painful suffering to deliver him results of his own thoughts and actions in due course.  
16] His criminal falsehood based personality that denies benefits of Our true and right guidance to himself as well as other human beings.  
17] Once he is put in that situation by consequences of his own thoughts and actions against Our mission and missionaries then let him call upon all his supporters to help him out of that situation if they can,  
18] That is how soon Our setup systems and laws will deny to all people with such personality all that is for ensuring well being of mankind,  
19] So no, not any of you the mankind should align with or support such a leading person instead commit yourselves to Our mission in shape of Our program, constitution and law and follow through your commitment faithfully for ensuring well being of mankind as a proper human community in a klingdom.  
This surah is also about bringing about a proper human community in a kingdom based upon guidance of Allah in order to bring about blissful, dignified and secure existence for mankind through help and full support of each other. This surah tells us no matter whatever forces any people in the world will gather against rule of law of Allah in this world, they will not be able to stop its worldwide installation and maintenance by his missionaries for very long. A very forceful and clear declaration indeed.  
Surah 97 AL-QADR–We revealed information about the most valuable and vitally important things for people in shape of the Quran during period of darkness of ignorance to enable them to live as a proper human community in a kingdom to ensure their well being through help and full support of each other so that they could carry out Our program for which We have created them.  
This surah is named AL-QADR from root QAAF, DAAL and RAA. Already explained but for reminder it means something that is most valuable or vitally important in some sense in some way for some reason or purpose. Also a set of essential or necessary or vitally important measures put in place for some goals along with some guidelines, systems and laws for governing a process from start to finish in a coordinated way, to make something according to set out purpose or goal or standard etc, to estimate something quantity or mass or size or length or volume or capacity or speed wise, destiny, goal, measure, estimation, value, law, standard, criterion, power, authority, strength, ability, energy, destruction, balance, ratio, proportion, fate, luck, decree, to preordain, to reckon, to strain, to restrain or limit or restrict, to set measures etc etc.  
This surah is named AL-QADR because it is an attribute of the Quran. The reason the Quran is attributed this way is because it is a most valuable thing God has given to mankind. The Quran is valuable for mankind because it tells them program of Allah about mankind themselves and how that program can be carried out or executed successfully by people. It provides people with solid ideological foundation on basis of which they can and they should come together and form a proper human community in a kingdom. For this purpose it contains for people goals to accomplish and guidelines to create a constitution to organise and base themselves upon as a proper human community and to create laws in that light in order to regulate their proper human community properly. This is what deen of Islam is all about and that is why deen of Islam is way of life which if understood properly by human beings and acted upon faithfully will lead them to unity, peace, progress and prosperity so people will end up in blissful, dignified and secure existence in this very world after all this hard work once it has been carried out by them. To begin with one must learn about real world realities and then learn about revelation of God and once one understands things about them as they ought to be understood then one must help others do the same for themselves. This is of vital importance because otherwise people cannot come together to form a proper human community in a kingdom which is necessary for ensuring their well being through help and full support of each other so that then they could carry out God given program for which he created all things including mankind. The question one needs to ask oneself is, what will happen if people do not come together and remain individuals thinking and doing their own things? The world will remain as it is or get worse over a period of time and human condition will not improve but deteriorate and as a result a lot of people will keep on dying after prolonged painful suffering as is happening already in this world before our very eyes. So people who wish to have a better world cannot afford to ignore or neglect the information in the Quran for ensuring best possible existence for humanity in this world and in hereafter. It is therefore up to people how they respond to call of God their creator and sustainer. It is better for humanity to respond quicker and in great numbers so that the Quranic program could be implemented sooner in order to cut down human suffering in sense of time and in respect of numbers. The Quran however does give hope to humanity that their struggle for implementation of the Quranic rule will bear fruit in time to come as humanity gradually wakes up to dawn of enlightenment. The Quran keeps on emphasising the vital importance of right way of life for mankind for living in this world because wrong ways of life have serious consequences for humanity as a whole. Random baseless beliefs and practices in the name of religion and secularism lead mankind nowhere other than terribly troublesome life. Short surahs are only emphasising points already explained in surahs dealing with the raised points in detail. Therefore study of complete Quranic text is necessary to realise the overall context and the sub-contexts that are dependent upon each other. This surah explains to people, doing things methodically and systematically in an organised and regulated way cuts down time and effort as well as the painful suffering involved which in turn saves time and energy which then could be put to some other better use. The Quranic teaching is all about sufficiency and efficiency or proficiency and competence. It is the God advised way of life that ought to ensure proper management of human population and resources as well as production and distribution by people for the growth and prosperity of mankind. In short God has put measures in place and has set up everything in such a way that all things are geared up and working full well towards fulfilling program of God save human beings who are supposed to carry out his given program for them. They are doing so anyway, be it unknowingly but if they do it after knowing things it will be much better. People are circumstance driven ie they are forced by dynamic world to move with it anyway or die away aimlessly but if they learned things then they could use the natural world to their advantage by planning things ahead of time and that way they could save themselves from lots of troubles and painful suffering but that is entirely up to mankind themselves. So far they have not done that well but future may be much better for humanity if people learn from their mistakes.  
Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,  
1] Surely We revealed this Quran for letting mankind know about universal measures We have put in place and about Our program, constitution and law to help mankind come through period of darkness of ignorance safely.  
No matter what people think of themselves they have no idea at all how to live in this world properly. The Quran solves their this problem by helping them in this respect ie it tells them which is right way to live in this world. The problem is, people need to work very, very hard indeed to live in this world properly otherwise they cannot fit in with this world at the speed it is moving on. To live in this world is hard enough for mankind as it is but some people are so stupid that they are busy putting obstacles in each other’s way to make things yet much worse for humanity. They do not realise the world is not standing still for anyone you have to be at the right place at the right time or you miss the chance. This is why people need to help each other the best they can rather than hindering each other by causing problems for each other in various ways. The Quran tells mankind how God has set up this world to work so it is to advantage of mankind to learn how it works so that they could fit in with it. It also tells the purpose of God for such a setup so that things and people together could carry out his program for which he created everything including people. By remaining ignorant about creation and revelation of God people are only being their own worst enemies. This is why there is no place for lazy and crazy people in this world and nature delivers to such people what they deserve for remaining ignorant and stupid or being arrogant and stubborn therefore awkward. There is no escape for anyone in this world or the next as all people are strictly held accountable by God through his setup systems and structures, procedures and practices. People are only given a limited period of time to think and act and to receive results of their thoughts and actions. Some time gaps between causes and effects are very, very short and others very, very long. Some gaps are so long that many people make the mistake of thinking they have escaped the accountability altogether but in actual fact they do not. People who do wrong to each other know what they have done and for reaction of that they worry all the time which in itself is a punishment for those crimes come to think of it.  
2] And who can help you the mankind understand what are the advantages for you in these universal set up measures and in Our revealed program, constitution and law for getting you through the period of darkness of ignorance safely?  
3] Our universal set measures and Our program, constitution and law for getting you through period of darkness of ignorance safely give you a huge advantage that is better than struggling for the same end by way of warfare and destruction for a very long period of time.  
God is making it clear here that people can learn things in different ways. Some ways of learning things can take much longer time for people to learn very little and others ways of learning can take them much shorter time to learn a lot of things. To learn through direct experience with things takes much longer but if people who have already learned things explain things to others then that cuts time very short for them. By teaching things through his revelations God has helped humanity become learned quicker. Teaching is simply pointing out things to people to draw their attention to things so that they learn things about them. This helps a lot because otherwise people will have no idea what to learn and why or what not to learn and why not. By teaching important things to people God is directing their attention to right things and that in itself saves people a lot of time in learning the right things. Not only that God also points out important aspect of things as well which people ought to learn and again that is a big time saver for mankind. All this is a purpose based or purposeful learning and anything other than that is simply put a time wasting exercise which mankind cannot afford or consequences for doing that are very serious indeed as explained in the Quran already.  
4] We let descend Our missionaries with authority of Our revelation for ensuring well being of mankind wherein is program, constitution and law of their Creator and Sustainer for them about their each and every affair,  
People who are given message by God either directly or through his messengers are God’s missionaries who are supposed to deliver his message to rest of humanity within their reach. They prove their authorisation on basis of the God revealed message itself. Here God is telling people his revealed message contains all that is necessary for mankind to know and act upon. This is why it is of vital importance for people to learn God sent message properly so that they could have a great life in this world while it lasts. Failing to do so will only leave mankind in terrible painful suffering for as long as they live because they will not know how to live in this world properly and as a result they will think and do all sorts of wrong things to each other and suffer the consequences for thinking and doing so.  
