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Q.dear aurangzaib or dr qamar tell me how to argue with a person who says that growing beard is a fundamental part of slam and your islam is incopmplete without it.plz give me some arguments sothat i can answer such blind people.God bless you
By: bilal_khan5181 On: 6/2/2010

1.Mr Bilal regards,the blinde people has many spare parts always carring with them wich never fit in the engine of islam.My dear bilal ,the quran's decision about these type of people is that, they will never never enlighten even u give them referances of quranic "braheen",Ayatullah" till they open their eyes and see ttheir beloved ingine and their carriage.So don't waste ur time with them, instead use ur valuable time to understand the Holy Quran's true message.May Allah bless u.
Comments by: moazzam On: 6/2/2010

2.Dear Bilal: Argument with such people will not give you anything.. it is useless, meaningless and wastage of time. because such people have no idea about the ISLAM... they even don't knwo the difference b/w "MAZHAB" & "DEEN" they even don't want to see the reality by themselves. they are just follwoing every thing blindly...  
As far as i know that Quran does not talk about your "LOOK" (hulya).. it does elucidate about your character...  
Muslim is the one who provides PEACE to others and symbol of PEACE himself. This is what QURAN describes as well.  
Our so called Ulama's tell you that keeping beard is a fundamental part of ISLAM, if you don't do that, you would be out of islam.. but QURAN does contradict this statment; see sora baqra ayat # 62  
**** Paradise is not reserved for any race. Our Law is that, irrespective of origin, any person from amongst the following:-  
1. Jews, Christians, Sabaeans;  
2. Those who believe in Allah without formally adopting any particular religion; and  
3. Those who are Muslim only by virtue of being born in a Muslim family.  
Whoever believes in Allah’s Law of Mukaf’at and leads his life accordingly, will be duly compensated. Such a person will lead a life of heavenly bliss, free of fear, grief and anxiety.  
For more knowledge you can go through the book named "HUM MEIN CHARACTER KYON NAHI" written by Ghulam Ahmed Pervez...  
Allah bless you.  
Comments by: Adnan Muhammad Khan On: 6/2/2010

3.thanks you brother adnan and muazzam
Comments by: bilal_khan5181 On: 6/2/2010

4.Ah, Adnan Muhammad Khan you are a follower of Mr. Pervaiz..! Goooood.
Comments by: M.N.Khalid On: 1/11/2011

5.No i am not a follower of Mr. Pervaiz. Even i don't follow Dr. Qamar Sb. I ONLY TRY TO FOLLOW TRUE MESSAGE OF QURAN, NO MATTER, WHOSOEVER spread it.
Comments by: Adnan Muhammad Khan On: 1/11/2011

6.Dear Adnan MK, well said.  
Mubashir Syed
Comments by: Mubashir Syed On: 1/11/2011

Dear Adnan,  
I consider it a direct insult to the creator if one follows any human being , a creature of his own kind.  
WE FOLLOW ALLAH ONLY. Prophet Muhammad also followed Allah and taught us to do the same. So I can  
follow anyone and join with him so long as he follows Quran. No sectarianism and its promoters.  
It is SHIRK. No to personality cult and its promoters ( "chaploos" ," khooshamdis")  
I am glad you gave good answer Mr Adnan keep it up.
Comments by: momin On: 1/14/2011

Dear Major,  
How you concluded that Mr Adnan is a follower of Mr Pervez , can you explain?
Comments by: momin On: 1/14/2011

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