Q.Dear Sir,  
My question is why you have chosen the name aastana instead of appropriate one which may reflect this kind of original thought you are promulgating according to you? Thanks.
By: kamalhyder On: 4/26/2010

1.Good question. I also want to know the meaning of aastana.
Comments by: PeerGee On: 4/26/2010

2.dear Kamal Saheb  
It was not intentional . My collaegue who is my right hand also , Adnan Ahmad Khan searched and decided to have a website named Aastana . Its commonly used word for institution . Although in India and Pakistan this word is  
commonly used for soofis teching places.  
so we decided to have our website to be known as institution (Aastana ) of Quran.
Comments by: Dr. Qamar Zaman On: 4/26/2010

3.Dear brother's,  
Aastana آستانہ is a place where peoples come, stay and gain some benifits( فیض )  
Comments by: Adnan On: 4/27/2010

4.How beautiful again, dear Adnan Bhai.  
There sure is a scholar hidden behind this name.  
God bless u.
Comments by: aurangzaib On: 4/27/2010

5.Thanks Dr Qame rzaman sab glade to hear from you, you were disappeared for long time , and some one told me you are not feeling well and you are in lahore now, i hope you are ok now.
Comments by: kanju swat On: 3/28/2016

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