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Q.assalam alaicum sir please explain about our life with islam included nabi and allah how we can live with right path(siratal mustaqim) thanks regard vasim khan
By: vasim On: 6/9/2013

1.Brother Wasim! Dear brother just be a law abiding citizen of the society you live in,  
refer to verses 6/126, 3/51, 15/41,  
ABD= means obedient to follow commandments,  
ABDULLAH = the obedient to hakumat e ilahiyah [based on Allah's rule of law] = the law abiding citizen of Islamic state  
MUSLIM = the man of peace  
MOMIN = the peace n security provider.  
Thus muslim/momin is not by faith/dogmas rather, by behavior..  
Islamic state = Any state which care about human rights and execute the rule of law based on just.
Comments by: moazzam On: 6/21/2013

2.dear moazzam bhai thanks top exploitation about my point and give me some verses and translated about islam
Comments by: vasim On: 6/21/2013

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