5] Unity, peace, progress and prosperity of people as a proper human community in a kingdom is the foundational target set for mankind to achieve, therefore is revealed the Quran so that thereby breaks the dawn of enlightenment for humanity through its proper understanding and implementation for fulfilling Our program.  
This surah explains the vital importance of revelation in general but in case of the Quran in particular. As explained already mankind can only learn through life experience and teachings. The self experience based way of learning is a very, very slow and very, very painful process for learning known as evolutionary process. The guidance from Allah cuts down the time, the effort and painful suffering thereby one can learn what one will learn in a thousand years in hours. The Quran wants to see mankind reach a stage of learning where at mankind could bring about a properly self organised and self regulated human community that is free of all kind of problems and happy with its existence. In short Allah wants to see mankind a highly learned people who make Allah proud for being their creator and sustainer. It is because mankind are masterpiece of creativity of their creator and sustainer. No matter what God is certain that mankind will fulfil the purpose for which he has created them. The only thing that is missing is the specified time. So when people will complete their God set task is anyone’s guess but only God knows it for sure. All we humans can say is, if we all thought and did what we are told then task could complete quickly but if we will leave it for longer for whatever reasons then time will extend according to what we are thinking and doing.  
Surah 98 AL-BAIYINAH–The clearly obvious solid foundation for mankind to build their proper human community upon in a kingdom.  
This surah is named AL-BAIYINAH from root BAA, YAA and NOON. Already explained but for reminder it means something that is manifestly clear to see as something distinct and different from anything else in some sense in some way for some reason or purpose. Something evident all by itself, clear, proof, distinctly obvious, something that is distinct from other things, something separate or different, limit, speech, lecture, talk etc etc.  
This surah is named AL-BAIYINAH because the Quran talks about the solid foundation that is clear for people who have learned sense of making proper sense of things to see to live their lives properly by. Those who faithfully base themselves upon foundation revealed by Allah for the proper human community reap the benefits for doing so in form of blissful, dignified and secure life and those who oppose it fall in disputes and animosities and keep on fighting among themselves making life hell for each other because such people have nothing solid that works to base their sense of belonging upon. This will continue unless people see sense and change themselves for the better through carefully observing whatever is going on in their world and learn from it. One should have no difficulty in seeing the Quran approaches issues that are of vital importance for people in a very systematic and methodical way.  
It should be very clear for anyone who has knowledge to see the Quran keeps talking about two opposing ways of life all the time. It tells people about God advised way of life and what it will bring them if they will live by it as a community in a kingdom and it also tells them what is going on in their world which is wrong because it is harmful and destructive for humanity and why or how as well as how it can be put right by people themselves by stop living by ways of life people have invented and adopted for whatever right or wrong reasons but it all ended up harming and even destroying them through hands of each other. The Quran explains to people reasons why people invented ways of life they invented and why they adopted them as well as why they should let go of them and turn to guidance provided by their creator and sustainer. Not only that the Quran also tells mankind no matter what one day mankind as a whole will start living by way of life advised by God once they have learned sufficiently about it. Till then things will continue improving bit by bit as they have been always right from the time it was all started by God. This world is dynamic not static so it will not stop till all things end up as destined by God for his purpose according to his plan including human beings. The Quran contains all this information for humanity to learn from it and take appropriate advantage of knowledge and things provided.  
Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,  
1] Saying some of those who opposed living by rule of law of Allah from among the people given the book before such as those who took for rulers other than Allah were not going to give up their way of life unless and until there came to them another guidance manifest  
2] via a messenger from Allah proclaiming to them messages from the pages of His new revealed scripture  
3] wherein are written permanent universal goals for mankind to accomplish according to stated guidelines therein.  
4] However most of those who were given the book before the Quran, disputed after the clear evidence had come to them due to their sticking to their make beliefs and baseless practices by remaining ignorant.  
