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Q.dear aurangzaib a person argud with me that we should not use our mind in islam because we say that allah is merciful but look in the jungle one animal kills another ruthlessly leavind its offsprings it not cruelity.plz give me answer
By: bilal_khan5181 On: 5/20/2010

1.Dear Bilal Khan,  
There are two questions in your post :  
1. Should one use one's mind in Islam or not? The contention is that BECAUSE ALLAH IS MERCIFUL, SO ONE SHOULD NOT USE ONE'S MIND!  
Brother, in my opinion only a lunatic can offer the above reasoning. Because Allah's being merciful has nothing to do with employing your mind's faculties, or with not employing those at all.  
Yes, the use of your mind is an essential pre-requisite for understanding Islam. See what Allah says about the use of mind:  
* wa yaj'alal rijsa ala allazin la yaqilun.  
* wa laqad zarana li jahannama kathiram minal jinna wal insa. Lahum qulubun, la yafqahuna biha, lahum a'yunun, la yubsaroon biha, lahum azaanun, la yasma'oona biha. OOlaika kal an'aam. Bal hum adhall.  
(sorry can't quote Ayat references right now)  
And at many many places in Quran you will see the divine ruling that "this text or commandments are for those: li qaumin yaqilun, li qaumin ya'alamoon, li oolil albaab, etc. etc."  
2. In jungle, one animal kills another ruthlessly, leaving its offspring alone, is it not cruelty?  
In jungle, among animals of prey, the law is that of survival of the fittest. One animal of prey has to eat another for survival. Cruelty is not a "value"(negative or positive) among those animals. They do not follow values and morals. They are created to follow their instincts. There are many species of animals too who just do not kill at all.  
Man is supposed to be different from animals. Whenever he also comes down to behaving like animals, we call it as "following the law of the Jungle". Cruelty and mercy etc., are values prescribed for human beings and they are guided to follow the positive ones or to abstain from the negatives ones.  
Animals do not commit cruelty. They just follow their instincts.  
And this is just how I can explain the above points.  
God bless you.
Comments by: aurangzaib On: 5/20/2010

2.Mr bilal regards, ur question is based on the argue of a person in a given example of (jungal ka qanoon),that, the mercy seems cruelity of God in one's sight if one uses his mind in islam,while killing the mother ruthlessly and leaving offspring alone,if proven then one should not use his mind in islam.It has another view point ,that the hungry killer (none vegitarian) got his "rizq" and feeded to his hungry offsprigs as per " Allah's nizam e raboobiat".This practice is going on in humen community as well,at the time of slaughtering the religious man(with his full mercy) just utters "Bismillah he Allah ho akbar" and eats with out thinking about his offsprings,Is it the mercy of God in his sight.Brother Bilal ! the dumbs argue are based on their dumb scholars(the religious leaders)teaching.The human falls in the cader of animals whenever he not use his mind in following the religion whether islam or other .Brother Aurangzaib elaborated islamic view point very well up to ur satisfaction.
Comments by: moazzam On: 5/26/2010

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