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Q.Dear Aastana  
If there was dialogue between Allah and Malaaikah (perceived as people of authority - Heer Saleti), then who is Allah and how did this transpire?  
Kindly share your thoughts.
By: Ashraf Jacobs On: 3/18/2018

1.Malaaikah can't be people of authority. A Muslim can't accept a sovereign other than Allah , than how come Malaaikah be people of authority ?
Comments by: Hamid Gul On: 4/6/2018


Yes they are people of authority. The word MALAIKA have the root M-L-K which means “power, strength, force, potency, might etc.  
The orthodox explanation about MALAIKA is saying that they are super natural beings,wonders or paranormal entities with wings and they have an ability to change their features. They are invisible, general public are not tooled with an apparatus to get the drift of these uncanny creatures- They can travel hundreds of miles in short time, they can behead the enemy just like that, they cut of the enemies fingers just like that, still it is strange that in war, while Momineens were fighting with the enemy, they are sent in a huge quantity, from one thousand to five thousand.  
The Quran is free from myths and fairy tales.  
In surah Anfaal aya no 9 it is stated that they were sent in a huge amount, about one thousand. In surah al Imran it is stated they were sent in an amount of 3000 (124) and then it is stated it was sent as many as 5000 (125)  
What kind of soldiers or army does the enemy have since Allah had to send that many MALAIKAs (claimed to be super natural with the above mentioned attributes) against them (In addition to the already fighting Momineens)?  
If one is to ponder, according to the attributes MALAIKAs are said to possess in the orthodox interpretation, it should be enough with only ONE MALAIKA against the army of enemies (of human beings.)  
The truth is that MALAIKAs are not super natural beings, they are human beings.

Comments by: Nargis On: 4/10/2018

3.good explanation ,
Comments by: kanju swat On: 4/27/2018

4.Allah is sovereign for a Muslim. People of authority are mafia not Malaika.
Comments by: Hamid Gul On: 5/12/2018

5.sectarians who refer to themselves as Muslims but follow hadith or hadith based translations can believe what they want
Comments by: Nargis On: 5/23/2018

6.Nargis I don't believe in sectarianism , Hadith or terrorism. Quran itself is best Hadith , than what else Muslims look for. Let that be crystal clear to you. Should this be taken as what aastana says is correct. That would be another dillusion. Firoon was also man of authority. Was he a Malaika ? Similarly many more questions could be raised. Only the meanings are not sufficient to get the sense. Reference to context should also be taken into consideration. The question raised by Mr. Ashraf is quiet intelligent one.  
Journey of consciousness must be ongoing process. No word could be the last word. Only what is good for the whole humanity will survive , rest will die of its own death. I would only say , let people learn to think rationally, that would be a good job.  
Anyway thanks for your response. I see diminishing intellectual discourse on this site. That is not a positive development.
Comments by: Hamid Gul On: 6/2/2018

7.I think more appropriate meanings of Malaika could be forces of nature. Doesn't meanings of malaika fit in more accurately ?
Comments by: Hamid Gul On: 6/2/2018

Why do you think its forces of nature, because Allama Parwez said it?
Comments by: Nargis On: 1/3/2019

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