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Q.Dear Dr.Qamar Zaman,  
Mujhe aik sawaal ye poochna hai k totkay ka kiya matlab hai or agar us totkay se kisi ko koi faida pohonchta hai to is ka kia matlab hua?  
Adil Rafique
By: adil rafique On: 7/16/2011

1.What's Totkay? :- O
Comments by: Nargis On: 7/16/2011

2.Dear Adil Rafique! If i'm right, TOTKA mean any logic free irrational action/deed (mostly in religious people) which provides some favorable positive results to a person.  
Remember brother, in this world every result possess its logical cause, if you knew the reason behind the result then it immidiately comes out of TOTKA and called science.So the rationalist always try to find out the logics behind the scene, on the other hand the religious dumbs calls it the KARAMAT/MOUJZA/TOTKA AND NEVER BOTHER TO KNOW THE FACTS.
Comments by: moazzam On: 7/17/2011

3.Dear all aastana members, salaam for all, please visit this website, I hope you will like it  
Thanks & regards,  
Comments by: manzar On: 7/22/2011

4.TOTKA, means when you pretend something which is not real , i would give you an example that , a child hate going to school and early in the morning he start crying and say i have headache , and in reality he hasn't ,(just to stop parents taking him to school ) and it become his daily routine . Thats called TOTKA, the boy is doing TOTKA on himself.
Comments by: kanju swat On: 6/22/2016

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