5] In the scriptures they were given in the past they were advised nothing other than to abide by program, constitution and law of Allah as a proper human community in a kingdom committing themselves sincerely to His advised way of life and sticking to it faithfully by establishing the proper human community network in a kingdom to attain freedom from all ills to help the community grow and prosper because that is what they were told is the true establishment of Our advised way of life in this world for ensuring well being of mankind as a whole.  
6] For this reason those who oppose set goals and guidelines of Allah from among the people of the book such as those who take for rulers other than Allah remain in terrible painful state of existence and they are to remain in that state for all their lives unless they stop living that way and adopt the way of life advised for them by Allah. Such people are most harmful and destructive of the creatures for humanity if they do not change themselves through learning and doing what is best for them as well as others.  
7] Surely those who commit to cause of working for blissful, dignified and secure existence of humanity and take actions to remove obstacle from the way of people to unity, peace, progress and prosperity are most constructive and benevolent of the creatures.  
8] The outcome of their thoughts and actions according to set-up systems and laws of their Creator and Sustainer will be blissful kingdoms throughout which flow rivers of all things of their need and desire and they are to dwell therein for as long as they remain committed to rule of law of Allah for ensuring well being of humanity. Allah will be found consistent in supporting them with His plan and they will be found consistent in implementing His plan with their thoughts and actions. That is the kind of life which awaits any human group or party in this world that is mindful of advised way of life of its Creator and Sustainer and needs of each other.  
This surah is very clear as to what the guidance of God is basically about or why human beings need guidance of God to begin with. It is making clear that nothing can be done by people to fulfil program of God unless and until people become a proper human community in a kingdom and then work together whole heartedly for rest of program of Allah to fulfil it to satisfaction of God and themselves.  
Surah 99 AL-ZILZAAL-The final worldwide uprising by mankind for dislodging harmful and destructive way of life in the world to replace it with a way of life based upon guidance of Allah for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind in a kingdom.  
This surah is named AL-ZILZAAL from root ZAA, LAAM, ZAA and LAAM. Already explained in detail but for reminder it means earthquake, shaking something violently to dislodge it from its position, revolution, revolt, upheaval, to turn things upside down, to upset things, to bring about a change in someone or something in some sense in some way for some reason or purpose, to upset or change political and economic setup or landscape etc etc.  
This surah is named AL-ZILZAAL because the Quran explains what causes upheavals or bloody revolutions in human societies, how and why ie in order to replace those already in power or to replace the ways of life people no longer want to live by because they do not get what they need or desire. From these small changes will come a big change that will change everything for mankind forever. That change is Quranic way of life because when mankind will have tried everything to live by and keep failing, they will come to their senses and accept the Quran as basis for proper way of life for mankind in this world. Once this change occurs from then on all people will become satisfied with the way of life because it will deliver whatever they need and want provided they work for it according to the program, constitution and law given by Allah for ensuring their well being through help and support of each other. All this because it is a proper program for meeting needs of mankind and its constitution provides perfect foundation for unity of mankind to begin with and its laws are fair and just that are helpful for a proper human community that wishes to self regulate itself towards unity, peace, progress and prosperity in a kingdom.  
Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,  
1] Saying, bring to your minds the time when the final uprising will hit this world and uproot each and every existing ruling system worldwide replacing it to its very core with that which is revealed by your Creator and Sustainer,  
It is important to remember that Quranic verses have complementary parallel meanings. Moreover the statements in the Quran about uprising are condition based ie if mankind will not learn sense and carry on going in the harmful and destructive direction then a tipping point will be reach that such things will happen but if people will realise their mistakes and correct themselves somewhere along the way then what is told will happen will not happen. For example, if it is said to somebody that if you will take poison you will die but if you will not take poison then you will not die then one can see how this statement is going to work out ie if condition is met then whatever is based on condition is going to happen otherwise not.  
2] that is how this world will get itself rid of its harmful and destructive heavy weights that is rulers, money lenders and religious leaders,  
These heavy weights are rulers, mullahs and money lenders who bring in ruling systems and rules and laws that suit them at the expense of masses who are put through hell by their tricks and mechanisms put in place to keep them under their full control. These verses also mean that a time is going to come when mankind will explore the world and therefore the world will reveal its resources to mankind to benefit from. Mankind will keep surprising themselves by discovering newer and newer things for their use in the world that will help them progress and prosper. In short when the Quranic verses are looked at from a social point of view they reveal one kind of explanation and when they are looked at in a political context they reveal another kind of explanation and when looked at in economic context they reveal yet another explanation but all these explanations complement each other and give us a complete picture of things despite use of the very same text. This is a highly creative construction of the Quranic text and highly sophisticated one at that. Such a construction of the text cannot be expected of any human being even today never mind 1500 years back in time.  
