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By: pervez On: 8/12/2010

1.Dear pervez ,in verse 7/144--145,4/163--164 if we consider conversation of Allah and conclude the Allah as a personality,then this is not restricted for Musa(pbuh) only.Plz read the verse 2/174,3/77 here the coversation of Allah with monineen at YOUMALQIYAMA is proved.The actual thing is we must know the reality of these verses,as the quran explain itself,we must know the ALLAH(self) in the the whole cotext of quran,then come to the specific verse quoted above.WA KALLAMAHULLAH MUSA TAKLIMA meanings shuold be taken in the cotext of verse 4/163,that means KITAB AL MUBEEN as we know the ALKITAB is the KLAMULLAH which can be noted at many places in Quran.Also in verse 2/174,3/77 the assense is that at youm alqiyama the mujremeen will never be given any guidance(kitab) nor any chance to be purified.The KALAM in verse 42/51 should also be considered the book(kalamullah).
Comments by: moazzam On: 8/13/2010

2.Dear Pervez Bhai,  
God's"Talk" with MOSES has been thrown light upon by brother Moazzam with Quranic references which suggest that the "Talk" might just be a "WAHI".  
However, the question as to WHAT is GOD, a PERSONALITY, stands the chance of remaining a puzzle. World's best brains have utilized their best faculties for solving this puzzle. There has yet been no consensus as to WHAT GOD REALLY IS. Since HE has declared that "LA TUDRIKUHUL ABSAAR", so I won't tire my brains out in HIS IDRAAK.  
I would rather spend my time in the IDRAAK of His Guidance and in locating the ways and means to alleviate the human sufferings through that Guidance.  
The crucial question is HOW HIS GUIDANCE CAN BE PUT INTO PRACTICE for solving the present human crisis.  
God bless you.
Comments by: aurangzaib On: 8/14/2010

3.Dear brother Pervez ,it is in connection with my previous comments at MUSA KALEEMULLAH,plz see the verse 2/186 ,kindly emphasis at UJEEBO DAAWATADDAI ISA DAAN.Does it meen kaleemullah???????.
Comments by: moazzam On: 8/16/2010

4.Dear Moazam,  
Comments by: pervez On: 8/16/2010

5.Dear Pervez and all members regards,although my english is weak , for that i already asked pardon,but don't forget that i am a quranist.I am in a age of such a range,that to improve the english language is impossible for me.I request all member kindly don't be so harsh with me,plz extend your tolerance as a especial case ,so that i may continue my participation at this blog as a student of QURAN.I will appreciate rational criticism on my comments with quranic references.I really astonished that no body pointed out any wrong at my quranic quotations at any topic which i shared with others(my comments),but they seems very much keen to the proficiency in english language.Kindly focus at my quranic quotations and references in my comments at the topics under discussions and correct me if i am wrong with your better quranic approach.If you all wiil try to restrain me to come at this blog due to my poor english, i assure you that i will never never leave this AASTANA BLOG(the DAWN OF THE PRESENT)and i will continue to share my opinions in the light of QURAN.i hope that every aastana blog member will pay his due attention at quranic references while his discussion at any topic under question, plz prove to be the QURANIST
Comments by: moazzam On: 8/16/2010

6.Dear Moazzam Bhai: no hard feeling... you said ***I am in a age of such a range,that to improve the English language is impossible for me****. i beg to differ with you...there is no age for learning... i think!  
to err is human, to forgive is divine...  
we are proud to have you on this blog,,, your answers are always very informative... we need you dear...  
Comments by: Adnan Muhammad Khan On: 8/17/2010

7.Dear Moazzam Bhai ,May God Bless you ,  
Your English is much better than mine . Your presence is a blessing for Aastana .com . This blog is not to prove the proficiency of language but to dig out the real message of Quran ,which undoubtedly you are doing .  
Thanks for your participation .  
Your brother  
Dr Qamar Zaman .
Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On: 8/19/2010

8.Dr. Qamar zaman sahib / brother Adnan Mohammad khan regards, thankyou for encouragement.THANKS.
Comments by: moazzam On: 8/20/2010

9.awww Moazzm brother, dont know about your english urdu arabic or what so ever, but i know one thing for sure, your intention and heart is better than most of us, and i have learnt a lot from you. You are a real truth seeker and i can clearly see your ability to say whats true and whats written without mixing it up with your personal emotions or beliefs. It takes a lot to be able to tear oneself apart from ones belief and only quote the truth(even if one would wish that Gods book confirm ones own belief) I hope one day i can learn to be calm as you and not let my feelings cover my eyes and mind.  
Comments by: Nargis On: 5/17/2011

Comments by: moazzam On: 5/17/2011

11.Dear Moazzam,  
Although lots have been said above about your ability, but I would say that you are true Quranic student I've ever saw.  
Please keep posting your replies/comments, it will be guiding light for many of like us in learning stage and will go to the next generations as well. Keep it up. May Allah bless you.
Comments by: waseemameer On: 6/13/2011

12.Thank you.May Allah bless you.
Comments by: moazzam On: 6/13/2011

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