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Q.dear auragzaib does ABUBAKAR mean the father of vigin(BAKIRA KA BAAP) or something else.plz tell me is calling him abubakar right.i think there is something wrong?Isn't it?
By: bilal_khan5181 On: 8/19/2010

1.Dear Bilal, there is difference in BAKAR and BAQAR, the 1st one is for young camal whereas 2nd one means cow.But point to be noted that here ABU means posessor(wala),the abubakar means the posessor of young camal(young oont wala) ,as abu jamal means oont wala, abu lahya means the man having beard (dari wala). Abu always not means father in arabic language.
Comments by: moazzam On: 8/19/2010

2.Dear Bilal,  
According to Maulana Aziz Ullah Bohio from Noshehro Feroze, Sind, a well known writer of many books against Hadith, all the names given to Sahaba as Kuniyyat are fake and have derogatory meanings. The purpose of the early Jewish writers was to hold those respectable people in total contempt and disregard.  
He is of the view that the Akaabar Sahaba were not called with those Kuniyyats that are generally written in the books of history and by which they are known by us.  
I am not only surprised but very happy that you could smell hoodwink in the given name of Hazrat Abu Bakr. I am not sure but I think the name was respected Abdullah bin Abi Qahaafah.  
Comments by: aurangzaib On: 8/19/2010

3.Thanks aurangzaib before asking you i was suspicious about the fake names given to the respected sahabas.But after your answer i am sure that these names are fake
Comments by: bilal_khan5181 On: 8/19/2010

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