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Q.muhammad is no more than a messenger" "his SOLE DUTY is only deliver the message. It's it possible that muhammed was not exactly nabi because nabi duty is also to establish the laws in the society . While muhammad was no more than a resolution?
By: reena On: 10/18/2014

1. a rasool who establish wahy is also a nabi- Mohammed is khatama al nabiyeena, the appointing authority of head of departments  
A RASOOL is a person who received wahy (the message of haq 2:176 with the ability to lead mankind out of darkness 144:1-5)  
A nabi is the one who establish this order as a system in a society, where everyone is to follow the commandments opposed to manmade laws.  
So Mohammed is a Rasool and a nabi, he cannot be a nabi without being a rasool. When he is referred to as head of the state, as a nabi it refers to his position as a nabi, and likewise when he is referred to as a rasool.  
He can’t be a nabi without being a rasool but he can be a rasool without being a nabi (as that is something he achieve when he establish salaat and reach the maqama Mahmood see 17:78-79  
Comments by: Nargis On: 10/27/2014

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