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May, 2019
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Suras 86 to 90 explained in detail. By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 08/05/2019
»» Un-Quranic Beliefs

Respected sir l what are the beliefs of dr qamer zaman and aastana about islam and quraan PLZ reply with detail By: IQBAL SHAHID From INDIA (HYDERABAD) on 25/04/2019
»» Aastana Kay Musalima Aqaid

Suras 91 - 100 explained in detail By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 26/03/2019
»» Un-Quranic Beliefs

Suras 101 to 114 explained in detail. By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 25/03/2019
»» Un-Quranic Beliefs

Islam a deen or a mazhab? What has islam to offer humanity that it should accept and adopt it? By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 21/07/2018
»» Un-Quranic Beliefs

surah 9 explained in detail By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 21/07/2018
»» Un-Quranic Beliefs

Mn chahta hn...k aap mujhy Quran ka Urdu Tarjuma muhayya farma den. Kyun k mn apky wo tamam kibchy parh chuka hn.Mujhy kafi had tak itmenan aya. By: M.AHMED RAZA From PAKISTAN (KARACHI) on 24/05/2018
»» Haqooq e Niswan (Gawahi)

Surah 8 explained in detail By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 24/05/2018
»» Un-Quranic Beliefs

Surah 7 explained in detail By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 14/04/2018
»» Un-Quranic Beliefs

Dear Aastana If there was dialogue between Allah and Malaaikah (perceived as people of authority - Heer Saleti), then who is Allah and how did this transpire? Kindly share your thoughts. By: ASHRAF JACOBS From SOUTH AFRICA (CAPE TOWN) on 18/03/2018
»» Haqooq e Niswan (Gawahi)

Vital importance of logically consistent thinking according to the quran. By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 07/03/2018
»» Un-Quranic Beliefs

Surah 6 explained in detail. By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 28/02/2018
»» Un-Quranic Beliefs

Surah 5 explained in detail. By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 27/02/2018
»» Un-Quranic Beliefs

Surah 4 explained in detail By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 26/02/2018
»» Un-Quranic Beliefs

Surah 3 aali imraan explained in detail By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 24/02/2018
»» Un-Quranic Beliefs

Why is the quran alone base of deen of islam and not quran & hadis or quran & sunnah? By: MUGHAL1 From UNITED KINGDOM on 24/02/2018
»» Un-Quranic Beliefs

sir how i can find translation of different surah ? please guide me ,, bcz i cannot find translation of surah al-tawba By: MOHAMMAD ASIF From PAKISTAN (KARACHI) on 31/10/2017
»» Dr. Qamar Zaman

please tell about dr qamar zaman urdu translation of quran By: MUHAMMADTAYYAB From PAKISTAN (MIANWALI) on 31/10/2017
»» Haqooq e Niswan (Gawahi)

explain sura 4 aya 24 By: YOUSUF From PAKISTAN (KARACHI) on 23/09/2017
»» Sura An-Nisa

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Dear Brother Aurangzaib, Thanks for your kind comments. Actually, I should have written to you first, as I owed you enormous gratitude as a result of reading your following books. Tehqeeq Namaz o Salaat Fitna tul Kubra Teen Talaaq ka Bhoot Salaat -e- Moaqqat Kho gar -e- Hamd say Thora sa Gila bhi sun lay I too am a big fan of late Allama Iqbal. His beautiful poetry not only .........
Comments By: ZUBAIR From UNITED STATES (WASHINGTON) on 07/01/2010>>Read

Dear Brother Anis, First of all it is not at all difficult to find those verses. When I study the Quran, I take notes. That is how I found verses on a wide variety of topics. Anyway here are some verses from the Quran, which spell out what kind of persons deserve rewards from God Almighty both here and hereafter. In brief people who are humble, generous, steadfast in adversity or e.........
Comments By: ZUBAIR From UNITED STATES (WASHINGTON) on 06/01/2010>>Read

Mohtaram Saleem Sahib, Book "HAQIQAT E MOJZAT (PART 1)" and some other missing books will be available next week. InshahAllah. Sorry for inconvinence.
Comments By: ADNAN From PAKISTAN on 06/01/2010>>Read

Dear Brother Dawood, Book "Hadith Key Nam pe Dhoka Kiyoun?" and some other missing books will be available next week. InshahAllah. Sorry for inconvinence.
Comments By: ADNAN From PAKISTAN on 06/01/2010>>Read

SA.What are historical sources in your research namaz introduced by Iranians?
Comments By: REHAN_KHAN From INDIA (BHOPAL) on 06/01/2010>>Read

Dear Brothers, I am thankful to all those who have written very logically on 'Namaaz' but still I find something very good in practising the 'namaaz', I dont know why but it gives me peace and a time to think for ourselves and the existance of the Almighty. Such gathering like Namaaz on Friday and Eid, give us feeling of togetherness and unity and this is required to live in any so.........
Comments By: SHAKIR AZIM on 06/01/2010>>Read

