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Q.Dear brother Moazzam if someone wants to understand the Quran and he is studying it for the first time.How should he study it?How he should attempt to understand a particular episode of the Quran.Thank you very much...
By: bilal_khan5181 On: 7/29/2011

1.Dear Bilal! Please read the article “QURAAN FEHMI” written by Aurang zaib at this blog.  
Being a meager student of Quran I can suggest you a very important point to be kept in mind to grasp the true sense of ALKITAB.  
1) Before going to understand Quran you have to comprehend the THEME OF SURAH ALFATEHA, because letters used in this book are in Arabic language therefore, we have to learn this language as we usual do with other languages. Remember, most of words (compound words) in this Surah are terminologies which couldn’t be translated, rather understood their sense through laws of nature (universe is in Arabiyun mubeen “ self explanatory, no language”).  
2) As for as understanding of Quran is concerns I have already referred you to above article.  
3) Mastery in language is not necessary, the appropriate approach is the pre-requsite to understand the the true message of Alkitab i e QURAN IT SELF + NATURE.  
Mind ! Arab native are still performing/ believing rituals/ Dogmas. Mythological and history based approach is the main hindrance in understanding the true message of Alkitab.  
Comments by: moazzam On: 7/29/2011

2.Thank you very much brother moazzam.  
Comments by: bilal_khan5181 On: 7/29/2011

3.Moazzam, a point of correction--Fatiha is not a sura.  
Comments by: DHULQARNAIN On: 7/29/2011

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