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Q.Salam.Is there a Translation of Quran in English By Dr Qamar Zaman.?I have read the translation in English by Mughal 1 .  
Your feedback highly appreciated.  
By: ashukorkc On: 10/20/2014

1.Salam to my dear muslim brothers and sisters,  
I have posted an enquiry on the 20 Oct 2014 .To date I have not received any feedbacks. Can I interpret the silence to mean as "NO TRANSLATION IN ENGLISH available yet" by the respected Dr Qamar Zaman.  
I have also not seen any articles by brother Mughal 1 for quite sometime. My salam to Mughal1.  
Please do correct me if I am wrong and . Many thanks.
Comments by: ashukorkc On: 10/24/2014

2. Hello there  
There is no English translation available yet, some verses are translated to English I posted them on our fb group. Will repost them here as soon as possible
Comments by: Nargis On: 10/27/2014

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