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Q.Due to shortage of space i am writing my question in remakrs. Kindly answer it.
By: Dr. Samreen Mohsin On: 7/2/2010

1.I think Dr. Sb. and very few people on this existing world have understanding that Quran is misinterpreted and Rituals performed by today's muslims are not according to QURAN... My question is that why religeous scholers etc of countries whose mother tongue is ARABIC do not understand this very simple thing????. why do they also perform NAMAZ, ROZA, ZAKAT, HAJ etc. ????.... why they are not looking as if Dr. Qamar sb. is watching the QURAN..???? are they WRONG or Dr. sb.????  
such questions are asked by very educated people when i try to convince them about the reality hidden in Quran...  
please explain in detail
Comments by: Dr. Samreen Mohsin On: 7/2/2010

2.Sister, Let us clear one misconception here – about the Arabs and the common notion that they can understand the Quran better than others because they know the Arabic language.  
Let us explain this by some examples. I assume most of us know Urdu. Now just because we know Urdu, does it mean we can understand Iqbal or Ghalib?  
Does it mean that those who know English can understand Whitehead, Russell, Bergson, Emerson, or Thoreau or other famous thinkers and writers. Or is it possible that most Americans (or most of the British) understand these authors because their mother tongue is English? Or do most Germans understand Kant or Nietzsche?  
Learning to read a book does not necessarily mean that we understand it. Knowledge of the language of a book is only a necessary condition for understanding it. It is not a sufficient condition. Books of famous writers are read and understood by very few people. Yet, many claim to understand without truly understanding these books. And there are always blind followers and pretenders in every department of life including religion.  
What is the situation as far as Islam is concerned? What should be the status of our famous Islamic scholars and Imams of the past and their works? Should we follow them blindly, accept their explanations given in their Tafseers without any critical examination? Should we freeze the Quran in their time and space?. As a way of life, Islam is open and dynamic not closed and static.  
So, should we use our minds and the modern knowledge to expand and enhance what our past Imams and Fuqahaa understood in their times? Are we allowed, in principle, to rectify and correct, where possible, their (mis)understanding of the Quran? Obviously, this is a difficult process requiring much effort and time.  
We all know that human beings are prone to take the path of least resistance. So, when one is told that simply reciting the verses of the Quran (without understanding them) will be sufficient to go to Heaven, then why would one struggle to understand the Quran?  
When one is told that just reciting a word of the Quran (without understanding) will give him or her 10 rewards in the hereafter, then why would one struggle to understand its meaning? Remember! Understanding requires mental struggle. Reciting does not.  
When one is told that simply running one's finger on the words of the Quran will bring rewards in the hereafter, then why would one put any effort in understanding the root meanings of those words?  
When one is promised a free ride to heaven why would one pay for it in terms of time, money, effort, and even life? When one can go to Heaven easily, then why would one want to go through a long and difficult mental (and physical) struggle to get to it? If there is a short cut then who wants to take a long and arduous path to Heaven?  
Presence of all these short cuts in our so-called (man-made) sacred books has made us mentally stagnant. Our mental creative energy has vanished. It is a pity that we depend on others even for our basic necessities of life. Muslims have become accustomed to living on crumbs in spite of the fact that they own the richest resources of the world. What can be more humiliating than this?  
The result is we act like cry babies. We have become a community of procrastinators. In effect, we are reduced to nothing but dust so much so that a feeble wind is able to blow us around  
But there is a hope. There is always a hope. Muslims should never feel helpless or hopeless. The Book of Allah is there to help them at every step But it can only help those who want to live by it and not those who simply want to read or recite it for earning some easy rewards in the hereafter.  
i hope it may satisfy you to the most of extent.  
Comments by: Adnan Muhammad Khan On: 7/2/2010

3.Dear Dr. Samreen,  
I am much concerned about all that you must be facing in your company with respect to Pure Quranic Teachings. Please refer those people to the following :  
Pages 12 to 17 of the Booklet "Tehqiq-e-Namaaz-o-Salaat" give a comprehensive answer to your question.  
The Booklet is available on this website and you can advise your educated friends to go through the mentioned pages. They may prefer to go through the whole booklet to have an overall perspective of the great tragedy.  
Thanks to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the pioneer of "Back to Quran" movement in the Indo-Pak Sub-continent. Had there been no Sir Syed, we would still be rotting in the abyss of darkness and ignorance.  
You might also check our Arab participant Mr. Abdullah Bashoeb's comments in this Blog. The gentleman is a Saudi (Hijazi) Scholar of Quran and the famous Tafseer by brother Dr. Shabbir of Florida (QXP -, owes its authentication with regard to Arabic linguistics, to brother Abdullah. The gentleman's comments on this Blog would reveal to you that a modern times Arab Scholar is going steadfastly along with the interpretations of Dr. Qamar Zaman.  
Hope the above explanation helps you in solving the problem of convincing some 'very educated people', who, by just exercising their God given intellect and common sense, would not have required any proofs. The tragedy with all sections of our society is that we still think intellect has got no role to play in matters of divine guidance (or religion/Deen). And they still think it sacrilegious to differ with the old, inherited interpretations by enemies of Islam.  
The arguments give by brother Adnan above are also very important and must be taken into consideration.  
Almighty's help and blessings be with you.
Comments by: aurangzaib On: 7/2/2010

4.Respected Dr.Samreen! Assalam o alaikum,Almost 40% population of Egypt ((the country having the most famous AL AZHAR university)is none muslim those not belief the qura’an ,even they are Arab native. So understanding of Quran is not the matter of knowing of Arabic language only. As for as your question is concerns if the muslim religious scholar of any sect and country remove their mythological colored glasses, and try to see the Quran with transparent spectacles believing in quran as a complete self explanatory divine book,then the quranic message will be delivered same for each and every nation with out time & space limitations.
Comments by: moazzam On: 7/2/2010

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