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September, 2018
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Urdu font using on your website is not easy to read. Please change it, if possible. By: PEERGEE on 12/01/2010
»» Website

salam Sir, Would you like me to tell how namaz introduced to Islam? By: REHAN_KHAN From INDIA (BHOPAL) on 11/01/2010
»» Haqiqat e Salat

hajj k unwan me dr. sahib ne sura e baqara ki ayat number 196 ko nazar andaz kia he, is ki wajuhat pe rpshni dali jaey, or agar kitab k ainda edition me is ayat ko madde nazar rakha jaey to parhne walon k liye mazid asani ho jaey gi. wassalam! By: ZAHIR on 10/01/2010
»» Haqiqat e Haj

terrorist are not able to call them human biengs! By: ZAHIR on 08/01/2010
»» Islam & Terrorism

Salam 1. Is there any written historical records contemporary to Umayyad period? 2. Would you like me to provide strong historical base,how islam adulterated by ajam? By: REHAN_KHAN From INDIA (BHOPAL) on 07/01/2010
»» Islamic History

How hadees came into existence By: REHAN_KHAN From INDIA (BHOPAL) on 06/01/2010
»» Hadith

Unable to open this link. Had been waiting for a very long time............. By: SALEEM From INDIA (CHENNAI) on 05/01/2010
»» Haqiqat e Mojzat (Part 1)

SA: I cannot read or download "Hadith Key Nam pe Dhoka Kiyoun?" The link is inactive, please correct it. By: DAWOOD on 05/01/2010
»» Hadith Key Nam pe Dhoka Kiyoun?

Dear Dr. Qamar, Would you be as kind as to elaborate on your oath of allegiance to Mustafa Raza Khan on 22 Rajab 1374, as you have mentioned in Haqeeqate Salaat? Do you profess any kind of adherence to the Bareilwi thought? Thanks By: UMAR on 03/01/2010
»» Dr. Qamar Zaman

Sir, Asa If Namaaz is not the Salaat of the Quran, how it came into existance.Why no scholar oposed it . From where we got the 'tariqa e namaaz'? Pl answer . By: SHAKIR AZIM on 29/12/2009
»» Haqiqat e Salat

«»Page no. 78 of 78
My question is to all people (muslims and nonmuslims alike) what has deen of islam to offer humanity that people should accept it and follow it instead of accepting and following mazhab and secularism? If one has not already read what I have explained about the quran and deen of islam one should because otherwise one may not be able to answer in a consistent way the question I raise.........
Comments By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 22/07/2018>>Read

95) They will swear to you by Allah when you return to them in order to assure you about their loyalty and support so that you may let them off the hook. Therefore leave them on their own because their heads are filled with opposition against rule based upon guidance of Allah therefore agonising has to be their state of existence as the fitting consequence for their harmful and dest.........
Comments By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 21/07/2018>>Read

57) If they could find a place of refuge or a cave or any hiding place wherefrom they could take everything they desire under their control for personal power, they would have certainly run to it with an obstinate rush. Word MALJAA is from root LAAM, JEEM and ALIF. Concrete meaning of this root is shelter or something alike in some sense in some way for some reason or purpose. Al.........
Comments By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 21/07/2018>>Read

31) They have taken words of their Rabbis and priests to base their ways of life upon instead of taking the revelations of Allah through His appointed leadership of community of Mariam as foundation for their communities despite being commanded to take words of God as the sole basis for formation of laws for setting up a kingdom based upon His guidance because none has the right to .........
Comments By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 21/07/2018>>Read

21) Their Creator and Sustainer gives them program for blissful, dignified and secure existence through revelation from Himself as a reference so that it provides for them the basis for blissful kingdom wherein are blessings of all sorts that last. 22) They abide therein for as long as they live by rule based upon guidance of Allah. Surely it is Allah in whose program rests a per.........
Comments By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 21/07/2018>>Read

SURAH 9 AL-TAUBAH– Allah disassociates himself from what people do to each other for personal gains at the expense of each other after he provides mankind with guidance about his plan for them to be a proper human community This surah is named AL-TAUBAH for the subject matter it deals with. In surahs one to eight it has been made absolutely clear that providing mankind with .........
Comments By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 21/07/2018>>Read

I think more appropriate meanings of Malaika could be forces of nature. Doesn't meanings of malaika fit in more accurately ?
Comments By: HAMID GUL From PAKISTAN (KARACHI) on 02/06/2018>>Read

Nargis I don't believe in sectarianism , Hadith or terrorism. Quran itself is best Hadith , than what else Muslims look for. Let that be crystal clear to you. Should this be taken as what aastana says is correct. That would be another dillusion. Firoon was also man of authority. Was he a Malaika ? Similarly many more questions could be raised. Only the meanings are not sufficient t.........
Comments By: HAMID GUL From PAKISTAN (KARACHI) on 02/06/2018>>Read

