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Q.Dear Sir, Salamun alaikum,  
May Almighty Allah bless you with Quraanic knowledge& wisdom .I am from Kerala-India.  
Pls explain the definition of second recite of sooratul kauthar- faswalli li rabbika vanhar. vanhar means only slaughtering?
By: Mohammedali On: 10/21/2012

1.Dear Mohammed Ali, members and readers welcome to aastana, we are sorry for late replies but here is the translation of Kauthar that you asked for.  
Surah 108, AL Kawthar  
The blessing from Allah to any Alrusool is Alkitab, Its practical aspect the establishment of a welfare society.  
Alkawthar= Alkitab, wahy  
SALAAT = to establish a discipline under divine commandments  
NAHAR = to stand up in resistance, to stand upright in defiance  
FA SALLI RABBIKA = …set out to provide welfare for all, on the basis of divine ideology  
WA ANAHAR = …… and stand up in defiance.  
THEN AS A RESULT = your enemy will undoubtedly be  
Comments by: Maniza On: 10/27/2012

2.Mohammed I am sorry I forgot to mention the TRUTH ABOUT AS-SAL'AT book, it has many translations of where the word Sal'at is mentioned.
Comments by: Maniza On: 10/27/2012

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