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Q.Brother Moazzam! Please enlighten us about the bounties mentioned in Surah Rehman, are these for this world or in life after death, if for this world then what does the verse حُورٌ مَّقْصُورَاتٌ فِي الْخِيَامِ72 mean?
By: naeem sheikh On: 10/26/2011

1.Dear Naeem Sheikh: KHIYAM = DEWELLING PLACE, HOORUN EIN = THE DWELLERS HAVING CIVIC SENSE for better comprehension see the verses 44/54, 52/20,56/22.  
See the CONDUCT OF HAWARY OF EISA in verses 3/52,5/111-112, 61/14.  
حُورٌ مَّقْصُورَاتٌ فِي الْخِيَامِ (Fair ones reserved in pavilions)= the sincere and well wishers companions in same dwelling place (society)  
In Surah Rehman in verses 1/31 Allah described the universal facts (Ayaat).  
In verses 31-45 Allah described the consequences of Kuffars in lieu of their deeds.  
In verses 46-52 Allah described His bounties given to Momineen.  
In verses 54-60 and 69-76 Allah described the characteristics/ attributes of the good companions of Momineen in the JANNAT NAZEER ZINDAGY (in the welfare state)  
Comments by: moazzam On: 10/27/2011

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