42) Behold! You were on the right side of the divide due to your commitment to higher goals but they were on the wrong side of the divide and their commitment was to debasing objectives against you which was harmful and destructive for all of you. Even if you had promised each other to meet each other on the battleground at an agreed time and place yet you will have failed but Allah.........
Comments By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 24/05/2018>>Read

Word BANAAN is from root BAA, NOON and NOON. Concrete meaning of this root is limbs or something alike in some sense in some way for some reason or purpose. Also finger tip or finger tips or entire finger or entire fingers or arms and legs or limbs in general or something alike in some sense in some way for some reason or purpose, tip of a finger or finger or digit or thumb or index.........
Comments By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 24/05/2018>>Read

SURAH 8 AL ANFAAL- The way of life advised by Allah is the only way of life proper for human community to help it reach heights of excellence to maximise its productions and distributions of provisions for its well being and to help it overcome all its eventualities through surpluses and reserves In the Quranic context this Surah is so named because people who are supposed to ju.........
Comments By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 24/05/2018>>Read

sectarians who refer to themselves as Muslims but follow hadith or hadith based translations can believe what they want
Comments By: NARGIS From BARBADOS (KIO BATAO?) on 23/05/2018>>Read

Allah is sovereign for a Muslim. People of authority are mafia not Malaika.
Comments By: HAMID GUL From PAKISTAN (KARACHI) on 12/05/2018>>Read

good explanation ,
Comments By: KANJU SWAT From UNITED KINGDOM (LONDON) on 27/04/2018>>Read

Surah 7 Verses 138 to149. 138) And this is how We made ideological children of Israel cross the sea of troubles because when they came across a people who were serving other rulers than Allah they said to Moses, O Moses put in place for us a ruler like the rulers these people have. He replied, you are surely a people ignorant of the consequences about what you are asking me for.........
Comments By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 15/04/2018>>Read

176) This was the very reason We sent Our guidance so that through that light of knowledge We elevate humanity as proper human community to heights of excellence but instead it sank itself deep into the ditch of ignorance by following its own harmful and destructive ambitions and desires for personal gains at the expense of each other. Therefore its similitude is like that of a peop.........
Comments By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 15/04/2018>>Read

150) That is why when Moses returned to his people and became aware of their situation his enthusiasm became covered in sadness so he said to his people, what a harmful and destructive way you have assisted me in my mission in my absence! Were you in a hurry to outdo program, constitution and law of your Creator and Sustainer? However he laid the written tablets aside and got hold o.........
Comments By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 14/04/2018>>Read

108) That is how he smoothly stripped off the cover of power of Pharaoh to expose reality before people that it amazed even those who were present. 109) The chiefs of Pharaoh’s nation said to each other in presence of Pharaoh, this person indeed has great knowledge and skill to transform people and lead them, 110) and maybe he intends to drive you and your people out of your.........
Comments By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 14/04/2018>>Read

71) Hud said, you have already fallen in pain and suffering by going against the rule based upon guidance of your Creator and Sustainer. Are you disputing with me over personalities which you and your forefathers have erected and taken as rulers about whom being authority Allah has revealed no proof? So if you will then wait for yet more serious consequences for your course of actio.........
Comments By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 14/04/2018>>Read

25) Therein you may rise as a good human community and therein you may fall as a bad example of human community but that is how by means of that struggle you may be brought out of this state of affairs back into blissful state of existence. These verses clearly tell mankind that they are on their own when it comes to working for a better or for a worse world for themselves. The p.........
Comments By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 14/04/2018>>Read

Surah 7 AL ARAAF-To reach heights of excellence in terms of unity, peace, progress and prosperity is not possible for mankind unless they organise and regulate themselves as a proper human community based upon guidance of Allah. This surah is named AL-ARAAF not because this word is also used within surah but due to subject matter discussed in this surah, which is what peopl.........
Comments By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 14/04/2018>>Read

Yes they are people of authority. The word MALAIKA have the root M-L-K which means “power, strength, force, potency, might etc. The orthodox explanation about MALAIKA is saying that they are super natural beings,wonders or paranormal entities with wings and they have an ability to change their features. They are invisible, general public are not too.........

Comments By: NARGIS From BARBADOS (KIO BATAO?) on 10/04/2018>>Read

Malaaikah can't be people of authority. A Muslim can't accept a sovereign other than Allah , than how come Malaaikah be people of authority ?
Comments By: HAMID GUL From PAKISTAN (KARACHI) on 06/04/2018>>Read

I live in India,even Hindus will accept that person among them if visit's temple five times a day chant mantras and do sastang namaskar (similar to sajda) atleast 10 times per visit will be called lunatic or disturbed person.And we Muslim have accepted namaz as obligatory without question being asked by ancestors.Salat is also elaborately explained by Dr.Kashif khan on blog Quran gu.........
Comments By: ZAKIR HUSSAIN From INDIA (BANGALORE) on 02/04/2018>>Read answers for your questions are here .
Comments By: KANJU SWAT From UNITED KINGDOM (LONDON) on 13/03/2018>>Read

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