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Q.aap jo quran ki wazahat karte hein 'kia aap khuda(god) per yaqeen(belief) rakhte hein? oor han(yes)! to aap ka aqeda(belief) kia hai?
By: sufyanarif On: 12/21/2015

1. Aap Quran ke mutallik sawaal kare, personal belief is page ka mozou nai  
Comments by: Nargis On: 12/23/2015

2.(shyad mein swal sehi triqe se poch nahi saka!  
mera khuda par yaqeen nahi iss liye meine ya swal pocha.  
mujhe samaj nahi a e aap 1400 sal porani basi sabzi ko taze pani ka chatta laga kar kiun bech rahe hein.  
kiun na tazi sabzi kharide koe?  
muslan liberalism, secularism, and atheism)  
aggar issko paro to jo dil mein aye zaroor repply karna. ''''
Comments by: sufyanarif On: 12/25/2015

3.Quran Allah ki baat kerta hai aor oss ki wazahat bhi kerta hai. Bhagwan , khoda , daivi dyotanoon ki batain Quran mai kahan hain ?
Comments by: On: 12/26/2015

4.Peace brothers and sisters ,  
Sabzi aor such mai tu ferk hota hai na, Sabzi tu basi ho jaty hai mager such basi nanhe hota. Hai na yai baat ? Law of gravity is beyond time and space on this planet. It will alway's remain the same as fresh as ever. Tazi sabzi ki tera , Quran is a book of truth not lies, you can test it pragmatically. So keep on doing your wonderful work aastan people , but human's should not become sheep.
Comments by: On: 12/31/2015

Dear brother, aap yeh kio samjhna chahte hai agar aap ne apna path chun lia hai? You see, your personal belief, yah kisi aur ki personal belief samjhne ke lie yeh page nahi hai. Yeh page QURAN ko samajhne kel ie hai us ki apni zuban, context aur grammar ke zarie. Agar aap ko yeh waste of time lagta hai to aap na kare, lekin aur log kio is kitab ko parhte hai yeh beth ke sochna bhi to waste of time hai?  
So please, aap jo parhna chahte hai woh parhie, jo man-na chahte woh manie, and live a happy life.
Comments by: Nargis On: 1/1/2016

6.A question on the eligibility of this book (Qur’an)! Is it possible a book has been written 14 centuries ago and people read it and think that it is only solution of our all governance problems? Now that is strange when first time human invent language write their thoughts, books (literature) are appear. But into these books no book teach in modern universities. People read it, learn it, whatever wrong in it correct it, add something and  
Write his own views.  
Muhammad (PBUH) established a great civilization by the principals of Qur’an?  
And then Mongols ruined it which are more greater than Arabs.  
And Turks established a new greater civilization and nowadays most powerful and establish civilization on earth is ‘USA’.  
And you said that Qur’an are laws of nature and you gave an example of newton’s law of gravity. You said nature’s laws can’t stale. With very respect I disagree with you.  
Gravitational law of newton is not exactly nature’s law it is newton’s observations.  
For your information it is not exactly correct something in this is wrong and he did not know how it is work then Albert Einstein gave us theory of relativity in this view of gravity is much better than newton’s view. I am not teaching science but just saying that ‘live in modern era of time’۔  
When you read and read and read a book whole time, exactly you worshiping it!  
Read it and pass over…………………………….  
Comments by: sufyanarif On: 1/7/2016

7.mujhe maloom nahi tha us swal ko kis page per puchna hai. lakin!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
jab koe aap se swal kare to uska jwab dena chahiya! agar swal sakhtt hai to jwab bi sakhtt do.  
maggar ya kahkar jan chorana ke aap "jo parhna chahte hai woh parhie, jo man-na chahte woh manie, and live a happy life."  
aggar swal bure lagte hein or aap ke pass koe daleel nahi to aap isse band kio nahi karte?  
Comments by: sufyanarif On: 1/7/2016

8."When you read and read and read a book whole time, exactly you worshiping it!  
Read it and pass over……………………………. "  
Comments by: burberrie On: 1/8/2016

9. Its Newtons observation of a law of nature :/ When I give an example of newtons laws" I'm referring to what he observed , there is no discussion whose discoveries are better, Einsteins or Newtons. Its just an example to explain something else (for example whats discussed previously, the Quran etc)  
And here is the thing :- if you don't like the book, and you disagree, then you have right to do so. I think its none of anybody's business what you believe and think, nobody should try to convince you. You already have your truth, you have read various things, and you made up your mind. Now if you can't understand that a civilization (great or not) can be destroyed if the opponent power is strong enough, then how can we help you? ITs not like the book will magically get monster teeth and bite all the "kafirs" and blow fire on them all so the system is maintained... people can build people can destroy :/ Its a strange way of thinking :- ahh ofhoo the book is so great and sab se pyara nabi alehe islam bhi tha to sistam kio distray hoa un ke jaane ke baad? Kitab paak elehe islam ne kio nehi yeh zulm roka? eh? I can't understand this reasoning ?  
But that's not something I can convince you about so if you think the Quran is stupid because OTHERS destroyed the socalled society based on it, then please continue believing so.  
Now aap yeh sawaal religious groups main kare, un ko bohat shouq hai convince karne ka. Is main upset hone ki koi baat nahi, you think studying the Quran is worshiping it, then don't do it. Its so simple - Parhne ke baad, study karne ke baad agar nahi pasand then just leave it... Kisi ko kia farq pare ga ? Do what makes you happy
Comments by: Nargis On: 1/15/2016

10."...When you read and read and read a book whole time, exactly you worshiping it!  
Read it and pass over……………………………."  
bkanwar2 brother, I had few questions in my mind for you. But after reading your above statement , I felt , you said it all. No scope for any question left. Your knowldge of Arabic is very inpressive. I went through many enlightening posts of yours. Perhaps Allah is conscious energy , our hearts are energised by the same energy. Are we fractal's ? a drop travelling in the ocean.  
Thank you so much. I will continue reading this wonderful site.  
Comments by: On: 1/22/2016

11.Bkanwar2, I was expecting your response. Kindly enlighten....
Comments by: Hamid Gul On: 2/8/2016

My name is Sufyan Arif.  
Who are you? If you agree to give the answer!!!  
Are you comment on my remarks or otherone?  
Comments by: sufyanarif On: 2/11/2016

13.Sorry I visit off and on therefore missed it.  
Are we fractal of one who is not a deity for worship i.e., Allah, absolutely we are, as is every thingelse in this universe. Why?  
This is based upon Quranic philosophy at the beginning.  
Surah 1:2 الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ رَبِّ  
The only praise for, one who is not at all a deity for worship, is that one is the foundation  
for all the disciplines of knowledge.  
If one is the foundation for all things that could be known. Why am I not going to be the part it?  
Quran further elaborates in same Sura.  
Surah 1:6 اهْدِنَا الصِّرَاطَ الْمُسْتَقِيمَ  
We direct against fleeing from the assimilation into that which is thought to be universally original,  
straight, undeviating and unceasing.  
Finally it says  
Kalla Inne Abdul Allahi  
Think and then express "I am a surety bond for one who is not a deity for worship"  
Comments by: bkanwar2 On: 2/13/2016

14.Thank you for replying , dear Bkanwar2.
Comments by: Hamid Gul On: 2/14/2016

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