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Q.chapter 23, verses 5,6 are transtaled as "what your right hand posseses " thereby implying slavery of women and concubinage. can u pl provide correct translation . thanks.
By: WaseemHassan On: 3/1/2010

1.Salama dear bhai,  
This is a question which many many learned men have misunderstood although they have knowlege of the Quran.. it make no sense that in one part God forbids slavery and then on the other hand we have relgious prostitution, as the translations imply..  
i have talked to dr.Qamar a few months ago and we agreed that this is a burning issues which needs to be addressed by him so it can come out into the open..  
i can tell you at this moment to put your heart at rest, that this is nothing to do with polygami, neither did the Prophet Mohammed have more than one wife at a time, and neither has it anything to do with taking women in war as concubines..  
your sis.
Comments by: Maniza On: 3/2/2010

2.Dear Wasim Bhai May God Bless you,  
Answer to your requires a full length article.However I will try to answer in minimum possible words.  
the compound "malakat aimanukum" has two words, 1 Malakat ,2 Aimanokum  
Malakat is derived from root letters Meem Lam Kaf. The basic meanings of this root letter are to posess, to control by ones own will.So the word "malakat" has the the sense of having control over something  
The other word is "Aimanokum" having root letters Ye Meem Noon ,the basic meaning is blessings,  
The word Aiman to mean Right hand is derived because in religion Right hand is supposed to be blessed one.  
The other meaning derived from this word is "Oath"eg 2-224,225,5-89,108.  
The meaning of the compound means "Because of your Oath you are in control, responsibleor in psession of something"  
Now to define the nature of resonsibility,control or posession the background of the Ayat is very important. The oath is just like Power of Attorney. It makes you responsible to deal the problem without calling the one who made you responsible.You are in posession of all the matters even property.  
the one who is making you responsible may be your sister mother or a daughter.  
In Muslim Culture we are made responsible for the marriages of our sisters and daughters because they are blood relations,but if a non related person makes you responsible to deccide on her or his behalf it means that she or he has given you the responsibility of dealng her or his marriage matters. As you dont marry your sisters or daughters you dont marry any girl who has made you resposible for her marriage matters.  
Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On: 3/3/2010

3.sorry for the incomplete answer,to continue lets first see 4-3( ).  
The traditional translation of this ayat says  
"and if you are afraid of your injustice to the ophans then marry from them those whom you like"  
Now imagine about orphan girls about whom we are afraid of doing injustice the solution is to marry from them whom you please.  
this is absolute absurdity.why..............because,  
1----if the person doing injustice knows he is doing injustice,he will stop injustice as soon as he will become aware of it  
2----If he marries the orphan girl he gets a licence of doing further injustice.  
3----Marrying an orphan is even worse injustice  
4----Orphans are not only girls but boys too, so what is the solution for boys.  
There is a Part of the verse"Ma Taba lakum."  
This is wrongly translated as"whom you like" ------this is absolutely wrong translation---------why, Let me explain,  
The word " Taba"is used for third person not for the first person.  
Taba is from "Tayyab" meaning the translation will be "whosoever, "he" considered suitable for you"  
("MA"whosoever "Taba"He considered suitable, "Lakum" fo you)  
so the person has no say in selection of the girl to marry,which is absolutely wrong.  
Now who is this "HE" who is selecting for you?  
this verse has nothing to do with marriage.  
It is a policy matter of the government .If there is a problem of orphans the Government will decide to give to the suitable person from you the custody of these orphans under a contract.The person who is given the custody will take care of these orphans who may be two or three or four at a time,but if you are afraid of injustice so you have to take care of at least one orphan and those who are already under your oath. This is because you are not overburdened.  
now once you know that "malakat aimanokum"can be anybody for whom you are made responsible for any problem under an oath you can understand any verse about milk-e-yameen.  
verses 1 to 11 of sura 23 by traditional translation give an impression of Milk-e-yameen as slaves and a permit to have sex with slaves.But few questions arise on this traditional translations  
1----- If Mominoons include males and females both it can not reserve the right for males only to have sex with female slaves ,Females are automtically allowed to have sex with male slaves.  
2-----Sura 24 verse31 clearly gives right to ladies to keep slaves.  
In Sura 23 verse 6 The word "AU MA" has appeard which means "or those"  
Now you have to decide who are "or those"  
Consider a sentence  
"Either Team green or team blue can participate " this sentence can be written in another way  
"Team green or team blue can participate"missing the word either,  
Same is the case in this verse .the verse is to be understood under the same rule.  
Either they are momenoons or Milke yameen whosoever is humble in organising a system(Salat),turns away from frivolous and who are working for the betterment of the people of the state and who takes care of their chestity with any but their spouces attain a happy state and are free from anyblame.  
I hope Ihave clearified the verse litlle bit.Readers are invited to comment on my mistakes.  
Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On: 3/3/2010

4.Dear Dr. shahib,  
salaam to u,  
remember I don't accept slavery system in the Quran. I liked ur presentation but it should be more reformed n clear.  
Sorry, I found ur explanation quite ambiguous .  
Either u r not clear or u confused me more .  
God bless u .
Comments by: Hafiz Abdullah On: 3/4/2010

5.Dear Abdullah Bhai  
I tried to explain on Arabic grammar basis that Aiman in Arabic means Oath (giving examples from Quran 2/224-225 & 5/89)  
And Milk (past tense Malakat ) means controlled possessed, took care of etc.  
So the translation of the sentence is "your oaths took control"  
Now we should ask a very simple question,  
What is an Oath and when it is taken ?  
Oath is under the State jurisdiction and always done through the "Court of Law"  
So because of your oath you are made responsible for the work you have promised in your oath.  
And that is what we mean with Power of Attorney. You appoint an attorney and give him power to deal your problem on their behalf.  
Your Oaths (Aiman ) gave you the power to take control (Malakat) of the matters you are made responsible of.  
Now apply it in those verses where this compound "Malakat aimanokum " appears you will be surprised to note the change in the meanings.  
Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On: 3/5/2010

6.Dear all peace be upon u all,  
Dear Dr. sahib thanks for detailed n clear explanation .  
I would like to ask some questions .  
Is mutah marriage allowed in Islam?why or why not?Also with reference plz .  
does "Malakat aimanokum " not mean mutah marriage?  
Plz also throw light upon the adultery in Islam .  
God bless u.
Comments by: Hafiz Abdullah On: 3/6/2010

7.Dear Dr Qamar sb : thank u for the detailed answer and sorry for my late acknowledgement.  
i wud like to clarify my question a bit. there r many verses in the quran which r translated to imply that it is alright to hv sexual relations with ones wife and with "what ur right hand possesses 'i.e slave girls . my question is  
1) what r the arabic words used here for" wife" and "right hand posseses" and other relevant expresions( pls remember i cant read the quran in arabic )  
2)what r the other/alternate/correct meanings of these words and expresions  
3)what meaningful other translation can b a complete and meaningful sentence.  
u hv very kindly provided most of the info , but it is in a detailed explanatory form which i find difficult to corelate to my query as i did not frame the questions correctly. if u cud kindly giv answers to the above questions one by one, i wud b greatly helped.  
sorry for bothering u again on this  
best regards  
Comments by: WaseemHassan On: 3/10/2010

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