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By: pervez On: 10/21/2010

1.Dear Pervez: to understand this matter under question ,we must keep in view the meaning of NISA as a woman / weak person of the society, NIKAH the wedlock / contract with the weaker persons,TALAQ as a separation from the woman/ dissolution of agreement with the weak persons,the context of the subject will determine the choice of the most suited meaning of the WORD NISA used in the verse to be elaborated.In any case the quran provides the values and principles only .Go to the verses 2/236--237,65/1, here is the divine guidance to take care of your agreements.So dear Pervez the society has full liberty to legislate the laws in this regard in the light of the divine instructions provided.
Comments by: moazzam On: 10/21/2010

2.Dear Moazem,  
What about practice in vogue? could you say something on that?  
Comments by: pervez On: 10/21/2010

Comments by: moazzam On: 10/22/2010

Thanks Dear Moazem,  
I HAVE UNDERSTOOD. But let us see what a women member can say about it.
Comments by: pervez On: 10/22/2010

5.If i ever get married, i can give some maher and muh dikhai to my "husband" ,(can also lift his ghungat if he promise he will sharma ke nazar jhukana ;)),,,no problem :D !!!! I believe in equality :D
Comments by: Nargis On: 10/22/2010

I expected the same answer from a self respecting women. OK, my next question to you is will your  
husband take you to his house or you will bring him to your house after ,(can also lift his ghungat if he promise he will sharma ke nazar jhukana ;))  
Moazem, brother what you have to say? ISLAM KHATRAY MAI PER GIA YA NANHE
Comments by: momin On: 10/23/2010

7.When it comes to the house thing, kia mera kia tera, both can make an effort and build/buy a house together. If i lived in Pakistan, most probably i would move to his house (so i could teach his family a lesson, ni main sass kuttni :-O:-O) But if he is nazar jhuka ke sharmaing all the time, dont knw ,have to beat him up to make a man out of him, dont u think ???  
(once some friends said : Aurto wali koi bat nahi tum main,,,, and i said : Hum main se kisi ek ko to mard hona chahie,hehehe)  
I dont think Islam khatray main para hai lekin humare logo ke jhoote rasm o rivaj khatre main zror parh gaye,(main jo a gaye)What do you think dear Momin ? How about you, would you like to give some maher to your wife or us ka batuwa cheen lo ge? :D:D:D
Comments by: Nargis On: 10/23/2010

I kept laughing while reading your bold and blunt expression. keep it up. As for as I am concerned ,  
"When it comes to the house thing, kia mera kia tera,"  
Dear Moazem,  
I agree with pervez, question still needs serious attention, because it is part of family law. What is its origin?  
how it became part of wedding ceremony? without "mehr" marriage can not materialize.Why?
Comments by: momin On: 10/23/2010

9.Dear Momin :If society's constitution having this type of family laws no matter written in quran or not, being the momin every member of that society, has to follow the said laws.But in quran there is nothing like that particularly ,the conditions in wedding lock.The orthodox interpreters has been quoted the verses 2/236--237,65/1 in a much narrower band. Sister Nargis has very clear vision about the matter under question.As for as RUKHSATI is concerns learn from the NATURE,the pigeons & sparrows home building and dwelling.
Comments by: moazzam On: 10/25/2010

Dear Moazem,  
Very impressive expression. Thanks, "Dil khoosh ker dia bhaya."  
"As for as RUKHSATI is concerns learn from the NATURE,the pigeons & sparrows home building and dwelling."
Comments by: momin On: 10/25/2010

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