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Q.What is the law of Absolute Right?
By: Zubair On: 2/7/2011

1.Dear Brothers/Sisters,  
I came upon very interesting website, which offers essays and books written by Richard W. Wetherill. Here is his definition of the Law of Absolute Right.  
“Law of Absolute Right: Right actions get right results, wrong actions get wrong results.”  
According to Wetherill this law requires that we must think, say, and do what is rational and honest to the best of our abilities. Also, we must withdraw support from wrong thoughts, words, and actions. In brief, our universe functions on certain laws. If we learn about those laws and follow them, we can resolve all conflicts and live a blissful life on earth.  
Here are some excerpts from various essays written by Richard W. Wetherill.  
“We read of scientific research indicating that the earth's crust is billions of years old and that fossils of mankind are being unearthed from thirty thousand years ago. Consider that whoever or whatever created the earth and its people communicates with them by means of natural laws.”  
“Do people refuse to obey natural laws? Only mistakenly. The population of the world is surrounded with untold numbers of natural laws that serve to nurture, preserve, and safely guide human activities. But when ignored or opposed, however mistakenly, those same laws penalize all those who, in effect, dare to challenge nature's authority.”  
“Reality forces us to recognize that whoever or whatever is the creator provided planet Earth for people to inhabit safely. That creator also provided natural laws for people's safety—gravitation, for example. What follows describes a natural law that defines mankind's code of conduct: a natural law that most people have unknowingly been ignoring.”  
“Natural laws exist in reality. The principle stated above tells people that conformity to the law of absolute right is mandatory and that nonconformity accounts for society's chaotic, deadly affairs.” (Please take a look at the chaotic life in Pakistan and many other so-called Islamic countries. Are not the people of these countries violating the Natural Law of Absolute Right?)  
“Consider that acting in accord with natural laws assures conformity to the plan of whoever or whatever created those laws. When people reason from the behavioral law, they serve a higher purpose in life, supporting creation's plan for a peacefully vibrant, productive society. We invite you to join those who eagerly already serve that higher purpose.”  
You can read Richard Wetherill’s books and essays at the following website.  
Comments by: Zubair On: 2/7/2011

2.Thanks brother Zubair..  
Great article will read. the thought comes into mind.. did the Prophets tap into this "natural law of absolute right" is that then the wahy? many minds do what they think is right but still make mistakes some where.. look at western countries, although they are right in the governance of their lands, they still make laws which are wrong, discrimitory or racist.. when is the absolute right the absolute right?
Comments by: Maniza On: 2/8/2011

3.Dear Zubair,  
I am personally thankful to you for giving information regarding this wonderful website. I request all other  
friends to share information regarding such websites for benefit of all. Thanks once again.
Comments by: momin On: 2/15/2011

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