3] so the dominant arrogant man will ask himself, what is happening to this world?  
Upheavals suddenly happen because any little thing can trigger them so rulers are taken by surprise because a little while earlier they saw all was quiet and ok before sudden break out of violence and riots etc. Same thing could happen in case of wars between countries ie anything could trigger wars between countries in no time.  
4] In that period of time it will become manifest as to whatever has been happening in this world among mankind and why or how,  
5] because your Creator and Sustainer set-up the world to work according to His revealed rule of cause and effect.  
Things go wrong mainly because some people act without considering the consequences for their harmful and destructive thoughts and actions against others.  
6] At that time people will feel obligated to proceed in accordance with program, constitution and law of Allah so that they are delivered their due outcomes of their hard works in full.  
The new world order the Quran is talking about is self regulated human society based upon guidance of Allah with everything worked out by people themselves as a huge family the members of which then follow received instructions to ensure they play their parts faithfully for their own unity, peace, progress, prosperity and security of existence.  
7] So from then onwards whoever benefits others even in the least will see its result there in full,  
8] and whoever harms others even in the least will see its effects in there in full as well.  
Surah 100 AL-AADIYAAT-By choosing to live on basis of personal gains at each other’s expense people inflict terrible atrocities upon each other as enemies and rivals which shows they are not using provisions of their creator and sustainer appropriately as told by him but all this has serious consequences for them in this world as well as in hereafter as they are held accountable by their provider and director for thinking and doing all this to each other.  
This surah is named AL-AADIYAAT from roots AIN, DAAL and WOW/YAA. Concrete meaning of this root is wedge that is placed between two sides of a cracked wood to keep them apart. Other meanings of this root are animosity, enmity, hatred, stranger, foreigner, outsider, impurity, adulteration, apart, distant, gulf, separation, dispute, disagreement, divide, enemy, opponent, adversary, steeds, horses, transgression, aggression, rivalry, injustice, infection, infectious, to go from one thing to another, change sides, side of a valley, two sides of a valley, rebellious, rebellion, to transgress, to go beyond a set limit or norm, to surpass, to go beyond expectation, to violate the commands, to disobey, to rebel, to remain aloof, to distance oneself from, to move away from, to leave alone, to abandon, to neglect, to ignore, to desert, to isolate, to cut off with, to impede, to resist, to oppose, to disregard, to have no regard for, to disrespect, to turn away from, to treat or take as enemy, to feud with, to exchange hostility with, to overstep with limits, to commit an aggression, to act unlawfully, to commit perjury, to sever links with, to break off relationships with, to run, to pass, corruption, to boycott, calamity, catastrophe, disaster, hostility, blame, sanction, censure, reproach, criticism, rebuke, scolding, destruction, to rob, to plunder, to loot, to attack, to charge, to raid, to assault, to ambush, aggressor, assailant etc etc.  
