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Q.Dr Q Zamman  
Is incite of Dr.Zakir Naik founder of PeaceT.V of showing face of Islam to the world true?  
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By: Syeda On: 11/15/2010

1.Sister Syeda: regards,Dr Zakir nike's slogan is TAALOO ALA KALIMATIN SWAUN BAINANA WA BAINAKUM. He normally emphasize at comparetive religions debates, he is intellegent and knowlledge worthy respectable schollar of the time having unique qualities in the field of religions, as his utmost try, seems succesfull to realize ,mostly HINDUS ,that the ISLAM and HINDU RELIGIONS having many commonalities. Sister Syeda,I proved in my previous posts that ALKITAB (quran) is the book been existed at this earth from the very first day ,when mankind became in his full concious into humanbeing,plz read to compehend that issue.The all religions are the multilated and devastated form of DEEN E ISLAM( WRITTEN IN ALKITAB) GARBLED BY THE RELIGIOUS INTRIGUES.So the AASTANA TEEM's slogan is TO GET RESCUED THE MANKIND FROM ALL RELIGIONS ( the combination of DOGMAS,FUTILE RETUALS,MYTHOLOGICAL THEMES) and BRING THEM TO ENLIGHTENED RATIONAL BASED DEEN E ISLAM WRITTEN IN QURAN (the actual peace), as it is written in the aims of this blog policy that ".The fundamental goal is to explore and discover the original logic, reason, rationality and wisdom of Quranic constitution that can be intellectually and empirically established in this scientifically advanced world. And to set it free from myth, miracles, fantasies, superstitions, dogmas and rituals.  
We have the inferance that the all religions are the basic route of conflicts amongst people therefore, is a strong anti-peace element in the societies.
Comments by: moazzam On: 11/16/2010

Dr. Zakir Naik is selling the same old vintage wine that his Moulvi ancestors have been selling for almost 1350 years by now to the devout victimized Muslims.  
How can one be sane while advocating four marriages for Muslim men on the world media, and constantly referring to Sahih Ahadith and Wrong Ahadith?
Comments by: aurangzaib On: 11/17/2010

I had the "honour" of listening to Naik on tv... on an aswer to stoning.. he said it was NOT in the Quran, but it is from hadith !!!, he quoted from Sunan Abudaud.. its a must read by the way.. absalute crap.. no coherence.. conflict of who said what.. (muhadasin)  
he defends child marriage.. said he has 9 yr olds that come into his surgery and are ready for marriage cos they have started their menstrations..  
He says its correct to cut hands and feet off.. who can blame him?? weeeeeeell he is supposed to be a so called scholar.. one that calls to peace for all..  
if you die a non muslim you will never enter paradise but will burn in hell  
the list is long cos it is the religion of the pagan arabs and iranian masters..  
the Quran says," 17:46 for, over their hearts We have laid veils which prevent them from grasping its purport, and into their ears, deafness. And so, whenever thou dost mention, while reciting the Qur'an, thy Sustainer as the one and only Divine Being, they turn their backs [upon thee] in aversion.  
23:63 Nay, but their hearts are in ignorance of this Qur'an, and they are too busy doing other things and will keep doing so!  
29:49 In fact, it is a clear revelation in the chests of those who have been given knowledge. And it is only the wicked who doubt Our revelations.  
47:24 Will they not then reflect on the Qur'an, or is it that they have locks on their hearts (which bar them from reason?  
He is supposed to be a shcolar yet he does not ponder or study over the Quran but is bent on following the lying hadith.. but may God Almighty give a student of the Quran courage to approach this man.. and may Lord of the Heaveans and Earth soften his heart to listen...
Comments by: Maniza On: 11/18/2010

4.Sister Syeda,  
Mr. Zakir Naik founder of Peace TV protect the (Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim, ' founder of Self Created "Fiqah Religion") by way of Holy Quran.  
Quran is a Message of Allah & his Rasool simultaneously.  
Please see Surah-e-Waqia, Verse No. 81.  
Thank you.
Comments by: Minaal On: 1/22/2011

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