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Q.dear brother aurangzaib or qamar zaman the muslims preach there religion throughtout the world and so do the muskims of saudi arabia.but no non-muslim is allowed to preach his religion in saudi it not unfair?
By: bilal_khan5181 On: 6/3/2010

1.It is totally unfair dear brother Bilal.  
And in this context, non-Muslims are proved to be more open-minded and tolerant than Muslims.  
But Mulla will try to kill you if you point out these things openly to him.  
There is not a single Church or Synagogue in Saudi Arabia or Libya or in Amaraat, etc.  
In European countries and in the USA, Muslims can establish worship places as often as they want. Some of the Christian governments even help them in their expenses.  
Are we Muslims?
Comments by: aurangzaib On: 6/4/2010 thank you very much.
Comments by: bilal_khan5181 On: 6/4/2010

3.dear brother aurangzaib once i listened to dr zakir naik telling about this issue.he is in fever of arab countries not allowin the non-muslim to establish there worship places.and he gives an example:he says that suppose you are going to select a teacher for a school and you are taking his interview.he tells you that 2+2 is five will you accept him as a similar case is with the non-muslims that they preach a wrong religion and as saudi arabia is the center of muslims thats why no non muslim is allowed to preach his wrong religion.he says that it does not matter if non muslims say that their religion is wright if something matters is that we are right and we will decide who is right.i think it is qiute a silly answer by a personality like zakir naik and it is a matter of shame or him. aurangzaib plz elaborate
Comments by: bilal_khan5181 On: 6/4/2010

4.Dear brother Bilal,  
Our Mulla is suffering from the disease called "Narcissism", the concept of self-adoration or self-righteousness or superiority. Mr. Zakir Naik is no different Mulla. Most of his arguments on the media are unjustified.  
The problem is that, though Narcissism exists among Mullas of other faith groups too, but no faith group is so aggressively and heavily Mulla infested than the Muslims are. And the result is that our whole Ummat is suffering from self-aggrandizement up to the level of sheer stupidity, given their own condition being most backward and entirely dependent upon others for their daily lives.  
Our Mulla cannot substantiate or prove the righteousness of his doctrine as compared with the others. So, he finds escape in banning others from expressing their faith convictions openly. And he does not allow them to establish their worship places or propagation centres. Just as you quoted the example of Saudi Arabia and some other orthodox Muslim countries. Our Mulla is periodically unleashing bursts of violence and killings upon the worship places of other faiths as well as other sects within Islam. Just see what they just did with Qadyani mosques in Lahore!  
Again, it all goes to prove that those "others" are much better than 'us' in matters of religious tolerance. Worship places are established in the name of God and should be looked upon with an open mind, as 'others' are doing about Muslim worship places in their communities.  
God bless you.
Comments by: aurangzaib On: 6/6/2010

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