This surah is named AL-AADIYAAT because the Quran talks about causes for divisions, rivalries, animosities, hatred, fights and wars within a human group or between human groups, be they small or large. It is all result of way of life people have chosen to live by which is founded upon foundation of personal gains at each other’s expense. This surah clearly tells people this is not the way God wants people to live or use his provisions. However if they will not listen to God then they are warned about serious consequences by hands of each other in this world as well as in hereafter when they will be questioned about their thoughts and actions for and against each other by their creator and sustainer. This is why people should not go to the extremes they go to for getting what they want for themselves or things will not work out in their favour even if they appear to get away with things for the time being. The Quran cites history of humanity as an evidence for its claims and the cyclic nature of events ie history repeating itself to some degree. It is because people want to take things of this world without due consideration for each other by using various tricks and mechanisms that makes this world a very dangerous place for mankind to live in because doing things this way leaves lots of people without things of need for them. Not only that people also use force where they can to take things of each other and use tricks where they can to fool each other into gaining things from each other or for giving up things for each other. This is very obvious from history of humanity how kings used to attack each other to take over lands and resources of each other. Not only that they used to enslave people of each other as well. Religious leaders deliver emotional lectures to get masses to act in a particular way and they do including giving things in charity and donations etc. Money lenders trap people using their tricks of the trade to get what they want of them. Many work very hard yet end up without even food for the day. This is how mankind use each other abusively by taking undue advantage of each other. It is not only rulers, money lenders and mullas who do all this but each and every person even among masses does it due to adopting the way of life based upon personal gains at each other’s expense. Only odd people rise up against this tide to try to change it as pressure groups here and there in the world and they succeed but their success is very small due to using same way of life against which they fight. It only changes people on the top and nothing else much. One can see people got rid of imperialism to a great degree but way of life has not changed much as people still enslave each other using other methods for entrapping each other into slavery. Politicians and economists and mullas are still exploiting masses just the same or may be even worse. People living in one end of the world are using people in the other end of the world abusively using money mechanism as token of an agreed value. So those who do not have money cannot buy things of their needs despite being part of this world in which they are born like all other people without fault of their own. So no matter what people cannot stop abusive use of each other unless they adopt deen of Islam as any other way of life is never going to help them end abusive use of each other. As things stand each and every person tries to use others abusively in one’s own way. All this due to our damaged psyche that we cannot even think outside the box we are put in. Why don’t we change our way of life if we are really and truly concerned about abusive use of each other? This means almost all of us human beings are not sincere with God and humanity or how could we ignore the way of life our creator and sustainer has advised for us? All our tears for each other are crocodile tears not real. All our speeches for betterment of humanity are mere empty words for fooling each other and feeling good about ourselves but what will happen when our these thoughts and actions will force us to face their consequences? Then it may be too late for many of us to repent and reform. Let us not leave things till then rather we must try and learn message of the Quran properly and teach it to others properly so that together we could bring about brotherhood of humanity in a kingdom as advised by Allah for ensuing well being of all of us with full help and support of each other. So we must change our mindsets, attitudes and behaviours as well as our habits by changing our thoughts and actions. We must build our characters from scratch based upon the teaching of the Quran if we want the best possible world for ourselves. There is no other way to do so.  
These short surahs draw our attention to longer surahs wherein these causes have been explained in detail along with their outcomes. So if people want to get themselves rid of all these troublesome things then they have no choice but to adopt the way of life that is based upon the foundation provided by the Quran. One can see the Quran remains realistic throughout rather than talking about religious mumbo jumbo that makes no sense whatsoever. It is therefore very much obvious that this book being from God is basically about humanity and resources and how mankind must organise and regulate themselves as a proper human community in a kingdom to be a worthy people rather than living like animals in a jungle or even worse. Once people have done that only then they can carry out rest of program of God for which he created them. No matter what mankind will reach their God set destiny but how soon depends upon human beings, because it depends upon their proper understanding of the creation of God as well as the revelation of God. So far almost all mechanisms are in place and as soon as people realise things the message will spread right away without much delay. It is a situation like means of travel are all there and all people need to do is start their journey.  
Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,  
1] We cite as evidence thoughts and actions of rulers, money lenders and religious leaders who loot and plunder masses whom they take for their rivals and enemies or slaves instead of brothers in humanity,  
Word DABHAA is from root DWAD, BAA and HAA. Concrete meaning of this root is cinder. Also ashes, the wild running of a horse with full strength, panting of horses when they are running, panting of a horse after it has become tired when running, noise made by camel or horse after it has become tired, change of colour or appearance of something due to heat or hard work. Something that has run its course, something or an idea that no longer works or has run out of its usefulness, to scorch, calls of foxes or owls or rabbits, lightly roasted meat, agitation, revolt, upheaval, growling, panting, result of abusive or improper inappropriate use of someone or something, to madly go after someone or something, to madly chase after something without any care in the world or even for oneself or anyone else, to be desperate to try to get someone or something, to desire someone or something so badly, to try one’s utmost to get one’s hand onto someone or something, a wild person who grabs anything of anyone if he can, a wild person who goes after anyone or anything he likes, a lawless person, a bandit, a looter or plunderer, an anarchist, a person who refuses to live by law of God, a rebel or a group of rebels, an outlaw, an antisocial person or group, a person gone mad, a lunatic etc etc.  
