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Q.Dear All,  
Recently my uncle have a stoke and his right side is completely paralysed. He cant speak nor can comprehend.He is facing very hard days. What do you think, is he facing makafat e amal. Please comment
By: Saeed On: 7/2/2011

1.Dear Saeed! Sure, the process of “makafat e Amal” is being implemented/exercised in this universe rigidly. Each and every accident definitely, happens due to some reason/reasons behind it(the system established in the universe in been  
violated some where). So we have to probe into the matter to find out the facts with all possible causes and affects.  
If such a minor violation may put your dear one in comma, in the same way violations at large scale could put whole nation in comma/ damage.
Comments by: moazzam On: 7/4/2011

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