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Q.Muslims invented 5 pillows of Islam. Why learning Arabic is not mandatory in Islam??
By: momin On: 12/31/2010

1.Muslims invented the five pillows so we could be in a eternally Pillow War. But it is obvious that we must learn Arabic to read something in Arabic. Same as reading a book in English and not learning English. Try to read a chinese book in urdu and youll see im not left, but right haha :-D
Comments by: Nargis2 On: 1/1/2011

2.We had enough of pillow war,we as students in a college hostel used to have pillow fight. world is fed up of  
our childish game. We must grow but the question is,  
Language is very important factor in uniting the world. Our book is beyond time and space, aimed at uniting  
the whole world through divine message. Why it is not mentioned in the book itself that Arabic language is  
mandatory for the whole humanity because the message is for the whole world required to be read and  
understood by every human being.
Comments by: momin On: 1/1/2011

3.MOMIN commented 31 December 2010: Why it is not mentioned in the book itself that Arabic language is  
mandatory for the whole humanity  
M.n.Khalid: Well, to my understanding this Ayat tell us about importance of ARABIC:-  
[39/28] قُرآنًا عَرَبِيًّا غَيْرَ ذِي عِوَجٍ لَّعَلَّهُمْ يَتَّقُونَ  
you can read this link: Arabi & Ajami  
Comments by: M.N.Khalid On: 1/1/2011

4.Dear M.N.KHALID,  
I have studied the link you posted above, by the way what is your concept of Hadith?
Comments by: momin On: 1/4/2011

5.Inkaar Al-Hadees is Kufr.  
Got confused ? Any how read this link. My concept will be clear to you.  
Comments by: M.N.Khalid On: 1/5/2011

6.Dear Major,  
I am glad . Your approach is Quranic. Thanks for replying. You can be an asset here.  
Please read Allama Pervez, Doctor Qamer and all doing research on Quranic teachings.  
Please keep doing constructive criticism. That is how people like me will be benefited.  
Convince and get convinced with rational approach. That should be the approach. We all must  
focus on Quranic teachings. No personality worship. We all have equal respect as human beings.  
I will read material on your website with keen interest.  
Comments by: momin On: 1/6/2011

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