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Q.Dr Sahab Aslamoalikum: Sir when we don't admit roza as som than what will be the purpose of eidul fitar that is celebrated at the end of ramadan????please explain
By: Nadeem_Akhtar On: 6/4/2010

1.Dear brother agha snaullah assalam o alaikum,if u have gone through the "haqeeqat e soam"by Dr. Qamar zaman then u was suppose to be cleard about ur question asked.My dear if any society collectively has obsorbed successfuly ,the soam of that perticular period of time, in its real sense (as per Quranic idiology ),then they can celebrate their success collectively as a"EID"ceremony as they like it. But every divine order has been changed into the specific form of ritual even "soam"as a ROZA and their celebration as a EID AL FITR.Talib e Illm,Moazzam
Comments by: moazzam On: 6/4/2010

2.mozam bhai your answer itself has a condition in it that they can??therefore does it mean?  
1.this eid is not Quranic?  
2.wht is status of eid being celebrated by us?  
3.eidul fitr is not necesaary to be celebrated at the end of ramadan?  
Comments by: Nadeem_Akhtar On: 6/4/2010

3.Dear Agha saheb asslam-o-alaikum  
Quran does not deal with festivities. festivities and ceremonies are cultural representations.Quran is a divine knowledge . A festivity can not be ascribed to any knowledge e.g. you dont make any ceremonial activity after you understand a problem of mathematics .you dont ceremonise when you see Judiciary giving decisions .Although  
exeption are made e.g. when some new revolutionary decisions are made. But if they are changed into religious ceremonies and a sacred status given then the problem this is for those who take Quran as the guide .  
But for those who do not take Quran as the sole guidence and attach ceremonies to their acts based on guidence derived from other than Quran sources ,we are not responsible for others exept to guide those who wants to be guided.  
Now the question wether we the followers of Quran can participate in such festivities and ceremonies, my personal inclination is YES. we can join them in their festivities unless these are against Quranic Ideology.This is purely my personal view not based on any I dont see any verse against it.  
So Eidulfitar and Eidulazha are the festivities ascribed to mutilated interpretations of Quran so we should not join them in their Namaz etc ,but we can visit them and they can visit us with warmth of a Muslim.  
Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On: 6/5/2010

4.thank you dr sahab for a very beautiful answer........
Comments by: Nadeem_Akhtar On: 6/6/2010

5.Dear friends,  
We Muslims are victims of the worst kind of cultural and religious suffocation.  
Whatever very few opportunities we have to celebrate and enjoy, I think, we should make use of them.  
Let us exchange visits and gifts and eat the Qurbani meat (slain by others) on these traditional festivities, without of course harming our own understanding and convictions.  
We have to live in this society of ours, and our children too. We don't know how long we, or the coming generations, have to wait for the blessed dawn of divine light.  
God bless you.
Comments by: aurangzaib On: 6/6/2010

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