2] as they are quick at igniting fires of hatred and animosities through creating disputes and divisions between mankind for their personal gains at their expense,  
Word MOORIYAAT is from root MEEM, WOW and RAA. Concrete meaning of this root is to move briskly to and fro. Also to boil, to churn out eg high waves or flames or dusty winds or winds which raise clouds of dust etc, to swell, to spill over, to run or set or rise in succession, to contradict, to oppose, to rival, to challenge, to contest, to check, to resist, to hesitate, to be reluctant, to put up with, to go against, to pluck or take out, to uproot, to pull out from the root, to destroy, to ruin, to contest, to put forth rival claim, to confront, something happening frequently or repeatedly, instability, confusing or chaotic situation, softness, turning or revolving or evolving or changing state or situation, a fluid or liquid situation, a running process or project, someone or something going through changes, a changing state or situation, something that keeps coming back or keeps happening again and again, a cyclic process, a repetition etc etc.  
Word QADHAN is from root QAAF, DAAL and HAA. Concrete meaning of this root is to criticise or cause or show fault in something. Other meanings are arrow, shaft, flint, steel, drinking cup, to strike or ignite fire, to cause sparks to fly, to aid spreading of fire, to bore, to pierce, to censure, to reproach or rebuke, to ignite fire of hatred, to create animosity, to cause tension or friction, to challenge, to keep in check, to oppose, to contest, to resist, to impede, to slow down, to make someone or something take time, to cause stagnation or recession, to hold back from etc etc.  
3] Through these fires of hatred and animosities they cause chaos and confusion among masses  
If people will not bother to learn how to live their lives properly then laws of nature will deliver outcomes of people’s actions and reactions. It is because if one people will do wrong to others then another people will rise up and do the same to them and gradually by slapping each other mankind will force each other to a way of life that will be acceptable to all sides involved in the conflict. Is it not then better to not to live like animals and try to be real human beings that have brains and use them properly? However people seldom bother to learn sense unless they are forced into a situation to do so by each other. This is a very bad way of life to live by because it is very damaging and slow and involves a lot of painful suffering for humanity. So why not avoid it by giving importance to education and learning about real world realities and divine guidance?  
4] in order to create panic and disorder and hopelessness among them  
5] so that they become centre of attention among masses in order to appear to them as their saviours.  
6] Advantaged human beings do this because they do not respect as they should advice and guidance of their Creator and Sustainer  
No one has 100% advantage over everyone but all people have some advantages over others at times in certain situations or set of circumstances eg grownups have some advantage over children and young people have some advantages over elderly folks and vice versa. So anyone who has any advantage over anyone else at any particular time in any particular situation must not forget advice of God and learn to live by it as taking undue advantages can only lead people from bad to worse situations in time to come as human societies deteriorate instead of improving.  
7] and surely such a human being himself provides evidence for this claim of Ours by his own thoughts and actions about others,  
8] because he violates Our program, constitution and law in his hot pursuit of personal gains in form of power and wealth at the expense of living his life as a part of a proper human community in a kingdom.  
9] But why is he not learning to become aware that in time to come lot more treasures hidden in the universe will become discovered by humanity for its own benefit if he worked on basis of unity, peace, progress and prosperity of mankind in a kingdom?  
If people learn sense and become wise and work together it only adds up in the human force and things can be made to happen quicker with more help in thoughts and actions.  
10] Behold! In due course beneficial or harmful intentions and motives in minds of people for or against each other will become manifest through their own actions for or against each other so think and do what ensures your well being as a true brotherhood of humanity,  
This is a very important point that it is not possible for mankind to hide their true intentions from each other because they are going to motivate them into actions and those actions will either benefit or harm others therefore it will become obvious for all to see who is their friend and who is their enemy. So why try to cheat and deceive each other? We may be able to fool some of us for some of the time but not all of us for all the time. You only harvest what you sow.  
11] surely their Creator and Sustainer will bring them round to realise all this the day they learn to understand His revealed advice properly.  
Allah has explained everything for mankind in his book but man will have to learn to reach the stage of its proper understanding but how long will that take is up to mankind themselves. The sooner the people get on with learning the quicker they can get to where they need to be. The less they bother will learning the more time they will have to live the way they are living ie in terrible painful suffering.  

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