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Q.Janab Dr. Sb SA Sir i want to know about wahdatul - wajood and wahdatal - shahood
By: On: 6/8/2010

1.Brother Alam ! regards,the wahdatul wajood and wahdatul shahood are the terminologies used in "tasawwaf" not in quran.If some one try to reply the question asked it may need pages to argue,but no use.The philosofical answers to this type of questions had been given by IMAM GHAZALI and many others,in their kitab al mantaq.My sincere advise to ur honor is,plz ristrict ur self up to the understanding of QURAN and its terminologies,make ur time much more valuable.It is better to go through the tafseer of "ayat al kursi" and 24/35 by Dr.Qamar like scholars.
Comments by: moazzam On: 6/8/2010

2.Thank you sir  
sir where i'll get the tafseer of aytal kursi and of 24/35 by dr. qamar sb. SA
Comments by: On: 6/8/2010

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