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Q.Dear Brs. and Srs at Aastana: Please share your understanding about 4:163 and 17:55, paying special attention to the last parts of these verses and the relationship these may have with the other respective parts of the verses.
By: dawood On: 6/9/2011

1.Dear Brother Dawood !Elaboration of term “ZABOOR" and attribute "DAWOOD"  
DAWOOD = the root is da’da, duwadu, dida’, meaning is fast in running, prompt in response, quick in decision, A man who has ability to DISCLOSE THE MYSTERIES after probing in to the disputed matters.  
1) To know the sense of this attributes (Dawood), read the verses38/17-20.  
2) Now read the complete story described in verses 38/21-26 where the implementation of attribute “Dawood” and the term ZABOOR has been clearly apparent.  
ZABOOR= The root is Zabru, Zibru , meaning is, some thing in written form, wisdom  
1) Every Rasool has been given the BAYINA’T, ZUBUR,ALKITAB AL MUNEER SEE THE VERSE 35/25,26/196, 16/43-44, 3/184  
2) There has been specialty of Dawood over other Rasools in respect of ZABOOR, because of verse 17/55, see the verse 4/163 as well, to be cleared in the said sense.  
Conclusion: A source full person capable of quick/fast and accurate decisions in the light of evidence and arguments will be called Dawood holding Zaboor in his hand.  
Comments by: moazzam On: 6/9/2011

2.Mozam bhai very nice answer.......................even i will say excellent but i just want to know the exact translation of the verses 38/17-26 b/c from orthodox translation its not clear.  
Other thing is that if all these names DAWOOD, MOSA etc are the attributes than why it has been said that we have given alkitab to all these persons???????  
If all these are attributes and not the personality than can a person be ahmad,esa,dawood and etc..... please clear these ideas if u have already answered than send me link of than answer please.........
Comments by: ali.haideer On: 6/10/2011

3.Brother Ali Haider !  
Dear Brother; I, just described the sense of terminologies, with the help of lexicon, tasreef al ayat, and the context of the verses. The reader have to put the proper sense of these terminologies in the relevant verses, to seek the guidance from the QASES AL QURAN. For translation Dr. Qamarzaman is the best person.  
Ali Haider! Other thing is that if all these names DAWOOD, MOSA etc are the attributes than why it has been said that we have given alkitab to all these persons???????  
Moazzam! Remember, this is the only book(ALKITAB) which has been given to all living personalities called rasools, to seek the guidance for his nation, whether in the past, future, or in present(in any era) those might possess any one or more attributes mentioned in Quran like DAWOOD, IBRAHEEM, MOSES, NOUH etc..  
Comments by: moazzam On: 6/11/2011

4.Thank you Br. Moazzam. I have the following for you as well as for other brs. and srs. who are still hooked on this "attribute" concept.  
Lets consider a particular story in which you replace one person, say MUSA, with another person say IBRAHIM (or DAWOOD or anyone), keeping all other conditions same, invariable. Now answer this question: Do you think, the person carrying attributes of IBRAHIM in place of the person carrying attributes of MUSA would be or would not be able to accomplish the same goal(s) and objective(s)? Please share your answer and the understanding with the rest of us using the logic and the verses from the Quran.
Comments by: dawood On: 6/17/2011

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