Q.A dedication to Brother Moazzam...
By: William On: 4/19/2011

1.Dear Brother Moazzam,  
With the permission of Dr Qamar Zaman and the rest of the members of Aastana, I would like to thank you for all your hard work and the contributions you have made in the blog!  
You have been patient and have persevered through the various levels of questions presented, providing clear explanations and interesting points to consider. You are able to get the reader’s attention by stating something no one has thought of!  
Topics and terminology such as Yahod, Nasara, Sabi etc... have made sense due to the manner in which you have explained each term, and how questions were responded to!  
I can safely say that everyone has benefited from your posts in some shape or form.  
The time and effort put in has not gone unnoticed; we are all very grateful indeed! It is a pleasure reading your work!  
One can tell a lot about an individual through his / her writing; the level of intellect and esteem is discernible, which is why you are highly respected.  
If I may say so, I believe you are a true asset to the Aastana team!  
Again, a big thank you!  
Comments by: William On: 4/19/2011

2.I second brother William on his comments.  
Our brilliant brother Moazzam is really an asset to the Aastana team.
Comments by: Junaid On: 4/19/2011

3.Brother William, Junaid Bhai ! You spoke so high for this meager, THANK YOU for encouragement
Comments by: moazzam On: 4/19/2011

4.I have no words to express my feelings of gratitude, I second u william.  
Frankly, when I started reading aastana, I didn't have very high opinion about this brother but than as  
time passed , his work was unfolded and his wonderful personality, demonstration of attributes of  
patience, sincerity, honesty convinced me of his greatness. Well done and keep it up.  
Comments by: momin On: 4/19/2011

5.No no, thank you brother Moazzam! You helped me with so many things that made no sense!  
Keep up the good work!
Comments by: William On: 4/19/2011

6.stop flattering...... buttering........ this is the behavior which is initial of personality CULT............
Comments by: Saad Haider On: 4/19/2011

7.Although we appreciate your comments and concern Saad Haider, I can assure we are not on the verge of creating a personality cult!  
We are merely congratulating our Senior, appreciating his hard work and showing our gratitude with simple words. I would send flowers, chocolates and a card, but I would not want to mislead or embarrass Brother Moazzam  
This thread is to show our appreciation for all the time and effort Brother Moazzam has put in! Whenever someone requires an explanation or something needs elaborating on, Brother Moazzam is there to help.  
I personally do not think there is anything wrong with celebrating his endeavour to help propagate the truth!  
Praise helps develop confidence and trust! So give credit, where credit is due!  
Comments by: William On: 4/19/2011

8.Dear Saad Haider, your concern is appreciable but these people who are appreciating and being appreciated are good to enough to know this. This appreciation is for boosting and perking up to work hard and help better.  
Dear Moazzam, Good job, please keep enhancing and keep helping.  
Note : Please look @ history of all members here they appreciate scholars when they are worth it and IGNORE when they talk rubbish for example “ hour beykhan “ ooops did I misspelled that……  
Mubashir Syed.
Comments by: Mubashir Syed On: 4/19/2011

9.William you stealer, you stole my words. i first,second and third your comment, i have llearned a lot from brother moazzam-  
Here is a poem written by me myself and I.  
For Moazzam I would like to play gitar and sitar  
then i have to go to the bazaar with dollar chalis and chaar  
but because i dont have dollar chalis and chaar  
i have to rob a bank or bazaar  
tauba astakfaar astakfaar  
Instead , without gitar and sitar  
i would like to give loads of blessings and pyar  
to yaaro ka yaar  
Moazzam the super star  
pheew, i hope you like it and print it out :)  
Comments by: Nargis2 On: 4/19/2011

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that, Brother Mauzzam proved it.  
Comments by: abdullahbashoeb On: 4/19/2011

11.Dear All,  
The devotion and dedication of Brother Moazzam to our Aastana forum is unmatched and unparalleled. He deserves all the good remarks and appreciation. I don't think anyone has worked so hard and employed so much skill and hard toil to our great cause as Brother Moazzam has.  
I second all of you.
Comments by: aurangzaib On: 4/20/2011

12.1. in order to bind people NAMZA is invented....for dragging them five times in a day to make them realize the existance and vigilance of ALLAH....  
2. Drunkness is harmful according to medical and every thing.... this has been labelled as "SIN" (Gunah-e-Kabeera) to make MUSLIMS keep away from SHARAB etc.  
3. telling lie, embezzlment, corruption, cheating, rapping, looting, etc. are no doubt CRIME these have been also addressed as GUNAH for the same reason cited above.  
4. People left doing charity... in order to bring them back for the walfer and the betterment of others, WORD "SADQA" "KHERAT" "ZAKAT" are invented/twisted and made people think as SAWAB... for JANNAT...  
LIKEWISE so many things were invented, interpreted, twisted and moulded but THERE WERE GOOD THOUGHT AND PURE CAUSE were behind..... (why we can't think like this????????)  
we should start our journey keeping this into mind....
Comments by: Saad Haider On: 4/25/2011

13.Saad Haider,  
Are you sleep-typing?  
I think you posted this in the wrong thread!  
Although this is fascinating information, and I enjoyed reading every single letter, what has this got to do with thanking Brother Moazzam for his hard work?  
Comments by: William On: 4/26/2011

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