Bravo for dear Zubair's detailed comments on Namaaz and Masaajid. Best wishes and congratulations. For Dr. Qamar Sahib. Please would you elaborate the meanings and definition of 'Masjid-e-Zaraar' and the perspective in which this term was very wisely used by the Almighty? Thanks in advance.
Comments By: AURANGZAIB From PAKISTAN on 05/01/2010>>Read

Dear Qamar Saab, I congratulate you for successfully taking the relay baton from Parvez saab into a more dynamic, logical level. At this juncture pls clarify "wahi". How it happens? If it had happened before why not now? Give a logical explanation, because when we talk about other religions we use our intellect barometer and thrash their beliefs but when it is our turn you know wha.........
Comments By: SALEEM From INDIA (CHENNAI) on 05/01/2010>>Read

Dear Zubair, kindly post a list of verses that clearly name those who will receive immense rewards from God Almighty. as it is difficult for us to find out ALL those verses....
Comments By: ANISBINHANIF From INDIA (LUCKNOW) on 05/01/2010>>Read

dr. Qamar u hav done an amazing job which was to be done by a great scholar like u. May Allah bless & protect u from devil people. Waassalam
Comments By: ANISBINHANIF From INDIA (LUCKNOW) on 04/01/2010>>Read

What is the role of Masjid? In my humble view the Exalted Prophet Muhammad laid out the foundation for the Golden Era of Islam. He was not only God’s Prophet but also the Chief Administrator, Commander-in-Chief, and Chief Justice of the first Islamic State set up in Medina. Hence, Masjid served as the Prophet’s Office, Parliament, Courthouse, and Headquarters for the Army. Al.........
Comments By: ZUBAIR From UNITED STATES (WASHINGTON) on 03/01/2010>>Read

Why I gave up Namaz? Long before Br. Arif posted his question or I read Dr. Shabbir’s postings on the Forum, I had some serious questions about Namaz. Why it was divided into Farz (Obligatory), Sunnah, Nafil (non-obligatory)? If we must perform Sunnah with every Farz Namaz, then what is the difference? If Nafil Namaz is non-obligatory, how come there are fixes Nafil with every.........
Comments By: ZUBAIR From UNITED STATES (WASHINGTON) on 03/01/2010>>Read

Dear Shakir Azim, God bless you, I am very happy that Mr Abdulah gave answer even before I could, even compose my thoughts. His answer is a detailed one, and I dont find any reason to add to the subject from historical point of view. However I have a different approach to such questions. We have Quran in our hands. We are supposed to do only whatever is in Quran. Hence I .........
Comments By: DR. QAMAR ZAMAN From PAKISTAN on 02/01/2010>>Read

Allahs Peace and Blessings to all, dear umair , the first thing to keep in mind is that As-Salat is different from Nimaz.. as you can see it was explained that the nimaz came from the sabiens and the zoranstrains.. if we keep in the mind the Quran then Allah in His Wisdom gave the same Commands to ALL of His Messengers.. from history if you look up the zorastrains and sabiens in .........
Comments By: MANIZA From DENMARK (COPENHAGEN) on 02/01/2010>>Read

salam what would be your comments regarding those who say, even if there is no such namaz then what sin are we doing, plus they also claim that the salaah(namaz) did not started at the time of muhammad it was there before him and therefore Quran does not tell the way of how to offer salaah(namaz), and it is also told to us that in all the history, there is no clue that salaah(namaz.........
Comments By: UMAIR on 01/01/2010>>Read

Bravo for Abdullah Bashoeb. Very informative explanation about the ritual of Namaz. Hope Shakir Azim is enlightened. I may suggest a quick study of 'Tehqiq-e-Namaaz-o-Salaat'. Please visit, click chapter BOOKS and you will have a detailed background, answering your all the three questions.
Comments By: AURANGZAIB From PAKISTAN on 31/12/2009>>Read

AoA, MashaAllah beutifully explained, am working on the translation of the As-Salat book by dr.Qamar.. am sorry it is taking long... it is because of health reasons...
Comments By: MANIZA From DENMARK (COPENHAGEN) on 31/12/2009>>Read

Salam According to Mu’awiyah, five daily supplications, funeral prayers, incantation of Dua, and celebration of Eid were alien rituals for the Muslim Ummah, until 672 AD. However, during the reign of Ziyad -Ibn-Zanad [in the time of Umayyad Caliph], governor of Iraq in 672 AD, it surfced that a sect known as Sabaean, the flowers of Prophet Idress, were carrying on the five or s.........
Comments By: ABDULLAHBASHOEB From INDIA (HYDERBAD) on 30/12/2009>>Read

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